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Server Turned Business Owner of Genesis Magazine

Brittany K Earls

In 2008 Brittany K Earls was a new college graduate and a restaurant server. Fresh out of college and fresh into debt, Brittany was anxious to begin working in her career of choice: print media. However, at the peak of our recession Brittany found that media jobs were scarce and the few entry level jobs that were listed were going to seasoned industry professionals who were laid off from larger companies that were facing economic hard times! Finally, being sick of dead-end jobs, corporate jobs she was not passionate about, and HR leaders telling her they could only set up interviews with candidates with 7 + years experience, Brittany decided to take matters into her own hands.

She convinced herself that she could start her own magazine company and set her own rules. What if a magazine didn’t focus on celebrities but the girl and guy next door? What if a magazine only published positive content and highlighted individual success? These were just some of the questions Brittany pondered on and soon in 2009 Genesis Magazine, LLC formed. Genesis Magazine is a print magazine and is all about being the FIRST to achieve the unachievable. Genesis places the spotlight on those people driven and destined to succeed. It also shares various inspirational stories.

Brittany was her own first investor. “It wasn’t much; I used my rent and car note money to get my LLC, business cards, and web site. Sounds irresponsible but I believed in the vision of this company and so far it has proven worth it!” The first issue came out October 2009 and she has hit the ground running and never looked back. Her initial funding came from 30 advertisers who not only believed in the media Brittany was eager to promote but the low prices she was charging business owners. How did she find these advertisers? With such a low budget, paid advertising was not an option for this under 25 CEO. She made use of Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. She had a set quota to research and introduce Genesis to 100 business owners per day! She also made sure to attend 3 networking events per week. This was a great tool in increasing her visibility and sharing her brand.

Today, Brittany has relocated from Atlanta, GA to New York, New York and Genesis Magazine has subscribers in over 20 states and 3 countries! Brittany has a small staff of 8-10 people who help Genesis thrive. When asked about the best advice she ever received, she says it involves knowing the value of your product and being confident when setting your prices. “As millionaire and wealth expert, Ephren Taylor says, ‘Scared money makes NO money’. This spoke volumes to me and I knew we produced a high quality magazine full of awesome content, so the next step was to back away from mom and pop prices and join the big dogs of Corporate America.” To get a better insight on the success of Genesis Magazine thus far, we asked the following questions:

What is the one thing that you did right?

The one thing I am super proud of is that Genesis has not had to compete for attention from her mommy lol. I fully focused on this company! I quit a secure corporate job in the middle of the recession, I left my serving job, I put my social life on hold, and the list goes on and on! I knew that if I put the hours and focus in I would see the reward and that has proven true!!!

What was the biggest transition you had to make?

Moving from Georgia to New York was a BIG deal! I had to get use to a new city, missing my friends and family, and gees dealing with these high living expenses! But I did it because most of my advertisers were coming from NYC and I knew I had to be here!

What would make your business moreSuccessful”?

We really need more press. Being NYC’s best kept secret is getting so old!

Would you want to be acquired by a bigger company, run it yourself or sell in a couple of years?

NEVER! I love our small business feel with big corporate moves! I don’t want to be part of a larger company or sell it. This company is my baby and I want to watch it grow the way I envisioned it to grow.

As for future goals for Genesis Magazine, you can expect big things! Brittany is planning a fashion addition to Genesis Magazine called Corporate Couture. Corporate Couture is everything fashion in the business world. This magazine will be freely released twice a year to New York City only followed by a major fashion show. Genesis also plans to release Genesis Latino in a couple of years. While Genesis advertising represents mostly middle and large size companies, small businesses can also plug in! Genesis features several small business owners throughout their publication and hosts a unique small business directory. If you are in the NYC area, you are also sure to find and enjoy several Genesis Magazine small business networking events! Be the FIRST to achieve the unachievable!

Genesis Magazine
Brittany K Earls

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