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Me Two You – A Socially Responsible Way to Turn the Gift You Buy into Two

Me Two You – A Socially Responsible Way to Turn the Gift You Buy into TwoAre you in the market looking for a baby gift? Whether it’s for a baby shower, a christening, or maybe just something special for your own little one, Me Two You might have the best feeling answer around. We’ve found an enterprising and socially responsible way to generously turn the gift you buy into two.

With every Me Two You baby blanket purchased, the company gives a baby blanket to an orphaned child. When you buy one, we give one.

Me Two You’s mission is for every child to have a blanket to call “my own.” Our mission provides customers with a unique gift giving experience and transforms them into advocates. This allows us to grow a truly sustainable business rather than depending on fundraising for support.

There are more than 132,000,000 orphaned children in the world today, according to UNICEF. Why not help those orphaned babies and children in need while buying a baby in your life a beautiful gift?

About Me Two You (
Me Two You offers luxuriously soft and stylish baby blankets. We are as passionate about baby luxury and style as we are about being socially responsible.

Medfield, MA-based Me Two You is proud to be designing and making its products with the highest quality in Massachusetts. Me Two You is co-owned by Flávia R. da Silva-Benson, Esq. (a sharp-minded numbers-focused attorney), Veronica Zanellato Kido (an award-winning marketing communications expert), and Sarah J. Remington (a well-traveled interior designer). We are three friends, who met by chance at the daycare our children attended, with mom-preneurial spirits and socially responsible consciences.

Mom-Inspired: The Inspiration Behind Me Two You
Behind every great company there is a product based on need and a story to tell. The need for our product is near and dear to Sarah’s heart.

Me Two You – A Socially Responsible Way to Turn the Gift You Buy into TwoSarah and her husband adopted their daughter, Mia, from China 5 years ago and witnessed firsthand that orphanages are dependent on donations in order to survive. Mia was well taken care of during the first 9 months of her life, and Sarah has dreamed of being able to give back to those who helped her daughter while they waited to be united as a family.

During the 2009 holiday season we were barraged by phone calls from various charities and struggling to figure out how much we could give to each organization and really make a difference. Then we came across an article on TOMS shoes, which gives away a pair of shoes for every pair they sell. We combined TOMS one for one business model with Sarah’s knowledge of the needs of orphanages, and the fact that our own children just adore their blankets.

At the start of 2010, we started a business of our own selling high-quality, amazingly soft blankets to consumers and giving away a blanket to an orphaned child for every blanket sold.

How We Give
Me Two You partners with foster care in the United States and orphanages around the world to give blankets to orphaned children. Initially, the company is donating to DCF Kids Fund, Inc., in Boston, MA USA; the Kunming Welfare Institute in Kunming, China; and the Project Incentive of Life in São Paolo, Brazil. As the company grows, it will increase the number of organizations it gives to.

Each location is meaningful to a Me Two You co-owner. Sarah adopted her daughter from Kunming, China, Flavia’s hometown is São Paulo, Brazil, and Veronica is from Boston.

Why Blankets?
According to child psychologists, blankets offer warmth and security that enhances the mother-child bond. Blankets are comfort objects that help children adapt to new situations and aid in their learning. Not only is this blanket something children want, it is something they need.

In addition to the extraordinary comfort and high-end design, Me Two You blankets are also exceptionally safe for use. As moms, we created our blankets with a careful regard for child safety standards. All of our blankets are formaldehyde safe and are in full compliance with testing requirements of the United States’ CPSA (consumer product safety act) regulations for childcare articles.

Our Progress
It took a year and a half to find the right U.S. manufacturers, but Me Two You is now in full swing. We launched on September 17, 2011 at our town’s annual event called Medfield Day. Me Two You has already given blankets to orphans in Brazil , and in June we launched our first campaign, 500 Blankets to China Challenge. For each Me Two You blanket purchased during the campaign, we will give a baby blanket to an orphaned child in China.

In June, Me Two You also established a snuggly charity partnership with Half the Sky (HTS), a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of orphaned children, through which it donates $10 to HTS for every blanket bought through the HTS online store (

Me Two You – A Socially Responsible Way to Turn the Gift You Buy into TwoBest and Worst Advice
Throughout our business journey, we’ve been fortunate to meet many talented business people that have given us great advice along the way. Here are some tips we are happy to share:

  • Keep operating expenses low. We work out of our homes, do the majority of work ourselves, and only outsource things that we can’t do such as coding our website. We love to utilize the resources we have in our own town; talented high school and college students who either work for free or charge low fees in exchange for listing the job experience on their resumes. We also use free services whenever possible, including marketing services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, HARO (Help a Reporter Out), and YouTube.
  • Be passionate. We are as passionate about baby luxury and style as we are about being socially responsible.
  • Stay dedicated. As mamas, we want to blanket every child in the world. We want them to feel warm, comfortable, secure, and loved.
  • Determine the focus of your business. Giving a blanket to an orphaned child for every Me Two You blanket purchased is at the heart of our company and will never change.
  • Be resourceful. When we don’t have the experience or knowledge we need, we network to find a resource to help us. We’ve been amazed at how helpful our six degrees of separation network has been to us. We’ll be sure to return the favor to those who knock on our door.
  • Sell what you love. Each time we sit down at our creativity table to come up with a new product design, we ask ourselves “will we be proud of this?” and “do we love this product?” If the answer is no, then it’s back to the drawing board.

The worst piece of advice that we were given: “Don’t worry about it; you can only do your best.”

We Need Your Help
We need help in spreading the good word about Me Two You. We would sincerely appreciate it if you would do 5 easy things to support our business and our cause:

  1. Like us on Facebook:
  2. Tell your friends, family, and co-workers about Me Two You
  3. Follow us on Twitter: @MeTwoYouGifts /
  4. Sign up for our email newsletter at We promise not to email more than twice per month. You’ll see the “stay connected” sign up link at the bottom right corner of our home page.
  5. Shop for a great cause. When you are looking for a chic and elegant baby gift, or the plushest blanket for your own little cutie, buy a Me Two You blanket.

To find out more about Me Two You, please visit:


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