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Cloud computing for startups

A large part of Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible deals with exploiting cloud computing resources (like Web-based software) at incredibly low cost. In fact, we have an entire guide to cloud computing on the factory line even as I sepak. The recession, it turns out, is making cloud computing the cheap technology of choice for shoestring and bootstrap startupsas well as regular old-fashioned small businesses. And Reuters has finally taken notice. Money quote:

Investors and entrepreneurs say cloud computing, newand freeprograming languages, open-source software, and use of the Internet to distribute and publicize products have made starting a company relatively inexpensive and will allow startups to ride out the credit crunch and recession.

But it’s not as easy as firing up the Internet, registering, and computing away. There are some very, very important caveats to know and guidelines to follow. But, I’ve already dealt with these issues in the book, so I’ve already done the typing and, if there’s one thing I really hate, is typing things twice!

However, since Amazon Web services and the Google Web Toolkit have been added to the second edition of our book, I’ll be blogging my thoughts on these in the next few days.

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