MediaSync Helps Marketing and PR Efforts to Reach the Influencers That Matter

If you talk to a journalist today about what their #1 complaint with PR is, I would be willing to bet that they will say something about spam. Lazy PR practices lead flaks to flood the email inboxes of hundreds (or thousands) or journalists each day with irrelevant and unsolicited press releases. And what’s worse, this effort is wasted as emails are sent to spam folders or deleted.

MediaSync, a free service from mBLAST, is helping businesses find a better way to design and navigate their public relations campaigns. Instead of wasting time and resources on ‘bad PR,’ they provide an easy-to-use media database application that can help anyone launch their own media outreach campaign.

PR professionals, marketers and small business owners to create their own media lists, add private notes to each media contact and more. Simple keyword searches reveal individual journalists and bloggers based on the topics they tend to cover and the outlets they write for.

MediaSync then provides a list of journalists and bloggers who cover the topic areas of your keywords. The service returns a list of profiles that contain contact information, a brief biography, links to their social networking profiles, as well as data about the topics and beats the writers cover.

Media lists are updated automatically handles changes in your marketing area that you may not be able to keep up with normally. Anytime a journalist moves publications, changes beats, or even gets a title change, the information is updated in MediaSync. This function of the service alone can save hours and hours manually inputing corrections and updates into traditional “static” lists.

Even is you already have media list, mBLAST can help. By uploading an existing media list into the application, MediaSync will keep them up to date for free.

According to their company blog, MediaSync is now the fastest-growing product in their company history. In the first 60 days, thousands of PR and marketing professionals signed up for MediaSync. As to why the application has been so successful, they had this to say:

● MediaSync allows users to search for media contacts based upon the actual articles and blogs they have written over the past hours, days and weeks rather than just the static “beats” that other media databases provide. With MediaSync, you can find who is really writing on very finite topics (ie: Mobile Software Applications) instead of default media contacts classified by generic beats (ie: technology reporter)

● MediaSync is free, where competing solutions can cost more than the combined purchase prices of my first three cars.

● MediaSync derives actual analysis of the media, identifying potential influencers by showing who is writing the most on topics relevant to you instead of just regurgitating commodity data like beats, email addresses, bios and phone numbers – all of which are already readily available on the web for free.

At mBLASTs blog, they also give free PR and marketing advice for anyone looking to get more visibility for their company, and insight into where marketing is headed, and debunk myths about what online influence is and how it is derived.

In a few weeks, mBLAST will be launching a new product that promises to dig even deeper into the world of online influence and influencers. This product will build on the concept of topical relevancy by allowing our users to find those members of the media who are actively writing, blogging, tweeting, etc about topics that matter to their market (much as MediaSync does) but (unlike MediaSync) it will then go much, much deeper into the analytics of “who they are” and “why they have Influence.”

To be notified when their new product launches and receive an invitation for a free trial, register at, follow mBLAST on Twitter, or drop them a line at [email protected].

MediaSync is one of several applications developed by mBLAST to help marketing professionals streamline their efforts, find the information they need and get better results. There are no limits on searches or contact fees, and there are never hidden charges.

mBLAST is improving the way marketing works with its cloud-based solutions for Marketers, PR professionals and Influencers. The company’s applications enable better collaboration between marketing professionals and market Influencersthose individuals who through their online writing, social media activity, awards and events shape what potential buyers think about a company and their products and services. The company’s client base includes top Influencers in the world from companies like PR News, PR Week, Folio Magazine, the Consumer Electronics Association and others, and tens of thousands of marketing and PR professionals working at some of the largest PR agencies, Fortune 100 companies and small to medium sized businesses and agencies. mBLAST is a global company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with sales and development teams around the world. For more information, visit

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