From Rutgers Business School

“I recommend it as a reference book for starting virtual companies, and that such companies can often be done quite inexpensively. It is well written, and provides a wealth of information. I have recommended the book to several of my friends, and will continue to do so.”

Professor Ben Sopranzetti
(A Top Ranked Business School Teacher by Business Week)

“I examined many books on the market before selecting the two that we use. I use your book as a solid reference for forming Virtual companies and to show that there is much detailed decisions involved in setting up a virtual business but fortunately most of the work can be out-sourced as taught in your book”

Richard Mammone ,PhD
Professor,ECE & Business
Executive Director, BEST Institute

From Amazon

A Must-Have Business Manual For Startups And Others
By Kelly L. Watson “WomenwiseMarketing.com” (Lancaster, PA)

If you’re looking for an inspirational book that will help you achieve the right mindset for business success, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a tome of resources that will teach you everything from product development to outsourcing, Shoestring Venture is it.

I was overwhelmed, at first, by the sheer size of the book. But then I realized that Shoestring Venture isn’t something read in one sitting. It’s a resource you revisit again and again for help on e-commerce, finding investors, building a web site, and any other area where you need guidance.

Each section is short and to the point, with bullet points and action items that make it easy to find the information you need without having to skim through a lot of filler. Reading it is like reading a business blog in that sense … but it’s much more convenient, because the information is all in one chunky manual that you can highlight and dog-ear to your heart’s content.

Much of Shoestring Venture applies to startups with products to sell. Because, as a writer and marketing consultant, I don’t fit that category, I found myself skipping through the chapters that deal with concepting, testing and e-commerce. But the book also offers a wealth of marketing tips and other information that applies to service providers such as myself. It even has a section on the aspects that distinguish good copywriting from bad, and how to outsource that part of business when the time comes. That’s something most business books fail to cover.

My only concern in purchasing the book is that the vast number of online resources might become obsolete in a few years, but the authors have anticipated that and offer readers access to an online list of links that can be updated at any time.

This is a great resource, and I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves needing guidance in the business arena. You’ll find yourself turning to it over and over again.

Your Step By Step Guide To Business
By L. Crowley

I’ve been a freelance writer on a part time basis for some time and am considering making it a full time career in the New Year. I really only needed information about the financial aspect of working for myself, or I thought I did, but this book literally has everything. It covers aspects that I didn’t even think about let alone plan for. Take outsourcing for example. I didn’t even consider what I would do if I had too much work and not enough time in terms of client retention. That section is outstanding because it deals with everything I need to know in a straightforward and yet comprehensive manner. In fact, every section is. I would like to see more on blogging in future editions though as that’s a key part of my plan

The Startup Bible is everything that is promises to be and will certainly be a fixture on my desk in the years to come. I’ve tried other business books and got bored but this one is well laid out so it acts as a practical how to book rather than a complex and useless book by a self indulgent and arrogant businessman!

A Must-Have Resource
By Darlene Jan Alice Oakley “DOakley” (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

The Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible is well developed, well thought out, well organized. It provides a wealth of information for those looking start their own small, medium, or large business venture.

Hooker and Monas provide websites appropriate for learning about incorporation, choosing a domain name, marketing strategies, finances, taxes and anything else anyone ever wanted to know about starting their own business.

This is an invaluable resource that has opened my eyes to all the resources available. Hooker and Monas have also established a website where all the links they mention in the book are listed and accessible by a click of the mouse, without having to retype all the links in a browser to find the information wanted. What a great idea!

This is certainly one resource I am glad to have on my bookshelf.

Very well written and very useful
By kd

I was very impressed with this Book. For the average person looking to start a business it makes for the perfect resource. The book takes a business start up and helps you from start to finish from creating your business plan to designing a logo and marketing techniques for your business. It is very well written and very easy to understand. The book touches on those topics that you always have questions on yet somehow can never find the answers that you are looking for, or at least that is the way it was for me. You really can start and operate on a shoe string budget and this book explores those ways you probably would never think of. I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking to start their own business.

All in one
By Ranojoy Ghosal

If I got a chance to choose a name for this book, I would have called it “The Cheat Sheet of business”. It has everything a person needs to start a small business, or needs a handy reference to do things the right way in his business.
It is very well structured and you can readily jump chapters, to get the information that you are specifically looking for.
This is not a “Who wants to be a millionaire” or a “Get Rich Quick” kind of a propaganda type of book, which we so often come across, but is actual a handy book for all those entrepreneurs looking for all the resources and technicalities of a successful business.
This book deals with serious topics in a lucid fashion. It has everything from naming a business to outsourcing and data mining and HR policy. As I read the book, I was amazed at the amount of research which went behind this book, it has the links of all the resources that you will ever need, and all the urls are consolidated under one easy clickable link.
I do freelancing myself, and being computer savvy I did not have to spend much time of the chapters dealing with hardware/software or even the back office stuff, but if the latest computer terms bother you, you should definitely read this book, and get in sync with the rest of the world in what’s going on. It might be a steep learning curve for a non internet or non computer savvy business man to digest the chapters, but you will be thankful that you did, and help your business by using the resources mentioned.

Best Business Book Ever!
By Leisa K. Wilson “The Write Remark”

When I first heard the title, Shoestring Venture, The Startup Bible, I laughed to myself wondering if the author was trying to start a new religion. I thought that the book would be worth about the same cost as a shoestring. I was wrong. This is the best book I have read about starting a new business venture. If you don’t buy any other business book, buy this one. This book is 558 pages of pure gold to anyone wanting to start their own business. In eight chapters, Steve Monas and Richard Hooker take you step by step through the process of starting a business. Keep this on your desk as a reference manual. I only see one drawback to this book–it focuses heavily on ecommerce and online marketing. There is nothing about brick and mortar stores or print media marketing campaigns. I would like to have read more information about these subjects. Otherwise, the book is great to keep around as an answer to your questions.

Excellent Read and very comprehensive!
By Philip C. Robinson (Smithville, MO)

This book is an incredibly comprehensive guide to the landscape that is starting up an entrepreneurial venture in the 21st century, using the Internet as your primary toolset.

I phrase it in that way, to make sure you- the reader- completely understand who this book is aimed at. If you’re new to being an entrepreneur, the information is priceless. If you’re an existing entrepreneur, the book still contains a lot of valuable info that might make you stop and really think of things you might not have known (or as Donald Rumsfeld put it: what we don’t know we don’t know). Either way, you cannot go wrong with picking this resource up and referring to it over and over again.

The book is clearly laid out, and takes you through each step of the way- chronologically in the logical order you would plan and execute a new business venture. It contains a LOT of useful advice and wisdom, and can be quite overwhelming, but as other reviewers have pointed out, the book doesn’t have to be read end-to-end to be appreciated or used. HOWEVER, if you’re brand new to entrepreneurial thinking, you had best read cover to cover before making your first move–you’ll really benefit from thinking over the whole process and what is truly required to get the endeavor moving in a successful direction!

Before you dismiss this review as all gushing and paid advertisement, let me tell you- I’m an entrepreneur myself, and I actually run a few businesses right now on a shoestring budget. I originally thought I wouldn’t get a lot out of this manual, especially considering the price of it–but after having read this, I really wish I had something like it back when I was starting out–I would’ve avoided a LOT of COSTLY mistakes had I read this book FIRST!! And even though I’m not `brand new’ to the process, and had to learn a lot of things in this book the hard way, I still found tremendous value. All the RESOURCES this catalogs [including mini-reviews on the value/services each provides!] for EACH step of the way is itself well worth the $ spent.

There is one issue I had- I don’t think the book detailed much regarding how to approach techniques to get your business out of `shoestring budget’ mode–although, I suspect a few of the business planning resources it points to would have articles on that..

PLUS: Excellent resource outlining the steps you need to take to lay a well planned foundation for a new 21st century business.
MINUS: Highly focused on using Internet as a tool–if you don’t think you need the internet to be part of your business plan and aren’t open to using it as a tool – this book isn’t for you.

This is a road map to creating successful 21st century entrepreneurial businesses- as such, it won’t tell you everything about HOW to do it, but it does show you WHERE you can go to find out!

A Must Have for any Internet Business Owner
By Elizabeth Pepper “writersbusinessacademy.biz” (Mocksville, NC)

This is a must have book for those who want to create an internet business. There is a steep learning curve and this book provides the steps to climb that curve. It is highly recommended for novices and experts alike as a handy reference book for doing business on the internet.

Great resource
By Honestly Put (Somewhere in a warm and sunny clime)

I think this book is great. Right now, in this economy, people can use all the information they can get on making their own wealth and I think this book is an excellent resource.

Good Read
By Loretta B. Ghivizzani

This book has a lot of GREAT information! I like that the authors give you plenty of websites to go to for more information and advice. The only thing I would have liked to have seen was an appendix so you can find the website you want to go to without going through the entire book. The best advice that this book has to offer, I think is to outsource all the jobs you’re not good at and do the jobs you are good at. I would have spent a lot of wasted hours if not for this book.

Your Roadmap to starting your own business!
By David Sparks (Westminster, Ca. USA)

I have read a few books on business, but I actually WANTED to finish this one. I learned that there is a LOT that goes into starting your own business. A lot of ground work needs to be done, but you dont have to do it all yourself and that there are plenty of resources that you can utilize for very low cost. This book is a great roadmap for those resources and how to get things done in an efficient manner. Only criticism if you even want to call it that, is that there wasn’t a whole lot on PRINT marketing, but we live in a digital age anyway. I will have this on my desk for years to come!

Outstanding resource for both starting a business or keeping an existing one going!
By C. Eikanger (Texas)

This is the first review I’ve ever done on Amazon, but this book just totally floored me and none of my non-business friends understand why, nor do they care, so I thought I’d tell the people who DO care, since you’re the ones interested in this topic and I’m bursting to tell somebody about this book!

I know you’ve heard this kind of statement before, but this book really does have it all! The table of contents wowed me from the beginning with all that it had to offer! From the importance of how to name your business and your website to designing a logo, to how to create a business plan to raise capital, get grants, finance the business, laws to be aware of, pitfalls to avoid (which are nicely placed in gray boxes throughout the book so you can’t miss them), etc. Even various types of software that can help the process along the way. This is a resource that anyone considering a small business, or who already has a business that they are struggling with trying to keep going, needs to have on their bookshelf! Not only how to start your business, but how to keep it going once you’ve made the commitment. How to set up bill paying, productivity software for various fields, the rollout, manufacturing, staffing and hiring, when to use outsourcing and ecommerce are covered! Even how to use widgets to advertise! There are so many things in this book that I never thought of myself, that I can’t think of anything that is not covered! And what isn’t covered directly by the author, is covered by links to resources where that topic is covered in great detail by the experts in the field. The authors didn’t just Google a few links and stick them in, they actually found expert resources.

It’s not dry reading either. It did NOT put me to sleep! Even though it’s not a book you have to read from cover to cover, I couldn’t put it down! There was so much I never knew about! It is laid out in an easy to understand manner, in a chronology that is logical. I am really amazed at what I found, and it has given me the confidence to take my business plans to the next level and actually BE a business, even with my current limited resources (even that is covered!), instead of just a simple “here’s my card, call me” type of freelancer that people don’t take very seriously.

Seriously, if you have had even a minor inkling of an idea of starting your own business but have been afraid because you didn’t know what it was you didn’t know, or how to find out more about what you thought you knew, then this is the right book for you!

A Must-Have Book for the Startup Entrepreneur
By Laila R. Salaam (Atlanta, GA)

Finally! A book by real people who give you the “How-to” and “How-not-to” of starting and operating a successful business from the comfort of your home, on a small budget. Steve Monas and Richard Hooker give you all the details, starting with how to outsource the heavy work and delegating authority, in this educational and inspiring book. ShoestringVenture: The Startup Bible walks you through Steve’s personal experiences (successes and failures) and provides you with some real help. No cheerleading here, just good, old-fashioned, hard work and business acumen to guide you through the startup process. (Don’t skip the introduction, or you’ll miss out on some great advice.)

Steve and Richard get right to the heart of the matter and don’t skimp on the resources. They tell you who to go to, for what purpose, and who offers the best of each kind of service for small businesses. With wit and whimsy they cover topics like goal setting, money management, and outsourcing, giving warnings about some of the most common mistakes. The book is about how to succeed, but they tell you exactly what you should do, if you intend to fail, as well.

You’ll get more unbiased, honest information about building a business, in the first chapter, than you’ll get by paying a consultant hundreds of dollars for a couple of hours of their time. The best thing is, they know their online stuff. This book rolls startup consulting, small business operations, and the Internet as a marketing/sales/revenue tool all up into one and doesn’t spare the details.

From business finance and banking to business technologies, and marketing, Steve Monas and Richard Hooker walk you through the details that you couldn’t get, all in one place, from the most recent MBA graduates with the most up-to-date knowledge or the most experienced consultant. Combining all of their hands-on and need-generated knowledge, and the wisdom of how to apply it to most any business, this book will carry you from concept through success, if you follow the flow and don’t skip from beginning to end, leaving out the middle.

Can’t handle all of the administrative stuff yourself and getting bogged down? Learn how to set up a virtual front and back offices.

Do you know how to market test your product? Once you know it’s going to work, do you know how to get it to market? Do you know how to distribute? If not, ShoestringVenture, should definitely be part of your library. The best thing is, once you have the book, you also have access to a one-stop website that has all of the links to all of the websites they refer you to in the book. So, if you don’t feel like typing in all of those URLs, just type in the one they give you in the book and start reading, learning, applying, planning, setting goals, and following through, follow up on your day’s activities.

ShoestringVenture: The Startup Bible is a must read, must own book that every entrepreneur should buy and keep for future reference. Once you start reading, you won’t want to stop!

Good Book
By Adem

Awesome. A very complete and detailed book with all the information you need to plan and start a business. As an occasional internet seller, I can tell you that a lot of the technical details in this book, such as where to find cheap contractors and software products are spot on. Another good thing is that you can definitely use the book as a reference guide as you go through various phases of your company’s growth – from formation, to financing, to handling taxes. These guys know their stuff and they also provide a wealth of advice and insight based on personal experience and business know how.

I loved the introduction and first few chapters of the book as they give a good overview of the book and it’s writers then launched into the first steps of planning your new business. As an IT lover, I enjoyed the technical sections in the latter portions of the book but the earlier sections provide me with a good reference on handling the legal and financial aspects of handling a business, and also a glimpse of the authors credentials. I definitely agree with the open source and freelance outsourcing sections.

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