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Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Taxes

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate Marketing Software

Application Service Providers (ASP)

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Back Office

Banner Exchanges

Blogging Software

Bookkeeping, Finance, and Accounting


Bringing Your Product to Market


Business Analysis

Business Authors

Business Banking

Business Licenses

Business Plan

Business Structure

Calendars and Schedules

Call Centers

Chapter 4 Appendix

chew on this

Computer Help Tech Support

Concepting and Testing

Content Management Systems

Contract Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

customer service

Customer Support

Data Entry and Processing

Data Mining & Analysis

Database Administration

Database Development

Dedicated Hosting


Domain Name Registration

Ecommerce: Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts

Ecommerce: Shopping Carts and Catalogs

Ecommerce: SSL Certificates


Email Marketing

Entrepreneurs as leaders

Exit Exchanges


Finance, Taxes & Banking

Financial Management

Financial Structure

Financing Your Business

General Financial, Business, & Economic Information


Graphics and Image Editing


Hardware and Software

Human Resources

Human Resources Management

i learned it at the movies

Idea Generation

Idea Screening


in my not so humble opinion

Incorporate Online

Information Technology

Information Technology: Introduction

Instant Messaging

Internet Research

Internet Voice Portals


Law, Reference, and Small Business


Link Exchange Management




Naming Your Business and Designing Your Logo

Naming Your Website—Finding a Domain Name

Online Bill Payment Services

Online Shipping and Mailing Services

Operating System

Outsourcing Information Technology: Directories

Outsourcing Your Back Office: Marketplaces and Job Boards

Pay-Per-Click Networks

press releases

Productivity Software

Project Management

Project Management

Promoting Your Company, Product, or Service

Promotions: Marketing and Sales

Prototyping and Beta Testing

Roll Out

Search Advertising/Paid Placement

search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization and Submission


seriously dumb

seriously smart

Shoestring Startup

Shoestring Success Stories

shoestring venture first edition

Site Analytics: Software

Site Description

Smart Phone App

Social Entrepreneur

social marketing


Systems and Software: Proprietary vs. Open Source vs. Web-Based



Telephone Reception

the book

the branding notebook

The Desktop Computer

the i.t. files

The Laptop Computer

the roundup

the strategy notebook

tip sheet

Trademark, Patents, and Copyright



venture capital

Virtual Adservers

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Fax Services

Virtual PBX Software

Virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

Virtual Staffing Services

Web Advertising

Web and Ecommerce

Web Based Business Applications

Web Conferencing and Collaboration

Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development: Marketplaces and Job Boards

web marketing

Web Marketing

Website Design and Development: Outsource Companies

Website Hosting

What is a Virtual Back Office?

What's Your Goal?

Widget Advertising


Word Processing

Shoestring Book Reviews

Shoestring Venture Reviews
Richard Hooker on Jim Blasingame

Shoestring Fans and Followers



Business Book: How to Start a Business

Shoestring Book

Shoestring Venture in iTunes Store

Shoestring Venture - Steve Monas & Richard Hooker

Shoestring Kindle Version # 1 for e-Commerce, # 1 for Small Business, # 1 for Startup 99 cents

Business Book – Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible

Shoestring Book Reviews

Shoestring Venture Reviews

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