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What is the name of the site?

The name of our business is Vappingo. “Appingo” is a Latin word that translates into the English phrase “to add value”. The “V” stands for “virtual”. The name Vappingo suits our business because we operate in a virtual environment to add value to people’s written English documents through our online editing and proofreading services.

Our site can be found at


A brief synopsis of the website?

Vappingo offers instant online access to professional editors and proofreaders who can check your English and help you to perfect your written copy. Our unique online system allows customers to place orders online at any time of the day and offers upfront, affordable rates. We operate around the clock and orders can be completed and back in the customer’s inbox within 24 hours, often much quicker.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

Vappingo was started with a total budget of zero. In order to raise money for the creation of Vappingo’s website our founder worked on a freelance basis assisting people to write website copy and blog entries. Once she had generated funding for the programming of the site she worked closely with the developers to minimize costs and ensure the site had the functionality that her business model needed.

Vappingo continues to operate on a shoestring budget. Everything we do here is done with the explicit intention of keeping operating costs to a minimum so that we can offer our customers great rates while also paying salaries that are attractive enough to appeal to the best native English editors and proofreaders we can find.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

We face a great deal of competition from traditional editorial houses. However, we purposely tried to create a business model that makes our services much more accessible for a wide audience. There’s no telephone calls, waiting around for a quotation, extensive paperwork or lengthily lead times – our entire service is instantly accessible online and can really save the day for anybody who is in a rush. Every single customer is treated with the same level of importance and we accept documents of all sizes; nothing is too small.

A number of online editors and proofreaders have begun to emerge in recent months and we face increasing competition from these providers. However, we feel that our business offerings are much more attractive because we are one of the only sites that provides a true, end-to-end online service. Many of our competitors request that you submit a document and await a quotation and very few of them offer instant online ordering. Vappingo’s process is faster, more secure, and—most importantly—affordable. One of our best features of our site is our unique console, through which customers can use to track order progress and contact their dedicated editor or proofreader.

We currently have an excellent customer satisfaction record, with 99% of our customers stating that they were “very satisfied” with the service they received. The remaining 1%? Satisfied. We think these figures speak for themselves.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

Our product is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to ensure that they publish the best written English documents they can. Our online services replace the high cost and bureaucracy of typical editing and proofreading providers with a faster, smarter way to order editorial work.

We are great for any business owners who want the peace of mind that their written English is perfect. We have a team of amazing editors who can transform good documents to great sales pieces that project a professional image of the business.

Our services are especially useful for people who speak English as a second language and are looking to communicate with native English speakers. We can help you to ensure that you use the best words in an effective manner and avoid any embarrassing misunderstandings.

Are there different pricing levels?

Our proofreading and editing services are priced according to document length and order timescale. Our prices range from $1 USD for a basic English check of sentences or paragraphs under 50 words, through to $16 for search engine optimized website copy.

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?

Yes, we produce a comprehensive blog that contains writing tips and practical advice on improving business documents. For those looking for a bit of lighthearted fun we also regularly publish examples of English bloopers and funny mistakes that could have been avoided through the use of a good proofreader. Our blog can be found at

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or ?

We welcome followers on Twitter and you can find us at

For more information please visit our website:

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