One Application Supports All Payment Processes

Like any payment gateway, gotoBilling facilitates the movement of money via credit card transactions and ACH (eCheck) transactions. However, this gateway is enhanced with all of the capability that a small business needs to manage billing and payment activity, and much more. Merchants pay only for the gateway; the rest is included.

Multiple systems and multiple providers are no longer needed to meet merchantsvarious payment processing needs. Whether a merchant wants to swipe cards, use a virtual terminal, receive payments through their website, use electronic invoicing, receive electronic payments, process payments through their mobile phone, take credit card payments or ACH payments, use multiple processing accounts, or manage recurring transactions, gotoBilling handles it all. Because gotoBilling is connected to all credit card processing platforms and most ACH processing platforms in the U.S. merchants can utilize their existing processing account(s), or establish accounts with the processor(s) of their choice, and use gotoBilling.

The gotoBilling web-based software application was developed to fill a hole in the payment industry. GotoBilling’s founder, Steve Roderick, served as an ISO in this industry for over ten years. He was frustrated with the need to provide different products to meet the varying needs of his merchants. He had to work with several different vendors, learn multiple systems, teach multiple systems to his merchants, and deal with a number of different support systems and teams, often to meet the needs of one merchant. He wanted a solution that was all inclusive and more efficient for his merchants. Since this one, all-inclusive solution did not exist, he created it.

Several things set gotoBilling apart from other payment gateways. GotoBilling includes more functionality than any other payment gateway on the market. The enhancements are included as value added, unlike with other gateways who charge ala carte for each added function that they offer. Also, gotoBilling’s user interface is exceptionally user friendly. The extensive functionality combined with ease of use results in tremendous customer loyalty. History has proven that users simply will not leave this gateway for another. GotoBillling also offers unique processing versatility, connecting to all credit card platforms and most ACH platforms in the U.S. and providing NACHA-formatted files to any ACH participating bank in the U.S. One application connects to all processing platforms and supports all types of electronic transactions. In addition, gotoBilling is setting the gold standard for customer support in the payment industry. Unlike most payment software applications, support for gotoBilling is provided directly by the gotoBilling team, including the people who developed and maintain the application, who are located in Montana USA. The support personnel are intimately familiar with the application and have a vested interest in customer satisfaction.

Using gotoBilling, business owners and entrepreneurs can run all aspects of their business related accounts receivable and payable through one application from any place where they have an Internet connection. No purchase of software or software upgrades is necessary. The mobility and efficiency of this application are great benefits to the mobile worker, people who work in a virtual office, field personnel, and the cost-conscious business owner. The usability of the application is enhanced with an extensive series of video tutorials, a full array of APIs and development tools, free development support and assistance, ongoing training, and unlimited customer support.

GotoBilling keeps pricing simple, straightforward, and highly competitive. The extensive functionality enhancements are included with the competitive payment gateway pricing, not tacked on for additional cost as is typical with other payment gateways. No term commitments or volume minimums are required to obtain the best pricing from gotoBilling. All of gotoBilling’s partners and merchants receive the benefit of gotoBilling’s best deal.

The gotoBilling enhanced payment gateway application was released in 2005 by owners who have worked in the payment industry for nearly 20 years. The company, which is headquartered in Montana, employs a team of nine dedicated professionals who are committed to providing the most user-friendly, highly capable, and strongly supported payment gateway in the industry. Their goal is for gotoBilling to be in the middle of every electronic payment transaction that occurs in the United States. This goal is central to the team’s efforts and client interactions, and is well served by their commitment to the highest quality of product and service.

GotoBilling partners with ISO and ISP resellers who provide the gateway application to merchants while working with their existing processor relationships. The reseller partners receive outstanding support and a generous revenue share, while having the opportunity to offer highly competitive pricing and exceptional support to their merchants. As a true partner, not a competitor, gotoBilling also promotes our resellers’ businesses through our extensive Internet and social marketing efforts.

You can follow what’s happening at gotoBilling at or connect with us through,,, and

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