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Monkey C Books: Helping Authors Navigate Through the Self-Publishing Jungle

Monkey C Books: Helping Authors Navigate Through the Self-Publishing JungleThere are ideas everywhere, novel ideas, and it’s exciting, time-consuming and when people aren’t thinking about their book projects during the day they are dreaming about it at night. At Monkey C Books, we are here to help people take those ideas and create a high-quality book that is then distributed through Ingram. And we want to accomplish this one book at a time at a fraction of the cost people would normally pay through abigPOD publisher.

Monkey C Books was created two months ago by Phillip Cortez, author of the children’s book Night Rhythms, a book that took less than a thousand dollars to create, publish and become available for purchase through sites such as Amazon and

Truthfully, I had the idea and the dream but not the cash flow,” Cortez said. “And everywhere I looked, big Publishing On Demand companies were charging ridiculous amounts, over promising and under-delivering.

That’s why Monkey C Books was created, to help authors navigate through the self-publishing jungle. Check them out at While you are there, you’ll realize that you do not have to pay thousands of dollars to publish your book. You can have it all with the right help, from people who have been there. At Monkey C Books, you are in full control of your project, you own all your rights and files, your project is formatted the way you want it, and it is distributed through Ingram, the largest distributor of books in the world.

And it’s available at a fraction of what other companies are charging right now. Why? It’s simple, really. We take out all of the useless extras that companies like to up charge you for. At Monkey C Books, we don’t try and sell you a bill of goods. We just want to make sure that authors can bring their published book to market in roughly a month. There are no hidden fees, either. Once an author pays for our services, we deliver a quality product for you each and every time at a cost that will have you asking, Why do these other companies charge so much?”

Publishing with Monkey C Books

For years, we searched for a way to produce a quality product, ensure that it was properly distributedwithout distribution you’re facing a tremendous uphill battleand most importantly, do it while keeping costs down.

The result? We found a lot of companies, big names in the world of POD, whose prices were just a big. And the funny thing was, there really wasn’t any difference in the services they offered. Sure, some companies have bells and whistles; if you’re looking to print posters and book-markers than these companies are perfect. But at the end of the day, this is what was truly important: Producing quality and making it available to the consumer. Additionally, we wanted to make sure that authors received the support they needed without charging extra fees for editing, layout, cover design, etc. At Monkey C Books, you get our services for an incredibly competitive price. It’s as simple as that.

What we do

Once you have chosen a publishing plan, you will be sent an e-mail with submission instructions for your book’s materials. From there a professional designer will put your book together and create a custom, print ready file. Once approved by you, we deliver the file to our printer. Once the approved file has reached our printer, you will be sent a sample of what your book will like. Once you approve the sample, we’re ready to move forward with setting up distribution!

Monkey C Books does not provide marketing services for authors at this time. We focus on delivering a high quality book to market, enabling us to keep your costs down. The typical time frame for publishing your book is usually 4-6 weeks!

Where does your money go?

This is a good questionone that every author working with a POD company should ask. For our Interior Color Books fee you get the following:

File preparation, book formatting, a custom cove design, ISBN, Barcode, Distribution through Ingram and sales fulfillment.

Distribution through Ingram (the world’s largest book distributor),,, and many other online stores.

Discounts on bulk order for author buying their own books.

Full control of your rights! Full control of the list price for your book!

– 15% royalties based on the list price on wholesale/bookstore orders. Monthly royalty payouts (over $20 in accrued royalties).

Quality and insightful customer service!

Let Monkey C Books help you publish your book!

There are two publishing options to choose from when working with Monkey C Books, both are under $1000 in price! Not too many POD publishers can say that, can they? We invite you to take a look for yourself by checking out today. Tell us about your project with no obligation at all. We’re anxious to seeing your project see the light of day! And make sure to check us out on twitter @monkeycbooks as well as

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