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DAMN Digital Studio, LLC


Catch the Eye of Your Next Client with DAMN Digital Interactive Digital Products

Name of your company and URL?

Date started?

  • DAMN Digital was launched in July 2005. It took on the name Mass Designs Studio after absorbing Daniiboi Productionz Corporation. The agency then changed its name to DAMN Digital Studio, LLC. on December 12, 2010 as a result of another company being named Mass Designs Studio.

What is your product or service?

  • DAMN Digital provides interactive and immersive digital products, digital displays, digital presentation, motion graphics, design, and branding application development. We are currently developing an interactive children’s book for use on tablet devices. The eBook will incorporate activities such as games, puzzles, audio, ePub, animation, and interactivity. DAMN Digital also works with screen-enabled and projection platforms that utilize touch interfaces and gestures including: kinect, multi-touch surfaces and tables, interactive walls, kiosks, display, mobile devices, and tablet applications.

Please share a brief synopsis about the company’s founders?

  • DAMN Digital Studio, LLC

    Danii Oliver

    Danii Oliver is a co-founder and currently serves as Chief Digital Officer of DAMN Digital Studio, LLC. She is a multi-media interactive designer and developer. As both a designer and developer, Danii has worked for companies such as the Medical Knowledge Group, Vogel Farina, MACY’, WPP, and more, consulting on digital technologies, flash applications, and mobile.

  • Kevin Braithwaite is a co-founder and Managing Director at DAMN Digital Studio, LLC. As an electrical engineer, focused on the transfer of information via electronics, Kevin has worked as a trainer and IT specialist. His clients have included everyday individuals in need of IT assistance to Darden Restaurants, Corporation. He is constantly connected to his phone, which is never out of date. He surfs app markets for fun and lectures his team members weekly on being digital.

Why did you start your company?

  • Danii and Kevin launched their company because they realized there was a growing need by large corporations for digital work, especially within print companies that were trying to move into the digital market. The agency’s core service is to assist other agencies with their digital product needs by executing the project or providing deadline assistance to their team.
DAMN Digital Studio, LLC

Kevin Braithwaite

Why would someone use your company’s services?

  • DAMN Digital is the answer for companies that want to be more digital, but are late adaptors and may need consulting to help make their vision come to life with the newest technologies available. We also assist companies stuck on a tight deadline to get their product out to the client. We have excelled at application, kiosk and display design development, testing, and deployment. DAMN Digital sees to it that its clients look good for their clients. DAMN Digital’s services are available to all agencies and creative houses as a vendor or interactive agency of record to brand and product managers and Chief Marketing Officers.

Do you offer any free services, such as a free consultation?

  • We do not offer free services. Our knowledge and experience is our expertise. We do provide consultations at a nominal fee. If a company decides to use our services, that consultation fee will be issued as a credit towards their retainer or project fee.

How was your company financed?

  • DAMN Digital was financed by personal savings of co-founders Danii and Kevin and with money from contract work with larger companies.

Do you use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? If so, please provide the URL of each, including your personal accounts?

Do you have a YouTube video URL that you can share, and allow us to publish with your story?

Does your company blog regularly? If so, please provide the URL.

In addition to your regular staff, we’ve learned that your company also offers coworking space for freelancers and other entrepreneurs. Can you share more information about Cowork in Dumbo?

  • Coworking in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New YorkCity’s Digital District, is an amazing experience! We now have relationships with large and small firms as well as freelancers. Dumbo is an extremely close-knit community. After a week working in our coworking space, the entire DAMN Digital team will know your name. Our team is also encouraging and is open to helping and offering suggestions that will help others grow their business. We’ve even hired a company that coworked with us to help us with our communications strategy. The space is also available for business meetings, dedicated shared office space, and events that include, but are not limited to meetups, skillshare trainings, pot-lucks, corporate events, non-profit events, networking events, gallery showings, and more. We offer discounts to Meetup and Skillshare groups. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and those interested in hosting events can find out more about the agency’s coworking space at

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

  • The best advice we received was the advice to not launch our business. We sought advice about growing our business from a government funded business center for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the counselor responsible for assisting DAMN Digital told us we should close up shop. We refused to take the counselor’s suggestion as our truth. We knew our digital and interactive advertising agency would be successful.

What was the biggest transition you had to make by becoming a business owner?

  • The biggest transition we had to make was to always take ownership for everything that is done within the company. Business owners have to be able to wear as many hats as they know how and learn to wear even more hats as needed.

Is there anything that would make your business more successful?

  • Like any business, additional press coverage allowing potential clients to learn about our business would be ideal. Additionally, securing productions for events and a solid professional sales associate or business develop associate would make our business even more successful.

What’s the long-term goal for your company? Would you want to be acquired by a bigger company, run it yourself or sell in a couple of years?

  • The long-term goal for the agency includes building our reputation to the point that potential clients are seeking us out to complete projects. There is an interest in being acquired by a bigger company, but we desire to have the capability to continue to run DAMN Digital as though it’s an independent advertising agency.

How long do you think it will take you to get to your projected annual revenue?

  • It would take us approximately one year, which equals to two or three additional contracts, to meet our projected annual revenue.

Where do you see your company in the next three to five years?

In the next three to five years, DAMN Digital will be taking immersive displays to another level by creating fully immersive virtual reality arenas. We see the company working for movie and video game promotional events like Comic Con. Our goals also include creating immersive and virtual reality displays and presentations for upcoming toys, games and comic book, and movies. We also want they agency’s work to immerse fans into a simulation that would be resemble them turning into a transformer or sitting behind the wheel of a transformer. DAMN Digital will allow fans to walk through their favorite video games and immersive children books in great detail with the goal of exciting all of their senses. Additionally, we plan to build products that grow out of virtual reality goggles and augmented reality camera displays and into what we call ultra screen projections much like a holodeck, a simulated reality facility. Our designs will make games, books, movies, and presentations experiences interactive allowing users to interact not only with the display, but along with people from around the world.

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