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The Twisplays Story

It popped into my mind last summer (2010) that Twitter would go well on LED signs. I searched for a product but found none, so I decided to make one. I was able to put together a prototype which was awesome. After receiving encouraging comments from my LinkedIn networks, I invested in producing a commercial product.

I called it Twisplays because it displays Twitter. My original thought was Twerminals.

I incorporate in early August. A friend in the startup and venture capital industry suggested Delaware S corporation, so that’s what I did.

I have two models. One model is plug-and-play. You buy it for $299 and plug it into your PC and display whatever Twitter streams you want. There are no additional fees. It is great for conferences, events, trade shows, cafes, bars, restaurants and offices.


The other model goes on a wireless network. It is for broadcasting the same Twitter stream to ten or more locations. It is for corporate retail or any chain of stores or offices – or vey large venues and attractions. You don’t need a PC but there is a modest monthly subscription fee per sign for the wireless service.

  • Twisplays, Inc. deploys digital LED signs that display Twitter streams in order to strengthen brands and increase sales.
  • Twisplays can be installed in any chain of retail stores, restaurants or franchises in order to broadcast the host company’s Twitter stream to consumers.
  • Twisplays extend the reach of a company’s Twitter stream, creating interest for consumers to follow a host company’s Twitter stream, while also influencing consumer purchasing decisions at the point-of-sale.
  • Twisplays can be used to draw attention, drive traffic and inform consumers of specials, promotions, discounts, last minute deals, contests, new products and company news.
  • Twisplays provide unbeatable point-of-sale exposure, allowing companies to reach consumers at the critical point where product, consumer and money converge.
  • Twisplays extend the host company’s brand by encouraging consumers to take the company home with them by following the company’s Twitter stream on their cell phone and/or computer.
  • Twisplays will be first to market with an LED signage network that displays Twitter streams and will strive to maintain its lead from the beginning with regard to price, technology and execution.
  • Twisplays can be used in offices to follow what people are saying about a productor to follow what people are saying about the competition.
  • You can control Twisplays from a mobile phoneallowing customers to tweet to the signand moderate the displayed stream on the fly.

I used to be a banker in NYC, but the Great Recession forced me to reinvent myself. I was caught on the wrong side of the employment equation. I am an MIT graduate with international business and banking experience, but I am expensive and over 50. I should have become an entrepreneur 30 years ago.

I have no funding and almost no funds. I’m bootstrapping. An angel gave me a few thousand dollars. Another angel is giving me enough to keep going for a few more months. I’ve been officially selling since mid-October and have $10,000 revenue in the first two months. I still tell myself that I am “in the process of launching.” There is no official launch date. I am waiting for a newer and better version of my software from my developer. It will allow me to market location-based signage.

I use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube. I go to a lot of Meetups and conferences – a healthy mix of real and social media networking.

I am the sole employee, but I work closely with my product supplier/developer and my web site developer who also designs and prints all my marketing material (business cards, fliers and banners).

I give my own advice. Be creative, be open to change and don’t give up!

My supplier/developer may kill my business. Where is the software you promised me?

I’m not waiting for anything. I hit the market even before I had a product and had pre-sales.

It’s tough not to get a regular paycheck, but the challenge and opportunity is exciting.

I’m in negotiations with a major telecom for a 100-site pilot network. If that happens, I will be in the black. Otherwise, I need to double my current sales to get out of the red.

I plan to broaden my offering by supporting other social networking platforms and various wireless networks. One big fish, and I’ll have a viable business. A few big fishies, and I’ll have a great business.

I’d love to build the business and sell it in five years. I want to build revenue to over $10,000,000 and EBITDA to over $4,000,000.

We are looking for customers, partners, investors and mentors.

By Joshua Persky, Founder and CEO, Twisplays

Joshua [at]

917 650 8700

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