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Joshua Last

Outsourcing is a relatively new concept that has added another dimension to a multi-faceted workplace, a revolutionary solution that can take your business past the tipping point. People invest so much time, effort and money into growing their businesses. However, they must also consider how that time, effort and money can be most wisely spent. That’s where GlobeTask reigns.

GlobeTask was founded in 2007 by Joshua Last MBA/ CPA, a Michigan-born entrepreneur who moved to Israel in 1996 to study in an international MBA program and still lives there today. His first start-up venture, GlobalPrePay, launched in 2001 and highly successful, was ultimately sold at a $450k valuation. Ambitious and visionary, Josh went on to start GlobeTask, an Internet-based Virtual Associate company. GlobeTask offers its many services to the millions of individuals around the world who make up the Internet community. While providing consultations for various companies, Josh recognized the need for outsourced administrative support to fill the gap where another salaried employee might have been hired, without compromising quality of work. Then, with the boom that Tim Ferris’ 4- Hour Workweek created, GlobeTask rode the outsourcing wave, with just a slight twist.

Clients who work with GlobeTask hire Virtual Associates to accomplish any and all tasks in order to “reclaim their time,” as the GlobeTask motto goes. Services include everything from routine daily administrative support, creative writing and marketing to email management, outbound sales, telemarketing, customer service email response and transcription. GlobeTask also offers specialized graphics/ web design and research teams. GlobeTask is categorized as a talent and skills company whose Virtual Associates work directly with their clients and have the support of a team of professionals with a wide variety of skill-sets. The uniqueness of GlobeTask lies in the VAs themselves, who are born and bred Americans living in Israel, where the cost of labor is discounted. Consequently, clients enjoy quality American service at significantly lower cost than that of a salaried employee in the USA.

Since its launch date on September 1, 2007, GlobeTask has provided services for 400+ small-to-medium- sized business, countless sole proprietors, and even a few stay-at-home moms. Always looking to progress, GlobeTask is constantly augmenting its work team, which is currently numbered at 54, to include more specialized skills. A single administrative assistant is limited to the skills he possesses and the jobs he can perform efficiently. But if that individual is only responsible for one specific type of work (as opposed to multi-tasking all day), his skills can be maximized and he can produce much more effectively and efficiently. As the GlobeTask team expands to include more team members of specific expertise, the cost of each category of work is reduced. The best way that others can help GlobeTask is by simply referring people to its services so they too can benefit from the unique savings offered.

In his own words, the best advice Josh never got is “The more time you free up by delegating work to responsible people, the more time you will have to grow your business. Even if you don’t have the money to hire someone to help you, you can’t afford NOT to hire someone if you want to grow.” Josh now knows that the plunge he took when hiring two amazing assistants was worth every penny. “I, too, could not justify the expense of hiring an assistant at the time but I did itone at a time; one to offload the daily pressures of my personal life and one to relieve me of my tedious business-related responsibilities. I wanted to be able to concentrate on growing the business from a managerial standpoint, and delegating the myriad small yet necessary responsibilities allowed me to do exactly that.” That being said, it was a challenge for Josh to get used to relinquishing responsibility and avoiding the constant counter-productive urge to micromanage all the things that he used to do on his own.

For business owners who want to make the change, Josh advocates taking the plunge, borrowing (if you don’t have the cash) the six months of salary to cover the new assistant(s) and freeing up your time to do ONLY what you do best. You may need an assistant for only one hour a day or for 30 hours a day but if you outsource effectively, your investment will pay off and you WILL have the ability to pay it back ten times over.

For anyone who is ready to make the change, Josh recommends the following books:

The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler

The 4 Quadrants section from Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People


Joshua Last

Founder and CEO, GlobeTask


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