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Who is responsible for the OfficeArrow site?

Robert Ball started OfficeArrow after a very successful career as an consultant and upper level executive with Akamai technologies, the company that serves around a quarter of all the Internet traffic in the United States. Robert was responsible for opening Akami’s European market in the 90’s and 2000’s, which he expanded by millions of dollars.

So why did he start

At heart, Robert is a quintessential entrepreneur. He joined the Akamai group when it was just a small bunch of brilliant minds working out of MIT. He was thrilled by the expansion of the company, but eventually left to get back to what he knows and loves bestworking with the inspired startups around the world. He truly believes that entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses are the backbone of the economy.

So what is is the place where busy people come to get things done. What’s that mean? Well, first and foremost, OfficeArrow is the premiere resource for busy entrepreneurs, and for the team members working every day in small businesses and startups across the globe.

OfficeArrow believes that busy professionals need a place to find the knowledge, products, and other resources quickly. The fact is that many business owners, entrepreneurs, and small business employees are brilliant, inspired experts looking to change the world around them. And they’re really, really good at doing what they do best. But someone who’s an expert at, say, making cookies might not be the best as setting up a pension plan to attract top talent. Or they may be confused about how to select the best option from the huge number of VoIP options out there.

OfficeArrow is designed to help them wade through all the information so they can get back to their core, and still sleep at night knowing that they made the right decision.

How does do that?

There are three distinct aspects of the experience, and each one helps busy professionals in what we feel are obvious ways. The first, and perhaps most obvious, aspect is our marketplace. We’ve teamed with a huge number of industry leaders, from shipping companies to time management experts, to bring top-notch products and services to our growing community, at an average cost of 20% less than other sites. You can think of our marketplace as a Costco specifically targeted at small businesses. In addition to this market place, we have a daily deal that’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Inc. magazine. It’s like Groupon in the B2B space. We provide some great office products and services at a discount of 50% or more. We have a new deal every day.

The second thing that sets us apart is the content on our site. It is, without a doubt, the best business-related content users can find anywhere on the web. Our editing team works every day with professional entrepreneurs, small business owners, writers, and other experts to develop articles, webinars, templates, handbooks, and other content that people need to make smart decisions. So, whether you’re looking to hire your first employee, or pick a new phone provider, we’ve got expert advice that will make your decision stronger, and help you make it faster.

The third thing that really sets us apart from other business sites is that we’ve already integrated social media into our site. A lot of companies, even the really large ones that should know better, are playing catch up. In the mean time, we’ve already implemented professional profiles, group conversations, product ratings, content reviews, and other tools that help people make not just better decisions, but also better connections. An entrepreneur in California can get more than tips from a contact in China or Japan. He or she can actually converse about topics and start a real business relationship.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

Our most direct competition is really any office supply website trying to catch up with the times by adding more content and social media to their online experience. We stand out, though, for a couple reasons. The most notable reason is that we’ve already got 300,000 users. But we also stand out because those huge office supply chains aren’t interested in providing content specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Sure, they have some products and content that will work, but the small guys are just one segment of a large supplier’s business.

OfficeArrow believes in entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the teams of people that support them. We work directly with them because they are the driving force of the world economy. We’ve teamed with the big manufacturers to get the best prices for our members, but we’re here to support inspired, motivated visionaries that run small businesses around the world, and our content and offerings show it.

How big is OfficeArrow’s community?

300,000 and growing.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

The real question is why not? Our daily deal platform is completely free, and has already saved small businesses huge sums of money. Small business owners do not have the buying power of large businesses, but still have necessary business items they must purchase regularly. Why not band together to increase purchasing power, and have the opportunity to purchase certain items at a 50% discount through our Deal of the Day application?

Once you factor in the thousands of informational articles, webinars, and other content in the resource center, it’s pretty clear that there’s no decision that can’t be expedited or improved with

Do you offer free online tools?

Yes. The daily deal is free to anyone. We also have a huge variety of free content and services.

Are there different pricing levels?

Yes. Basic membership is free, but users can sign up for Small Business access, or join the Discount Club separately. Small Business accounts come a variety of perks, including YouSendIt access, RollCall Conferencing, office templates, and more.

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