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NoodleStorm – The Brightest Minds Solving the Worlds Problems

What is the URL of you Web Based Business Application? www.NoodleStorm.com A brief synopis of the website / application? NoodleStorm.com is a new website where businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, or any other organization can receive multiple solutions to their problems from the brightest college students in the world for free. A short bio. NoodleStorm.com is […]

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More Marbles

MoreMarbles: University consulting, a win for students and businesses alike

A Problem: Andrew Allen always thought there was a better way to learn than the traditional text book and exam model used in schools. Looking for more than theory and concepts, Andrew wanted to apply his learning in the real world and understand why they mattered. Andrew completed high school and college and took a […]

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Promotions: Marketing and Sales 8.5. Web Advertising

Promotions: Marketing and Sales 8.5. Web Advertising

No matter what your marketing strategy, at some point you’re going to entertain a serious Web advertising initiative. You will have extracted as much value as you can from search engine marketing and link exchange, or you’ll just get the itch to start prospecting in different streams. Web advertising can be much easier and cheaper […]

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What credit card legislation means for online retailers

On Friday, President Obama signed legislation that seriously impacts how credit card companies can market and manage consumer credit cards. The legislation introduces new and far-reaching protections for credit card borrowers, but these protections aren’t “free,” at least in economic terms. They will, in fact, be purchased by substantial revisions of how credit card companies […]

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Shoestring Book Reviews

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