Avenue Right web-based media buying software for small to midsize businesses that plan and buy media, both traditional and online

Let’s say you want to buy some advertising to promote your business, or provide this as a service to your clients. Based on what you know of your target customers, you need a mix of offline (TV, radio, OOH, etc.) and online advertising to reach them.

Buying the media for this or any campaign takes a lot of research, planning, organization, and communication. So far most media buying tools on the market have been complex systems designed for buyers with multi-million dollar advertising budgets, or they focus only on one media channel.

Advertising technology company Avenue Right provides web-based media buying software for small to midsize businesses that plan and buy media, both traditional and online. The solution is easy to use, less costly, and integrates media data directly into the purchasing process.

Media buying without technology can take hours of manual, administrative tasks—researching a market, sending out RFPs, compiling information on available advertising inventory, managing communications, entering data into multiple systems to finalize the media buy.

Avenue Right (http://www.avenueright.com/mediabuyingsoftware ) is a centralized platform that streamlines and automates the process of planning, buying, and reporting on local advertising, across media channels. Media buyers save time, and the business saves money.

The company was founded in 2008 on a single principle: as a business process, media buying can and should be made more efficient and transparent.

“I started working at my dad’s advertising agency when I was 12, just feeding the fax machine” says Avenue Right founder and CEO Brian Gramer. “The whole process was too complicated and repetitive. There had to be a better way to do it. This idea stayed with me.”

Brian Gramer

Serial entrepreneur Brian Gramer has been in the internet software business for a while. Prior to Avenue Right, Gramer founded marketing automation company Vtrenz (acquired by Silverpop), and before that, Anycollege.com (acquired by Platform Advertising), a niche search engine that assists high schools students with the college search process

Gramer applied these same ideas of process automation (plan, execute, report) and real-time information (specialized database) to advertising and media buying with Avenue Right.

Unlike other media buying software and processes, Avenue Right is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that allows for transparency and consistency in purchasing across media channels. Key strengths are that it’s multi-channel, media agnostic, and not involved in the commission process. It’s easy to use and designed for the local or regional media buyer.

“These SMBs are strategic with how they spend their time and money. They don’t have enough budget to simply saturate a marketplace with advertising,” Gramer says. “They need to collect the most up-to-date information quickly so they can make decisions quickly. Avenue Right helps these media buyers by letting them find the best possible advertising opportunities—in any media channel—and reach their target audience effectively and efficiently.”

Avenue Right enables the entire media buying process from start to finish:

  • Research multi-channel advertising opportunities in any local market with a real-time media outlet database—radio, broadcast and cable TV, newspapers, magazines, and online.
  • Plan and manage media buys in multiple markets for multiple stores or clients with Campaign Builder, electronic RFP tools, Schedule Builder, budgeting tools, and client management environment.
  • Buy media more efficiently with automated RFP process, scheduling, and electronic negotiation and confirmation.
  • Analyze media buys with easy-to-read campaign dashboards, schedules, calendars, and customized reports.

Case studies (http://www.avenueright.com/resources/casestudies/) show that media buying automation increases efficiency by an average of 25%, leaving more time for strategy rather than paperwork and repetitive tasks.

Automation and ease of information collection is a much needed change for the advertising industry, says Avenue Right founder and CEO Brian Gramer. “It will become like most other industries, where buyers can easily go online to research information in order to make educated buying decisions, and then complete their purchase online,” Gramer says.

“The internet changed our ability to gather, review, and process information in almost every industry—think travel, automotive, banking,” Gramer continues. “In the $250 billion ad industry, you should be able to go online and find available products, inventory, audience information, rates, and media profiles at a click of a button, for all kinds of media in all geographies.”

Avenue Right is an affordable and pragmatic solution that not only lets media buyers collect information easily, but also take action on that information. Users can quickly find the right local advertising opportunities, put together a media plan, communicate with media sellers, and execute on that media buy.

With Avenue Right media buyers save time by automating manual, administrative tasks. Media buyers can streamline their processes into a centralized platform, see where they are getting the most value based on audience delivery and budget, optimize the media mix accordingly, and communicate that value to their clients or business stakeholders.

For more information on media buying automation and advertising technology, visit Avenue Right on the web (http://www.AvenueRight.com), or request a demo (http://www.avenueright.com/demorequest/ ) of Avenue Right’s web-based media buying software. The company runs a blog at http://www.AvenueRight.com to keep their customers and the curious informed of product feature releases along with advertising tips and tricks. Follow Avenue Right at @AvenueRight, or check out their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Avenue-Right/100807705780 ).

About Avenue Right

Advertising technology company Avenue Right offers a modern, affordable solution to an old problem in the advertising industry: how to plan and buy local media more efficiently and effectively, across multiple media channels.

Avenue Right solves this problem with a new approach to media buying—simplicity, transparency, efficiency, and visibility.

The leader in media buying automation, Avenue Right’s web-based software helps small to midsize business and ad agencies boost productivity by streamlining the current manual processes for planning, evaluating, and buying local advertising media. The platform is unbiased, media agnostic, and takes no commission on the buys.

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