First Privacy-Centric Dashboard: Sgrouples Protects and Respects Your Data While Simplifying Your Online Life

First Privacy-Centric Dashboard: Sgrouples Protects and Respects Your Data While Simplifying Your Online (rhymes with “scruples”) is a new player in the field of online collaboration, cloud computing and social media aggregation. And privacy is the name of our game. Not only does the Sgrouples platform offer users a single place to manage their online communities, but it does so without the use of deceptive data mining, scraping, tracking or spying.

Thanks to’s invitation, here’s a bit more about ourselves, our platform, and our vision for the future of online privacy.

What is

Sgrouples is the antidote to social network fatigue and personal information violations. We integrate breakthrough private group services along with a user’s social networks, frequented sites, shared and private content, in one easy place; and set a new standard for user privacy.

What was the inspiration behind creating

Two key reasons: the growing erosion of online privacy and increased overwhelm by the many different tools for collaborating and networking online.

Many online sites’ revenue streams are now dominated by advertising sales, and these figures are growing at the expense of its users’ privacy. Roughly 96% of Google’s revenue in 2011 was from advertising. It can be alarming to juxtapose this staggering figure with the amount of personal data Google owns on each of its users. Every “like” on Facebook is tracked, as well as every uploaded link, photo or comment. All of this data is mined, stored and shared to advertisers and third party companies in hopes of gaining valuable information on the individual’s preferences, tastes and spending habits. We believe this intrusive and often-deceptive behavior is not sustainable, and not only consumers but also regulators will eventually reject the scraping model.

At the same time, what we call Facebook fatigue and social network overwhelm is very real, and we predict it will only become greater as the Web continues to evolve.

Sgrouples directly addresses these concerns by offering its users their peace of mind by providing a platform they can actually trust to keep and store their online data. Members may start their own private groups, manage their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts, create and share event calendars with others, and enjoy a personal cloud to save and share photos, documents and other important files—all from a single location.

Why the name “Sgrouples?

Think of us as “scrupulous” about your online privacy. We believe the world is craving a social experience based on scrupulous integrity. That means no tracking, spying, profiling, stalking, spamming, etc. And, at Sgrouples, users have the power to share information with the people they know in their life in discrete private groups, hence the play on words. And, wouldn’t you know it, a synonym for the word scrupulous is conscientious. That’s how we want people to see us, as the good guys, doing the right thing. We will protect and respect you and your data.

How does your revenue model work if you don’t scrape and sell data?

The Sgrouples management team often references the “elephant in the room” when it comes to the revenue models of web-based companies these days. Investments with no regard to revenue have been made in companies like Twitter, Dropbox, FourSquare and Instagram, which have a single sources of revenue, if any source at all! This is why profitability is an issue for them. At Sgrouples, we believe that very soon investors will get ‘back to basics’ and emphasize the need for a real business model with promise for self-sustaining revenue. Sgrouples offers a strong user growth viral coefficient, and definitive, robust revenue. For example, we naturally aggregate logical revenue inflows by providing a high integrity, high value service to our users, including personalized ads/coupons based on preferences directly identified by users, data/content storage in My Cloud™, the Sgrouples app store, photo finishing purchases, social gaming, and premium membership (ad free). Sgrouples is ahead in this shift and is one of the leaders demonstrating better and more profitable ways to sustain a Web/Mobile company designed to truly serve people in the world.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc. use

Sgrouples is very useful for individuals who collaborate via the Web with colleagues, clients, and professional networks. Users can create and manage private, custom groups within the platform to collaborate on projects, share and edit documents, create and share important dates, deadlines and meetings via the event calendars, and organize and share links. All while resting assured that we are treating your data with the utmost respect and dignity.

Since we launched our platform to the public in May 2012, we’ve had cases of both large and small teams collaborating with Sgrouples’ private groups feature. In fact, the entire Sgrouples team is virtual these days, with developers and staff all over the world—and we use groups to manage our projects and growing startup!

How is different from other online companies claiming to offer privacy?

First Privacy-Centric Dashboard: Sgrouples Protects and Respects Your Data While Simplifying Your Online LifePrivacy by design is the core value of Sgrouples. Privacy is a fundamental human right, built into the very core of being American. And law-abiding citizens around the world deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Before the first line of code in our service was written, we defined how Sgrouples would be entirely different. For us, the Sgrouples PrivacyBillofRights is the guidepost for our privacy by design: no tracking, no spying, no profiling, you own your content, nobody can search for you at Sgrouples, we don’t suggest who yourfriendsare, and what you do at Sgrouples is not discoverable through a search engine. Every one of our services is built over our patent-pending permission model. Additionally, we use contemporary, more secure software code languages including Scala, Lift, and HTML5. Every aspect of the Sgrouples service is built with privacy and data protection as its core value. And we will continuously enhance these for our users.

What are the current features of

Current and upcoming features include:

  • An unprecedented PrivacyBillofRightsno tracking, no profiling, no sharing of personal information
  • A patent-pending permission tool GroupAuthTM lets users control privacy settings
  • Private custom user groups, called a “Sgrouple”
  • Cloud storage with My CloudTM (4GB free at sign-up, up to 10GB free with sharing)
  • A social network aggregator (Currently Twitter and Facebook, others coming soon)
  • Check It OutTM for organizing and sharing favorite links
  • Event calendars to create and share with others
  • Coming soon: photo finishing and printing, Sgrouples Mobile, shared document editing, and more!

How can people contact Sgrouples and sign up?

To register:

Twitter: @Sgrouples and @SgrouplesBlog





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