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Teen Entrepreneur Pursues Venture and Reforms Corporate America

Teen Entrepreneur Pursues Venture and Reforms Corporate AmericaYoung entrepreneur Alex Parker of Grand Rapids, Michigan says he was bit by the entrepreneurial bug from the time he could comprehend. Growing up, he always was in awe when seeing the lavish lifestyle which successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople lived every day. Throughout elementary and junior high, Alex became more and more fascinated with the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and entered the workforce early in the 9th grade.

Teen Entrepreneur Pursues Venture and Reforms Corporate America

Alex Parker

In his early teen years, Alex set out and found a positionwhich involved performing publicist/assistant tasks for celebrity reality T.V. star, personal trainer and fitness model, Scott Herman. After realizing his need to raise capital in the laterpart of the 15th year of his life for use on college and other future expenditures, Alex sought out another opportunity which would help him gain more experience. After searching, Alex became the sole internet marketing coordinator for a private jet management and executive charter flight firm, which introduced him to some of the most luxurious planes and lavish individuals in the nation. During this time period of working as a 16 year-old in a workplace of middle-aged individuals, Alex continued gaining knowledge in public relations, branding, business management, and marketing (especially internet marketing). After seeing his knowledgebase and how it could transport his career to new heights, even though still a 16 year, he decided it was time to unleash the power of the knowledge he had gained throughout his life by setting out on an entrepreneurial adventure. After seeing a large issue within the business world, Alex knew that the time was then to revolutionize the business world as it was.

In May of 2012, Alex Parker, still a 16 year-old, started one of the most needed companies in America, Brand Strategix ( He founded Brand Strategix, a national internet marketing consulting firm, under the knowledge of the crisis occurring within the business world; a lack of personability, extreme disconnection, and ineffective relationships between businesses and their internet marketing service providers. “Brand Strategix exhibits the core values which every business aspires to,” says Mr. Parker, “allowing for the most effective services to be rendered by my firm to make your business successful, no matter where you are located in the United States.”

What services does Brand Strategix offer?

Brand Strategix offers the services which are needed by companies to be successful. The main services which we offer are one-on-one marketing and business strategy consulting, website development, press release creation and distribution, and also social media management. All of our initial consultations are free, and during that initial consultation, we dig to the source of current complications, and make a customized game plan for each client to soar to their aspirations.

How is Brand Strategix different?

Great question! You can answer this in a few words: Relationship efficiency and value. We were founded on the finding that there were almost no firms like us that valued relationships structured like a partnership. The typical scenario in this industry – or almost any industry which provides services – is the client requests services, the service provider delivers, and the service provider gets paid (The end!). There is a major flaw with that system under the idea that the relationship between the client and service provider is majorly inefficient, and the client will not get as much value out of it as they will with a partner-like relationship. We have seen that our type of client relationship is highly sought after, and is in high demand by businesses across America.

Is being a young entrepreneur an advantage or disadvantage in corporate America?

Great question, but I cannot answer with a yes/no answer. There are many pros, but there are also many cons to it. The pros are that when you meet people face-to-face, you get a shocked reaction from them because they didn’t picture you being so young, and their face says, “You’re the one I was talking to?, and it is typically followed by a dialogue asking about how you got where you are so young. You also turn many heads, aside from clients, which increases your exposure. However, some cons are that you have to gain trust in business, and being young, sometimes it comes much harder to gain. Trust is essential in business, as it is the foundation of a successful professional relationship.

How was Brand Strategix financed?

Brand Strategix was founded on a total of $641.20. This amount was provided by myself (Alex Parker) as the initial capital contribution to the company. Although this doesn’t seem like a lot of money to many people, this was my maximum budget being so young, but I knew I had to do it for myself and that it was going to be an investment that was going to pay off in the long run.

Does Brand Strategix use social media tools?

You bet! We practice what we preach and are religious with our internet marketing clients, just as we are with the clients which we service. We have our own custom software in-house that we use to manage our client’s social media accounts that uses advanced algorithms to find leads, tell you who to follow, and who to engage in conversations with, to maximize your ROI of your time spent managing these accounts.

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What is the best advice you ever got?

I have to say that the best advice I ever got was from Barbara Corcoran (female venture capitalist of ABC’s “Shark Tank” and the founder of The Corcoran Group which she sold for $66 million), a great friend and mentor, which was that you sometimes just have to “jump.” What Barbara meant by this is that much of being a successful entrepreneur is just finding your ability to trust your gut and do something. In terms of jumping, what she means is that you just have to “jump” without logic and find the answer on the way down. While sometimes you may be wrong, that is completely acceptable and just one of the parts of being an entrepreneur that you learn from and use to your advantage in the future.

What is one thing that you did right?

The one thing that I think I did right was using any negativity from within myself, or others negativity or doubtfulness toward me or my venture, to “fuel my fire.” I find that sometimes others negativity truly helps me succeed because it creates a strong sense of me needing to prove them wrong. Part of being an entrepreneur is having the ability to ignore and avoid other’s negativity at all costs, but it is inevitable to ignore and avoid it completely, so you must use it to your advantage.

What was the biggest transition you had to make when deciding to start a business?

Well, since I was in 10th grade when I started Brand Strategix, I had to create a system so that I could most efficiently manage my time in order to getting work done while also juggling and prioritizing my schoolwork to ensure that my grades maintained. With this system, I plan out what my next day will look like, which phone calls I have to make, and what I need to get done. It is imperative to plan all of my communications carefully because I have about two hours to make all the phone calls and e-mails, which seems like a lot of time to some people, but it becomes very minimal time when you are forced into the reality of the predicament. After working until about seven o’clock, then I transition into my course studies and focus on them, and with any remaining time, I will work some more. After doing that every day of the week, I make up all missed time during the week (due to having to work four to five hours a day instead of a full work day, due to school)by working about half to three-quarters of my weekend.

What type of marketing or advertising do you do?

We engage in a multitude of marketing activities, varying across an extensive platform of marketing mediums, both digital and traditional print. My company, aside from using press releases, uses various internet marketing tools like search engine optimization marketing, and in-print marketing, while also gaining a portion of clients and leadsby word-of-mouthcommunications and client referrals.

Would you want to be acquired by a bigger company, run it by yourself, or sell in a couple of years?

I am in business to change the business world’s morals, but I would like to cash out at some point so that I can help others become successful in their business by becoming a venture capitalist. I believe that there will come a time when I know it is time to exit, however, I want to ensure that the company is in the hands of someone who cares about my company and our clients just as much as me.

What do you think your projected annual revenue will be?

My projected annual revenue for this year (May 2012 to December 2012) is $200,000. I project, and know I can achieve, $1,000,000 in revenues in 2013 if I dedicate myself and my entire company to success. I would like to continue at a growth rate of greater than 150% each year as my target.

What advice do you have for aspiring and young entrepreneurs?

If you haven’t already started your business, do your research, ensure it is a viable business, and “jump.” The world around us needs entrepreneurs who will make the world around us and the business world a better place. Secondly, stay committed to your business! When you get to a point where you are ready to throw in the towel, keep pushing. Every entrepreneur you talk to has had times where they were ready to throw in the towel, but I can tell you that something really positive always happens (in my experience) just after that negative moment which you had. Use negativity from within yourself, and that of which is spewed from others toward you, to fuel your fire!

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