If you believe content adds value to your business, then Postwire lets you act like it!

If you believe content adds value to your business, then we let you act like it!Good content is at the heart of how many successful small businesses sell and deliver their products and services.

Business people who use content in their sales processes understand that good content—explaining the whys, whats and hows for success— lets prospects internalize the benefits and allays their fears. It results in more closes and shorter cycles.

For consultants, coaches and other service providers, having spot-on resources also helps clients achieve success. Good content used in the delivery of services contributes to successful outcomes. And, successful outcomes lead to happy clients, the shortest path to getting more clients.

Many business owners have heard the mantra and believe that content is king. They are adept at sharing it in their marketing practices, but struggle with how to bring it into sales and service when they are engaging personally and directly with a prospect or client.

We work really hard to have attractive websites, but we are then left to send and present content as attachments and ugly Web links in an email! Rarely is the information organized in an email so that it’s easy to reference and act upon. Worse yet, after investing all that time carefully crafting your email, you have no idea whether what you shared is ever even viewed.

That’s where Postwire comes in. Postwire lets you collect and organize all of your videos, photos, Web links and documents so that you can quickly share what matters most to each prospect or client on a private Page you create in a minute. Your contact has the information he needs in one organized place. You know what he read, watched or experienced and can use these insights to invest your time wisely.

Saving precious time is a WIN for small businesses, as well as for clients. I never knew a small business owner who didn’t want more time (or shorter sales cycles).

Shoestring: What’s the idea behind Postwire?

Cliff Pollan:

There are many options for creating visually engaging public Web experiences for our clients. We broadcast to them on our websites; connect on Facebook; share videos on YouTube; and they read our blogs on Flipboard. However, when we engage directly with that valued client, we are relegated to using the same old text-based email we’ve used for 15+ years! There’s no easy way to interact privately in a similarly rich environment to what we’ve grown accustomed to experiencing on the Web.

As a salesperson and relationship guy, this really irks me. When I demoed Postwire the other day, I shared a slide of a typical ugly email with attachments followed by a slide of a Postwire Page. I couldn’t help myself when I blurted out: “I don’t want you to send one of those; send one of these!

If you believe content adds value to your business, then Postwire lets you act like it!Shoestring: When did you get started?

Cliff Pollan:

VisibleGains was founded in Summer 2010 with a mission to improve how businesses interact with their clients.

Many of the current team members worked together breaking new ground on the use of online video for sales and marketing. VisibleGains’ VideoApps use interactivity to create a relevant experience for each person watching the video, dramatically increasing engagement and conversion.

Beginning in spring 2011, the VisibleGains team sensed an unmet need. Our clients were asking us: why is personalization only limited to video? We have other content to share, too. While new technologies enhance mass communications, direct client interactions are mostly relegated to email. Our goal is to bridge that communications gap.

Adopting the lean methodology and working very closely with end users, the VisibleGains team released to beta users an early version of Postwire in fall 2011. Continuously iterative development and customer feedback loops resulted in our selection by TechCrunch from more than 1,000 entrants to do a public launch of Postwire in May 2012 as a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC.

Shoestring: Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer etc., use your product?

Cliff Pollan:

Broadly speaking, there are two small business and service provider profiles realizing great success from using Postwire:

1) Expert salespeople—often the business owner acting as chief revenue producer and product expert

2) Expert service providers

Expert salespeople have figured out that great content is the secret sauce for making sales. Typically they are the established go-to person. They do everything possible to quickly establish credibility in the eyes of the buyer. They understand that their biggest competitor is “no-decision” and take care to organize all the information prospective buyers need to eliminate all barriers to making a decision. Often they are business owners or right hand people and use their knowledge and insights to create a path using Postwire that their teams can also leverage.

Let me introduce you to two expert salespeople using Postwire.

1) Meet Owen Blevins.
Owen is the VP of Sales & Marketing for Mid Atlantic Concrete Equipment, which sells and services concrete plants and equipment to concrete producers throughout the Mid Atlantic and Northeast U.S.

Owen and his sales team use Postwire to educate prospective and existing customers on all things concrete. And, yes, they have lots of content to share—500+ pages of it on their website (managed by Hubspot Inbound Marketing Software) and close to 100 videos on their entertaining YouTube channel, Concrete Answers TV.

Before using Postwire:

Owen and his four sales reps invested 15-45 minutes following up each sales call with an email containing links to relevant educational videos, product sheets and ROI calculators.

Using Postwire:

All of their content is easily organized in a shared Library and available to the team—in just a few minutes, each salesperson can gather the specific info each client needs onto a private Page that the customer can easily find and reference.

They receive alerts telling them the instant a prospect views a Page and what content was viewed.

Owen’s sales team provides customers a rock-solid, one-stop shop for researching solutions to their needs.

The results? Postwire…

Helps generate more sales in less time.

Shaves an hour off client follow ups for each sales rep each day.

Provides one place for organizing personalized, relevant information and building each customer relationship over time.

2) Meet Dave Marinac.
Dave is President and CEO of StandupPouches.net which sells custom printed pouches (containers) for food, medicine, etc. The small company is in a hyper-growth phase.

Before using Postwire:

Sending the content necessary to establish credibility with potential customers using email attachments and Web links wasn’t pretty.

The process was tedious and took way too much time to do right.

Using Postwire:

Product information is bundled and presented in a way that conveys a reassuring sense that Dave’s staff are the experts in their field and easy to work with.

Content is pre-assembled into “Collections” in the Postwire Library addressing:

Initial lead inquiries by product line.
(How do I get started? How much dry product does a pouch hold? Liquid product? What sizes can you get? How long does this take?)

Lead nurturing.
(How are things? Sharing user testimonials, artwork samples, references and hand holding to move the sale to closure.)

Managing expectations once the order is placed.
(What can you expect for shipping? Transfer? Timeline? Partial orders? etc.)

Receiving Postwire notifications when content on a Page is viewed helps identify who’s a “tire kicker” and who has a legitimate project.

The results?

Staff can respond faster and more completely to customer inquiries.

Sales cycles are shortened by making it so easy for customers to decide on their packaging solutions with no need to look elsewhere.

Expert service providers, our second primary user profile, leverage Postwire in the delivery of their services. Postwire helps them put the spotlight on the resources they use to guide each client to success. Their clients love, love, love having constant, easy access to the provider’s expertise on their personal Postwire Pages, leading naturally to more referrals for many of our Postwire users. Expert service providers represent a wide range of roles including a physical therapist helping his patient get better faster, a stylist making over her client’s wardrobe and a software support consultant onboarding a new customer.

Let me introduce you to two expert service providers using Postwire.

1) Meet Mike Roberts.
Mike Roberts, MPT, CSCS, is the owner of Central Mass Physical Therapy & Wellness in West Boylston, MA. Patients who don’t quickly experience benefits from PT sessions easily get discouraged. Mike Roberts wants to deliver the highest quality care in the fewest number of visits.

Before using Postwire:

Mike and his staff provided handwritten instructions to personalize generic exercise regimes.

Instructions were often difficult for patients to make sense of on their own. This caused frequent calls from patients seeking clarification when they weren’t doing their exercises properly.

Using Postwire:

Mike can now:

Capture exercise instructions in video using an iPhone, iPad or iTouch.

Create a private Web page, load it with the video recordings, plus supporting content, and send the patient a link via email—all in a minute.

Know when his patient views the content to further educate and motivate her.

The results?

Patients are getting better faster in fewer visits.

Happy patients are telling their families and friends about Mike’s practice.

Largely a referral-based business, Mike’s practice is booming.

2) Meet Doreen Dove.
Doreen is a personal stylist with her own company called The Organized Wardrobe. Her slogan is: “Conquer your closet – define your style.” Doreen’s services draw from her expertise in styling, merchandising, designing, purchasing in both men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and private label clothes.

Before using Postwire:

Doreen spent hours compiling before and after closet photo inventories and using her trained eye to assemble new outfits with her clients’ existing clothes into “wardrobe discovery” Lookbooks.

Sending these image-laden files to clients as boring email attachments somehow undercut their value as a resource clients could reference frequently.

Often the files were too large for her clients’ email servers.

Using Postwire:

Doreen creates a personal resource Page for each client.

She updates the Page over the duration of her consulting engagement, helping each user bookmark it for easy access.

No more hassles creating a nice layout for her photos.

She sometimes adds a video message, injecting even more personal touch.

The results?

Happy clients.

A distinctive service offering that’s yielding more referrals.

Shoestring: Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

Cliff Pollan: If you haven’t guessed yet, ignorance and inertia are our biggest competitor—even though there’s clearly growing frustration with email’s limitations. In fact, I read a great article in the New York Times this past weekend highlighting how younger folks don’t do email because it’s too slow and requires way too much text. Send a recent college grad (or someone younger) an email and they’ll likely respond with a text or Facebook message or 140-character DM tweet.

Postwire users get this, too. They want their resources to take center stage, not be relegated to cumbersome attachments requiring a long text introduction.

And what do we do better? We take your best sales tool—good content—and make it work harder for you and your client because Postwire:

Saves time organizing relevant content for each client and crafting personalized communications that look as though you spent hours when you only spent minutes.

Eliminates hassles for your client—no more zip files, no more hunting through email threads and no more sending them all over the Web—to find the important information he needs to be successful.

Differentiates your products and services by creating a private place where you can communicate in a more visually pleasing and interactive way.

I could go on and on about the benefits of using Postwire, but better to hear firsthand from one of our clients, Owen Blevins.

Shoestring: Are there different pricing levels for Postwire?

Cliff Pollan:

You can sign up to get a free account at www.postwire.com. The free version limits the number of Postwire Pages you can make and amount of content you can load.

Premium accounts are available at a $20 per user per month subscription fee.

Shoestring: Are you active on social media?

Cliff Pollan: We have a blog where we highlight Postwire use cases, best practices and general thoughts about life in a startup. Readers can find it at: http://blog.visiblegains.com/.

We are a small team and are focusing our efforts right now on product development. Here are links to our company and Postwire websites, as well as social media links. We just started playing with Instagram and Pinterest—we do like more visual ways of communicating.

You can sign up for a free Postwire account at: http://www.postwire.com/.

VisibleGains company website: http://www.visiblegains.com/

VisibleGains Twitter: https://twitter.com/visiblegains

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/visiblegains

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Postwiregal/

Instagram handle is @postwiregal

Here is a link to one our pics: instagr.am/p/M2Bdrphtn8/


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