Creately –Helping Businesses Convert Complex Ideas into Easy Visuals

Creately –Helping Businesses Convert Complex Ideas into Easy VisualsCreately is web based diagram software to draw various business diagrams like flowcharts, workflow diagrams, organizational charts, SWOT analysis diagrams, PEST diagrams and many other diagram types. We provide you with easy to use drag and drop interface to draw diagrams, thousands of searchable templates so you can get started instantly and knowledge articles covering most diagram types in case you need help with diagramming. Although great for single users we have custom built group sharing features and real-time collaboration to make it easier for business groups and teams, because in most cases visual communication involves teams.

Creately –Helping Businesses Convert Complex Ideas into Easy VisualsThere are definitely some excellent diagramming tools in the market, with Microsoft Visio dominating the market. While they focus on providing drawing tools we believe diagrams are about communication and collaboration. Done correctly, diagrams can communicate complex ideas in a simple and a visually pleasing manner, and that is vital for any business.

Awesome Features to Increase Your Productivity

Below are some features which helped us to emerge as a Microsoft Visio alternative.

  • An easy to use drawing interface designed to save time – From the start our aim was to make Creately the easiest tool to draw diagrams online. We provide contextual toolbars for less clutter, 1-click creation of connecting objects for faster diagrams, 1-click access to templates from the drawing area, easy styling options, automatically saving last custom styles are some of the features that makes drawing easier.
  • Powerful sharing capabilities for better communication–When it comes to visual communication there is almost always a team involved. With functions like projects as libraries (share an entire project as a reusable library), in build team management and real-time collaboration we make it easier for teams to work together. Real-time collaboration is extremely useful for teams because a diagram can be shared between multiple people and every participant can see the changes made by each other instantly. This reduces confusions and makes it very easy to make quick and definite decisions.
  • Flexible pricing scheme to suit your business requirements –You can start with a free public plan, 5$ persona plan or get a team plan for discounted rates. We offer special discounts for educational institutes and open source projects. If you are super worried about the security of your diagrams we can install Creately on premise with custom pricing structure depending on users etc.
  • Thousands of templates for faster diagramming – Creating something from scratch can be time consuming, which is why we have provide you with professional templates created by Creately designers and users. You can search through them by diagram type, tags and keywords, so finding a one that fits your need won’t be a problem.

How Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers can benefit from Creately

Creately –Helping Businesses Convert Complex Ideas into Easy VisualsCreately is a business application used by organizations such as Amazon, CitiBank, Cisco and National Geographic. Below are few ways we can help your business grow.

  • Anywhere access, Even when there is no Internet connectivity – Creately is a web based application, so you can access it from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connectivity. Nowadays businesses are spread across multiple locations and businessmen are constantly on the move, so having access to your diagram from anywhere is vital for them. Plus with Creately desktop you can access your diagrams even when you don’t have Internet connection. This is extremely useful in places with poor or no Internet connectivity.
  • Present complex ideas as easy to understand visuals – A picture is worth thousand words, and a diagram is definitely better than a text specification. Use the multitude of diagram types to easily visualize your complex ideas. Identify congestions using workflow charts, do market analysis using SWOT diagrams, brainstorm ideas using mind maps and much more.
  • Brainstorm Ideas with peers – Budding entrepreneur having a great idea? Draw a mind map around it and share with your peers to get feedback. With real-time collaboration and in-built commenting systems you can quickly see each other’s comments and ideas. With Creately you don’t have to be in the same room to do a brainstorming session. Plus it’s super cheap compared to something like Visio.
  • Get the clients involved Freelancer doing web design? Having back and forth e-mail conversations about the final design or the layout of the website? Why not draw a wire-frame using Creately and share it with the client. Let the client add or modify parts and see the changes in real-time. Customers will love it because they feel involved and you will have less headaches arriving on a final design. Can’t agree on part of the design? Invite someone else to view the diagram and get his or her opinion. The possibilities are limitless.
  • Be inspired by our knowledge articles – We know that providing tools and templates are not enough, that’s why we provide plenty of knowledge articles on how to effectively use diagrams so you can reap the maximum rewards and be more productive. Check out our latest article how to effectively use mind maps in meetings. There is plenty more, so make sure to browse the blog and subscribe to the RSS feed if you’re interested.
  • Support for various other business application – We provide diagramming plugins for various other business platforms. The most popular product is our Confluence diagrams plugin, but there are plugins for JIRA and FogBugz. We are available in Google app store and Chrome web store so you can use single sign-on to use our services.

A Bit about us and How it All Began…

Creately was founded by ChandikaJayasundara (CEO), Nick Foster(COO) and Charanjit Singh(CMO) in 2007.Chandika started working on the concept and Nick and Charan joined to form the team. We launched in DEMO falls 2008 and have being growing ever since. We’re a small team with offices in Australia, Singapore and a R&D center in Sri Lanka. This ensures that someone will be there to take care of your issues most of the time. We have won number of awards for our innovative use of technology; you can check some of them at our press and awards page.

We are expanding, Are you the right person?

We are growing and looking to expand our team. We recently hired for customer support executive and looking for digital marketed with expertise ranging from search engine optimization to social media marketing. If you’re from Sri Lanka and believe you have the necessary skills get in touch and we’ll have a chat. How do you get in touch with us? Well there’s plenty ways to do that.

We are a start-up competing with the likes of Microsoft, we can’t match them in the advertising budget but where we can beat them hands down is customer engagement. We love to hear from you!

Grow Your Business with Us

With an arsenal of diagramming tools designed specifically to save time and increase productivity, we believe we offer something for any business or entrepreneur. There are no long term commitments with us, you pay as you go. So give Creately a try and increase your productivity.

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