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The Secret to the Success of Emotional Intelligence 2.0

A short authors bio:

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Dr. Travis Bradberry

Drs. Travis Bradberry and Jean Greavesare the award-winning authors of the #1 best selling book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0,and the cofounders of TalentSmart consultancy that serves more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies and is the world’s leading provider of emotional intelligence tests and training.

Their bestselling books have been translated into 25 languages and are available in more than 150 countries. They have written for, or been covered by, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Harvard Business Review.

A book synopsis / Key Ideas:

An award-winning #1 bestselling book with a single purpose: increasing your emotional intelligence. The authors’ groundbreaking research tested more than 500,000 people to discover how anyone can use emotional intelligence to his or her benefit. For the first time ever in a book, TalentSmart unveils its step-by-step program for improving emotional intelligence, via 66 bulletproof strategies. The book’s smooth narrative style turns rigorous research into memorable stories. What’s more, each copy includes an access code to test your EQ online via the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal® test. Your results pinpoint which strategies will increase your EQ the most, and you can take the test twice to measure your improvement.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Dr. Jean Greaves

Why did you write this book?

It seems strange to admit that people initially twisted our arms into writing this book, but this is exactly what happened. Frankly, the book….well, books…on emotional intelligence had already been written. We’ve always been focused on providing practical strategies people can actually use to increase their emotional intelligence, because we’ve known there is a need for this. Over the years it just seemed that the more we spoke on the topic the more people asked, well many demanded we bring our techniques and findings to life through a book. So, we did it.

Write a paragraph stating why readers should buy your book and what they will get out of it after reading it.

Our brains are hard-wired to give emotions the upper hand, making emotional intelligence critical to your success in life. Emotional intelligence is a flexible skill that anyone can improve to his or her benefit. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 will show you how to do just that.

For those of us who don’t know, what is emotional intelligence (EQ)?
Dr. Bradberry: It’s the “other kind of smart.” Your EQ is how you understand emotions and manage your behavior. This has a tremendous influence on how you relate to other people.

Dr. Greaves: Think of it this way: we all know someone from high school or college who was incredibly smart, but they never accomplished much in life. Then we see others who do amazing things, even though they have average intelligence.

Dr. Bradberry: They succeed because of their EQ. We all have it, but not everyone uses it well.

So, how is the Emotional Intelligence 2.0 different from what’s already out there?

Dr. Greaves: It delivers practical strategies anyone can pick up and use, based on our research with more than 500,000 people worldwide. We show how to boost your EQ using proven techniques that others have used successfully.

Dr. Bradberry: Each book also includes a free use of the new edition our online emotional intelligence test, the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal®. Readers can actually test their EQ as they learn to improve it. This is a powerful self-assessment. Our website offers other testing options for those who are seeking 360 feedback.

Your book’s site says 70% of us do not handle conflict or stress effectively. Where are we failing?

Dr. Bradberry: Our emotions cue us in to challenging situations as they unfold. We have difficulty managing conflict and stress effectively because just 36% of people are able to understand their emotions as they happen and they miss these important cues. It’s akin to walking with a blindfold.

What’s one key lesson you learned in preparing the book?

Dr. Greaves: How much we saw distinct trends emerge from such a large body of data. It’s amazing to see so many people facing the same challenge and using the same strategy successfully.

Dr. Bradberry: We expanded our horizons for the book and explored the latest research happening at universities, corporations, in schools, etc. It’s amazing and incredibly motivating to see things like higher recovery rates from cancer and heart disease as a result of EQ training.

For whom did you write this book?

Dr. Bradberry: Most anyone, really. The audience isvaried, because EQ helps in the pursuit of personal goals and aspirations, professional success, leadership skills, teamwork, and of course with family, especially in raising happy, resilient kids.

Dr. Greaves: It’s been more than a decade now since the very first companies began teaching emotional intelligence skills to their employees. We see more and more pursuing this each year. It’s common knowledge that relationships are the currency of the new economy, and emotional intelligence skills cut right to the core of the matter.

So who scores higher, women or men?

Dr. Greaves: Overall, women score a few points higher than men.

Dr. Bradberry: It’s interesting because men and women have somewhat similar scores for three of the four EQ skills, but when it comes to relationship management, it’s not even close.

In your own process of developing emotional intelligence, what’s been the most interesting challenge?

Dr. Bradberry: Self-managementwithout a doubt. A lot of knowledge in emotional intelligence means you know many things you could be doing differently. It can be tough to do what you know is right, but you have to try your best. That’s the human condition.

Dr. Greaves: It’s always an interesting act to build self-awareness. The entire process centers on bringing something to your attention that you’ve either ignored or missed. It’s an eye-opening experience every time.

If you could give one piece of advice that a million people would stick to their fridge, what would it be?

Dr. Greaves: Don’t be afraid to lean into discomfort. Any change worth making is going to be at least a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning.

Dr. Bradberry: Denying what you are feeling won’t make it go away. It just comes back stronger when you least expect it.

I see that the Dalai Lama has endorsed the book. What was that like?

Dr. Greaves: Very flattering. We were just pleased he took the time to read it.

Dr. Bradberry: A real thrill to know that he likes our book.

Do you have a blog, what is the link, what do you talk about in your blog?

Dr. Bradberry: We do a piece every two weeks at where we shed light on the latest in emotional intelligence and give people new strategies to employ in improving their EQ.

Do you do speaking events? What are some common ones that you do on a regular basis? What do you talk about?

Dr. Greaves: We both speak regularly at conferences and at private client engagements. Though these engagements help the book along, our platform is also driven by the large group of people that have come to us for emotional intelligence certification. This army of experts delivers emotional intelligence training inside their organizations and/or to client companies and they have had a major influence on the success of Emotional Intelligence 2.0.

Do you do your own marketing or PR? What is a good marketing / PR stratgey for a budding author?

Dr. Bradberry: We’ve always done our own PR in house. We find that hiring a qualified PR person is a better investment than using an agency, and our PR people have always gathered way more press than the publicity departments at the publishers that we’ve worked with.

Do you tweet, facebook fan page, myspace friend or use any other social media to get the word out? (Please provide links)

Yes, we have quite a few followers on twitter at

Youtube Video:

What is the best advice you never got?

Dr. Bradberry: Do your homework, talk to people and find out what they want to read that doesn’t exist. If your aim is to support yourself with your writing, you should make sure you’re writing something that people want, not just something that you want to write.

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