Why Wait On Line, When You Can Print Online with Mimeo.com

Our company is Mimeo.com, the leading online printing and distribution company in the United States. The Mimeo.com website enables businesses to upload document files by 10PM EST, and have them printed, bound, folded and delivered to any location in the United States by 8:30AM the next morning. It’s printing from anywhere, to anywhere, whenever you need it. Whether you need a presentation, brochures, posters, proposals, workbooks, manuals or perfect bound books, Mimeo can do it for you quickly and accurately.

The company was started when our founders realized that local print retailers had many limitations including quality, limited store hours and limited capacity. The less time you have, the more unreliable the process becomes. Even print resources located within large companies have limitations such as a 5:00PM cut off time, and everyone is familiar with the low toner warning lights and paper jams. Complicated tasks are often time consuming such as collating multiple sections and the addition of tabs. Other types of documents such as posters always require an outside resource.

The idea behind Mimeo.com was to create a place on the Internet where a customer could upload any file, preview and save their work before printing. When ready to print, or re-order, a customer would simply go online and order. There are no minimum or maximum order quantities. So whether a business needs ten PowerPoint presentations , 3 RFP’s or 100 brochures, Mimeo can complete the order by the next morning. Files are securely transmitted in their digital form from any desktop program directly into our digital print platform.

We’ve a 12 year old private company and produce thousands of orders each day. Mimeo.com has the highest level of quality in the industry at 99.7% flawless, a statistic that includes delivery. Customers that frequently print can set up a corporate account, with discounts based on annual volume. Even our everyday pricing is competitive. Ground shipping is free for orders over $100 to each address.

Mimeo works with 60% of the Fortune 100 and over 9,000 businesses of every size. The company employs 460 people and is growing rapidly. We are constantly hiring at our offices and production centers in Memphis TN, Newark NJ and Hayward CA. Our New York office is also hiring sales personnel. Anyone interested in joining the company should visit http://www.mimeo.com/careers.

Mimeo is continually offering innovative new print solutions. Our newest, Mimeo Marketplace, enables businesses to set up their own online document storefront. The site can be completely customized for a customer’s brand identity and costs are only incurred when materials are ordered. Mimeo also maintains several warehouses that can kit items with materials ordered.

Companies frequently use Mimeo.com to supplement or replace existing print resources. Instead of staffing for maximum capacity, companies can meet their minimal requirements in-house, and use Mimeo.com on an as needed basis. As a virtual platform, Mimeo.com is also an ideal way to support mobile employees or as a substitute for hard to find hotel print centers.

We recommend that if entrepreneurs, business owners or freelancers want to produce premium quality materials that project the value they put into the documents they should give Mimeo.com a try. New customers will receive 50% off their first order up to $1,000 as a thank you for trying the service. Just visit Mimeo.com to sign up for a free account and to immediately start printing.

Our motto is prepare to be delighted. The Mimeo.com customer service team is standing by 24/7 to deliver on that promise.

Jeff Grill
VP, Marketing

URL: http://www.mimeo.com
Twitter: MimeoDocs

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