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Sharing Your Voice on Social Media with Yiip

Sharing Your Voice on Social Media with YiipWhile most of us are very familiar with sharing text, images, and even video on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, Taylor Bollman, CEO of Yiip, believes that there is a tremendous opportunity in letting smartphone users share their voice via short audio clips that can also include sound effects, location, keywords, and photos. I had the opportunity to chat with Taylor about Yiip and to learn how his application could help a wide range of businesses.

What’s the name of your app? The name of our app is Yiip, and it can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or at

Can you provide a brief synopsis of the app? Yiip is a social app for iPhone that lets you record and broadcast public audio clips of up to 10 seconds and private messages of up to 25 seconds. Yiip voice clips can be shared on both Facebook and Twitter, as well as within the Yiip community and in private groups. Similar to photo-sharing apps, artistic elements can be added to clips. In the case of Yiip, both sound effects and photos can be included. As well, advanced voice recognition technology pulls keywords from voice clips to provide readers with information on the subject matter of each clip.

Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows? Yiip is currently available on iPhone. We will be working on Android next.

Is this a free app? Yes, Yiip is currently a free app. Ideas for a revenue stream are currently being discussed which may include Twitter-like sponsored posts, white-label products for businesses, and an API.

How long has Yiip been available? Yiip was just released in September of this year but is already gaining recognition around the world with users trying it out by saying hello and leaving short messages for the community. It is currently available in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

Why did you develop Yiip? We believe that with the rise of the smartphone, voice/audio messaging will become a core communication and sharing medium. It has already gained traction on iPhone, and we expect momentum to continue as the popularity of smartphones continues to grow.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, or freelancer use Yiip? There are a variety of ways that small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can utilize Yiip? For business owners who currently use social media marketing to attract and retain customers, Yiip is an ideal tool for sharing information about products and services. Brand identity can be carried through sound clips shared on Facebook and Twitter along with descriptive messaging that incorporates promotional or educational information. These updates easily can be made from anywhere via a smartphone. Giving customers updates via social media channels on specials, store hours, product availability and more can be made with just a touch of a button!

For entrepreneurs who are collaborating on creating new businesses, Yiip’s private groups feature is a highly convenient, easy-to-use tool for staying connected, providing quick updates, and sharing information. And, for freelancers, the app can be ideal for keeping up with clients during projects. Easier and faster than texting, Yiip also provides a more personal, customer-service driven touch to contractor/client communications.

How else could businesses/organizations use Yiip? The possible applications for Yiip are vast. It can be used by property management companies wanting to provide updates to residents or by utility companies and schools sharing pertinent information. It could even be an important tool for municipalities and emergency relief organizations needing to deliver messages following a natural disaster.

How many people are on the Yiip development team? There are three collaborating on Yiip, including two engineers.

How are you keeping users updated? We are providing updates within the Yiip community along with on Facebook, Twitter, and our website.

Does Yiip have any direct competition? There are some indirect competitors such as HeyTell that turns phones into walkie talkies and Fotobabble that adds sound to photos, but Yiip is unique because of its focus on voice sharing.

What could the long-term impact of Yiip be? When you consider the role of social media in marketing, social movements, and overall communication, we feel that Yiip could be an important tool to share news and information, sell products, and build online communities.

Sharing Your Voice on Social Media with YiipWhat advice can you give other small business owners? With 35% of all US adults now using smartphones and more than a quarter doing most of their browsing online, the importance of mobile marketing cannot be denied. There are definitely opportunities for those businesses who cater to smartphone users whether it’s a retail shop that has a mobile-optimized website, a restaurant that communicates daily specials via a QR code, or a freelancer who is helping other businesses develop a mobile strategy, there is a tremendous future in mobile. We’re excited about contributing to this amazing trend, and hope that Yiip will become an important tool for many businesses that want to explore new ways to communicate with their customers.

How can we download Yiip? Go to or the Apple App Store to download the application. If you like the app, we encourage you to share it with customers, colleagues, friends, and family and leave a customer review.

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