TinderBox Aims To Change The Way to Create, Manage, & Track Sales Proposals

TinderBox Aims To Change The Way to Create, Manage, & Track Sales Proposals





What is the name of your business and URL?


A brief synopsis of the website / application (explain it to a 5 year old)?

TinderBox is a web-based application that makes it easy for individuals and teams to create, manage, deliver, and track interactive proposals and business communications.

TinderBox Aims To Change The Way to Create, Manage, & Track Sales ProposalsCreating proposals can be a time consuming and tedious process. You can spend hours writing, editing, and formatting proposals and then go through another round of editing and checking for accuracy prior to sending it to the prospect. Once a proposal is sent to a potential client, it disappears into a black hole and it can be days, weeks, or even longer, before you have any idea if it was received, read, or approved.

TinderBox makes the proposal process painless. TinderBox allows you to manage all aspects of proposal creation including: writing, formatting, management, approvals, and tracking all from within one simple interface. With TinderBox you no longer have to stare at a blinking cursor wondering if you are using the latest content, or struggle with formatting documents in an attempt to maintain accuracy and consistency. TinderBox ensures that you are always working with the most accurate, consistent, and up-to-date proposal content.

Best of all, TinderBox actually provides visibility into how your prospects are interacting with your proposals. TinderBox provides tracking data for every proposal you send out. You will know when your prospect viewed the proposal, what sections they viewed, and how long they spent reviewing it.

TinderBox improves the quality of your proposals and provides visibility into how your proposals perform.

Why did you start this company?

TinderBox (www.gettinderbox.com) was founded by 3 experienced entrepreneurs trying to solve thelast milechallenge of sales and marketing. Digital has impacted almost every aspect of the sales / marketing continuum, e.g. salesforce, Go2Meeting, ExactTarget, etc. But the proposal, the final artifact a prospect interacts with prior to deciding to write a check, hasn’t really evolved since the advent ofprint to PDF”. We recognized that there was an opportunity to bring radical innovation to the sales proposal space. We knew that if we were struggling with the process of writing, managing, and tracking sales proposals – then other were likely struggling with the same issues. The response has been tremendous. The most typical feedback we get, after demoing the product, is disbelief that no one else had thought to solve these problems in a similar fashion. The best solutions always look obvious in hindsight and that was how we knew that we had really solved a big problem in a smart way.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

We boot strapped TinderBox through product development and secured several customers prior to raising additional funds. We made a decision early on that we would not raise any funding from our friends or the investment community, until we had satisfied the burden of proof – specifically, that the market was willing (and even eager) to pay for such a solution. Since then, we’ve raised two rounds of angel funding from investors, including: Halo Capital Group, Gravity Ventures, and several Indy-based angels.

A short bio of your company:

TinderBox was founded by Dustin Sapp (http://www.linkedin.com/in/dustinsapp), Mike Fitzgerald (http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikesfitzgerald), and Kristian Andersen (http://www.kristian.vc) in late 2009. The team had identified a shared pain around the sales proposals and set out to create a web-based solution to the problem. Within 90 days the team had built a MVP and had secured their first customer. Things began to move pretty quickly from there. The team ultimately raised two separate rounds of funding, began to hire staff, moved into a new office, and began focusing on building out an enterprise product. Since it’s founding, TinderBox has continued to grow rapidly. TinderBox is now integrated with leading CRM tools, such as Salesforce.com and continues to serve customers of all sizes.

TinderBox Aims To Change The Way to Create, Manage, & Track Sales ProposalsDo you offer free online or offline tools?

We do offer a free web-based trial of TinderBox. Your readers can visit the websitewww.gettinderbox.com for more details.

Are there different pricing levels?

Yes we offer two editions of TinderBoxa Team Edition and an Enterprise Edition. The Team Edition starts at $90.00 month and the Enterprise Edition starts at $250.00 per month. You can find out more here: http://gettinderbox.com/plans-pricing/

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?


Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or ? Provide exact URL of each




Video Link(s):

The TinderBox overview: http://vimeo.com/26187109

The TinderBox launch party: http://vimeo.com/15567564

How long have you been in business?

We launched the first generation of our product in early 2010. So we’ve been working on building this business for a little over two years.

How do you see your company in the next 2-5 years (more products or services?)

We are confident that TinderBox is changing the way people sell. This is a big market and there a plenty of challenges to focus on. We fully expect to continue to be serving the sales and marketing community in the years to come. Today we are focused on helping business deliver, manage, and track critical sales and marketing documents. Ultimately however, our job is to make the lives of sales and marketing professionals easier and productiveso in the future that will continue to be our focus.

How many employees do you currently have working with you and/or freelance contractors?

TinderBox currently employees four full time staff people, as well as a number of contractors. We are growing rapidly however, and we are adding support, marketing, and implementation specialists as we speak.

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