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A Healthy You Starts Today!

A Healthy You Starts Today!Name of Company: DK FitSolutions

Founder: Denny Krahe, ATC, LAT, CSCS

Date of Launch: July 1, 2011

What Services Do You Offer?

DK FitSolutions offers two types of services geared to two different customer groups.

The first group we work with are small businesses, ideally those that employ between 50-175 employees. We offer these businesses on-site fitness and nutrition counseling for their employees. Ideally, we visit each business every month and meet with every employee that is participating in the program. After meeting with each individual employee, we create a customized program for each employee in order to help that person meet his or her goals. Programs are designed based on current levels of fitness, equipment availability, and exercise preferences. Programs are amended after meeting with the employees each consecutive month, though if changes need to be made between visits that is not a problem.

For employers, the benefit of our program is two-fold. One, showing your employees that you care about them and their health helps to improve employee loyalty. And two, it is fiscally beneficial to an employer to have a healthy workforce. Healthy employees cost less to insure, and most major insurance companies will reduce the premiums for companies that are actively helping their employees improve their health. Also, healthy employees are more productive than unhealthy ones on a variety of fronts.

All told, the return on investment of employee health programs is typically between 3 and 6 dollars saved for every dollar invested.

Our other main customer base is the individual client, and we offer them on-line personal training advice. The way the on-line personal training works is simple. Each client provides us with information pertaining to their exercise preferences and their fitness goals, and we provide them with exercise routines and guidelines tailored to help them meet their goals.

Because we work with on-line clients exclusively, we are able to work with clients no matter where they live in the world. We also don’t require you to purchase an expensive gym membership or buy any specialized exercise equipment. If you currently attend a gym or have some equipment you can use, it gives us a lot more room to be creative and utilize a larger variety of exercises. But if you don’t have access to a gym or other exercise equipment, we can still get you sweating and your heart beating using absolutely no equipment!

Perhaps the biggest benefit of utilizing our on-line personal training expertise, as opposed to personal trainers who work at a fitness center, is our pricing. For many people, especially with the state of the economy we are currently living in, spending $50-$100 per session with a personal trainer is completely out of the question. However, for the self-motivated person who is operating within a budget, a completely customized monthly fitness routine can be well worth $15 per month.

Why Did You Start DK FitSolutions?

DK FitSolutions was created for the simplest of reasonsbecause Americans, as well as the people in many other developed countries, are as unhealthy as we have ever been. And even though people realize that they need to take steps toward improving their health, many don’t know what they need to do to make the necessary changes. We work to give individuals the tools that they need to take charge of their health and make permanent changes in their lifestyle.

What Social Media Does DK FitSolutions Utilize? We utilize Twitter,, and Facebook,, to keep in contact with our clients. On our Twitter feed we share links and other health and fitness tips and information for our clients. We also share similar information on Facebook, as well as providing lots of pictures and videos demonstrating the various exercises that we encourage our clients to do.

We also have a blog at, where we share different stories and other information pertaining to a variety of health topics.

How Many Employees Does DK FitSolutions Have?

DK FitSolutions is currently a one man operation.

What is the Best Piece of Advice You Received?

Don’t expect to make any money for at least the first year!”

This nugget of advice was a bit of a downer at the time, but looking back it has not only been proven true, but it has helped to keep us pushing on towards the goal of being profitable. When we were preparing to launch, we were very optimistic that things would take right off and we’d have more clients than we’d know what to do with. As it has happened, things have been much slower than we’d hoped, but, ultimately, it has been a blessing as we’ve been able to work out a lot of the small issues that would have been much more difficult to handle had we had a larger influx of clients.

What is the Worst Piece of Advice You’ve Received?

That sounds like a great idea!”

While it was nice to have people think that my business idea was worth pursuing, and that my business plan sounded good, people saying that everything sounds fantastic was of absolutely no help. My friends that asked the difficult questions and posed non-ideal scenarios helped to prepare me for many of the difficult situations that we have faced so far. Those that showered us with nothing but praise only raised our expectations without providing anything we could use constructively going forward.

What is the Best Decision Made So Far?

I would say that the best decision that has been made so far really doesn’t even pertain directly to the business. My decision to keep my ‘day jobduring the creation and launch of the business has been by far the best decision I’ve made. By keeping a steady stream of income, I’ve been able to launch the business without going into any debt. I’ve also been able to avoid stressing out over slow growth of the client base, since I’m not yet solely reliant on the business to provide the income required to survive.

While working the equivalent of two full time jobs can at times be difficult, and may have slightly slowed the growth of the business, it is by far the best decision I have made. The ability to make sound decisions not influenced solely by finances has allowed for a steady development and launch of DK FitSolutions.

Where do You See DK FitSolutions in 1 Year? 5 Years?

In the next year of operation, I hope to grow DK FitSolutions enough for it to be my only full time job. I am aiming for steady and sustainable growth in both areas of business. I’d like to add 2-4 new corporate clients, as well as 100-200 individuals.

In the next 3-5 years, I’d hope to grow slightly bigger, but not so much that I’d lose touch with my clients. Ideally, DK FitSolutions would add an employee or two, which would allow us to spread our reach to a number of additional clients.

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