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New OnPage App Succeeds Where Email and Texting Fail

What is the name of your business and URL of your APP?

New Onpage App Succeeds Where Email and Texting FailOnPage:

itune store:

BlackBerry App:

A brief synopsis of the smart phone app ?

OnPage is a virtual pager and priority messaging application residing on your smartphone with capabilities such as Delivery/Read notification, Audit trail, Secure delivery and Global coverage for all your crucial messages. OnPage cuts through the clutter on your smartphone to deliver critical messages immediately and notifies the sender the status of the message. The message via the OnPage service arrives to the smartphone as a prominent page with continuous alert until acknowledged.

Short bio of your company :

Onset Technology is a leading vendor of mobile messaging solutions to organizations with mission-critical emergency communications requirements. The company’s OnPage mobile app turns iOS and BlackBerry smartphones into secure digital pagers supported by an enterprise-grade messaging and paging platform. Onset Technology’s OnPage is now used by over 1,000 organizations, including those in healthcare, emergency services, information technology, financial institutions, the legal profession, and government agencies.
New Onpage App Succeeds Where Email and Texting FailWhy did you create this APP?

With all the ways people have to communicate today, you’d think it would be easy to get important messages through. But for many people, crucial and even lifesaving messages can be lost in a flood of emails, texts, instant messages, status updates, and chat windows. The OnPage app instantly transforms an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or BlackBerry into a secure, global digital pager that makes sure urgent messages always get through, and confirms they get read. This app is for people who depend on paging to get critical messages.

Android, iphone, blackberry, or windows?

Currently, the OnPage app is available for iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

VC funded

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?B

Currently, OnPage has no direct competitors. Many often argue that other solutions to the app are SMS or the traditional pager. Some things to keep in mind though:

Using SMS as a page replacement:

  • Not HIPPA/HITECH compliant
  • No delivery/read confirmation
  • No persistent alert
  • No audit trail
  • Not reliable (Voice channel competes with heavy load)
  • Personal and work related messages are mixed within the same inbox

Why not paging?

  • Users want to carry one device.
  • Reduction in transmitter locations resulting in limited, spotted coverage
  • Wide-area coverage is needed to provide service beyond the hospital and throughout the larger community
  • Users need additional capabilities like delivery & read notifications
  • Users need ability to reply, current paging technology is limited

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, OnPage makes sure you never miss an important call or message. Freelancers on deadline, business execs and entrepreneurs often need to be reached quickly and efficiently; OnPage is the solution to that dilemma.

How could you effectively use these tools?

Users can use the “tell” button to let your trusted contact know how they can reach you when they need you or your attention immediately.

Is this a free app or how much is it?

The OnPage app is free download and comes with a free trial for 14 days, afterward it costs $15.99/month paying monthly, $14.99/month paying quarterly or $13.99/month paying yearly.

Are there different pricing levels?

OnPage has flexible pricing levels to meet the needs of different users:

New Onpage App Succeeds Where Email and Texting Fail

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?


This video explains the use of the OnPage service:

  • How long have you been in business?

Onset Technology has been in the industry 14 years

  • Number of current users? Estimated yearly growth?

Currently there are thousands of users for both personal and business use. The estimate growth is in multiples.

New Onpage App Succeeds Where Email and Texting FailHow do you see your company in the next 2-5 years ?

  • Our mission is to grow and to ensure uninterrupted communication continuity for businesses and critical response organizations

  • Are you looking to hire more people or contractors? If so, what positions and skills are you looking for?

We are always looking for great people to join our team, specifically Mobile developers, DBA engineers, Operation personnel and sales representatives.

Any Patents Pending?

We filed three provisional patents.

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