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Healthy Habits Benefit Both Employees & Employers

Healthy Habits Benefit Both Employees & Employers How to create a free wellness program using Healthy Habits mobile app.

What does Big Business Know about Wellness ROI?

Big business knows that encouraging healthy habits /wellness has a great ROI. With reports of happier, more engaged employees and real savings on health care costs, about 90% of US corporations now offer wellness programs of some kind. It is time for small business to start reaping the benefits as well.

It should come as no surprise that healthy employees boost a company’s bottom line. They experience less sick time, take fewer disability days and suffer lesser risk of premature deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 75% of employershealth care costs and productivity losses are related to employee lifestyle choices. And a $1 investment in wellness programs saves $3 in health care costs, according to the Wellness Council of America.”Forbes

Healthy Habits Benefit Both Employees & Employers What can Small Business do about Wellness?

Despite proven ROI, most small business do not offer wellness options/tools for their staff. This could be due to cost, lack of resources or no official health care plans or just information. 2Morrow Mobile is one of the growing mobile software companies determined to provide all businesses and individuals with affordable tools that help people live a healthier happier life – which benefits both the company and the individual.

“To be truly effective, wellness tools should be with you when you need them.”Jo Masterson, 2Morrow Mobile. “That is why we think mobile applications are so powerful when it comes to creating healthy behavior changes… your phone is always with you and always on.”

How do you create a Simple, Free Wellness Program?

The first step to creating a simple wellness program for your small business is to create a webpage or email with links to existing wellness information, tools and resources.

Sample links for a wellness webpage or email:

Once you have the information, encourage employees to access the information. Even if they don’t use your resources, the employees will know that your company cares about their health and well being.

Other ideas include:

  • Brownbag lunchtime speakers that come in a couple of times each year to talk about health, wellness, stress etc – often you have experts on your own team, otherwise many business people will speak for free if you ask.
  • You could even consider sending this info to your clients/customer in a monthly newsletter. Don’t forget to check with your insurance company to see if you qualify for discounts now that you offer a wellness program.
  • Start a lunchtime walking group or after work recreational softball team, etc.
  • Put together a healthy fair with health screenings, B/P checks and professional advice.
  • Encourage active participation with fun contests or team events (Ex. Biggest loser contest where winner gets an extra vacation day)

Healthy Habits Benefit Both Employees & Employers What is the Healthy Habits App, and how do we use it for business?

Healthy Habits is a mobile application designed by 2Morrow Mobile to help the users create healthy habits. This can be part of an individual, community or company effort to improve overall health and happiness. The app offers a simple tool that help people change behaviors or habits. From books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People we know that habits or daily behaviors can have a profound effect on our lives… the same is even more true for the effect habits can have on our health and wellbeing.

Currently Healthy Habits is offered onteh iphone. Android version is coming in early 2012.

Employees: The basic app is free so many companies just place a link to the app on their employee websites, instantly offering a free wellness tool at no cost to the company. Healthy employees are more productive and keep health care costs down. In addition, some insurance companies offer discounts to companies offering wellness tools/programs. Customized or private label versions of the app will be available from under $50 per month in 2012. Full custom app development is also available ($10K — $25K). Contact 2Morrow Mobile for more info.

Clients: If your business includes coaching, personal training, healthcare,or counseling, you may want to offer the free app to you clients as well. Just put a link on your website, blog or newsletter. Customized versions will be available in 2012 as well starting at under $50/month. Contact 2Morrow Mobile for more info.

There are four main steps in behavior change

  • Identify desired change
  • Set some goals
  • Record your progress
  • Stick with it!

The Healthy Habits iPhone App supports all of these steps. From a library of healthy habits to motivational messages and awards this tool is perfect for those who desire change, but just need some reminders and support.

The basic Healthy Habits iphone app is free with a full upgraded version available for under $5. (You can provide a link to the free app on your wellness site or newsletter.) Companies can also have 2Morrow Mobile create a customized version of the app just for them – costs start at under $50 per month.)

Who is 2Morrow Mobile, and how did they get started?

Healthy Habits Benefit Both Employees & Employers

Brandon Masterson

Twitter @2MorrowMobile

Founded in 2009 by Brandon Masterson, 2Morrow Mobile is another software company started on a shoestring. After 25 years in software (as a developer and in senior management) Brandon was ready to branch out on his own. He wanted to work with newer technologies and was excited about the possibilities he saw in mobile devises. “The fact that you have them with you all of the time, makes smart phones a very powerful tool.”

Brandon started working on developing iPhone apps. He focused on behavior change because he “was tired of making excuses,” and wanted to create tools to help people changes their lives. At first, the business was self-funded (on a shoestring) and Brandon filled all of the rolls. Once the first product was live (Habit Maker Habit Breaker) Brandon started looking for help to grow the business and take it to the next level. He invited two partners into the business, Dale Bunning from Amazon as the Chief Developer and Jo Masterson to focus on marketing, business development and customer service. These three people along with contract developers, beta testers and SME’s make up the 2Morrow Mobile Team. 2Morrow Mobile has now released six iPhone apps and in the final beta stage for their first Android app.

“We understand that small business (like us) often have tight budgets, but still want to provide tools and benefits to their employees. We create mobile apps that help people live better lives and offer these apps to individuals and companies alike.” – Jo Masterson, MBA, 2Morrow Mobile

2Morrow Mobile is dedicated to looking forward when it comes to technology, change management, self-improvement and fun. They believe that today’s mobile devices are changing the world and have the power to improve our lives.

Contact Info:

Jo Masterson, MBA

2Morrow Mobile

[email protected]

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