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All-in-One Digital Solution Pioneer, Gene Zell, Talks All About his Startup Company, Aptito, Inc., and its Software Solutions & Intuitive Smartphone Apps

All-in-One Digital Solution Pioneer, Gene Zell, Talks All About his Startup Company, Aptito, Inc., and its Software Solutions & Intuitive Smartphone AppsMeta: Gene Zell, CEO and founder of startup venture, Aptito, Inc., talks about digital menu software, iPad POS and some free apps that will revolutionize the hospitality industry.

Aptito, Inc., a startup software company, has recently released a suite of super intelligent smartphone apps that aim to revolutionize the hospitality industry forever. This NYC Company has quickly expanded from its startup tenure almost two years prior to hosting international locations which include:New York,Los Angeles,LondonandDubai. The software company is helping to pave the way for the ushering in of a new era of smartphone apps that enhance the interactivity, connectivity, social signals and reach of restaurants worldwide, making your next restaurant visit (or finding that restaurant), your next carryout or delivery order, or your next dining experience something that’s simply unforgettable. Gene Zell, founder and CEO of Aptito, set aside some time to answer some interesting questions about the Aptito moniker in a recent interview.

What is the name of your business and URL of your official website?

You can find us online at: We named it that as sort of a play on words, as in Bon appétit. Interestingly enough, we also are the makers of several premier apps, which by coincidence also serves our namesake.

Can you provide us with a brief synopsis of the smartphone app that you are pioneering?

If you dont mind me asking: How do you order food? How do you find new places to eat? How do you make reservations? How do you know what to order?

Like everyone else nowadays, I am sure you either order food from the seamless web or a restaurant flyer, or your friends recommend new restaurants to you, and for reservations you might use or make an actual phone call. And when you do order something, it’s probably something you tried once or twice before. Not everyone likes to risk ordering something new. I know I sure don’t.

What if you had just ONE Mobile App that could do everything that was just mentioned and a whole lot more?

One mobile app that did everything would be fabulous, can you explain how this would work?

Here is an example,

What if you opened the Aptito App on your mobile phone and were able to browse whatever you happened to be in the mood for, and see an actual IMAGE of those dishes instead of just clueless text descriptions?

What if you were able to place an order and have it delivered to your home or office with just one simple click?

What if you were able to locate new restaurant near you and have the visual ability to actually see the dishes that they serve—instead of reading the boring paper menus? With just one simple click… your reservation was booked.

All-in-One Digital Solution Pioneer, Gene Zell, Talks All About his Startup Company, Aptito, Inc., and its Software Solutions & Intuitive Smartphone AppsWhat if you were inside of restaurant, and instead of the boring paper menu, you were handed a visual and vivid, digital tablet where you were able to: view images of the actual dish, request waiter’s attention with one click, place an order on your tablet, or as some prefer, place an order with your waiter or request a check with one simple click; or pay directly through the tablet. Dont forget the rewards, because every meal that you order generates a cash back reward towards your next meal (from participating restaurants).

Well, no more what ifs… that’s what our smartphone apps do!

Aptito All-in-One Digital Solution offers a complete solution for the restaurant industry, where we can connect the consumer directly to the restaurant. Owners no longer have to use third-party software. With the cost effective solution that provides, owners can directly communicate with their customers and vice-versa.

What was the driving inspiration behind the inception of Aptito, Inc.?

Honestly, I just got sick and tired of the old-school and outdated system. I knew it could be better, more efficient and more informative. It was time for the next step.

What platforms are your smartphone apps and software compatible with?

They are compatible with both Apple & Android.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

Not really, this is my second startup. My first startup was a fairly successful exit, and I was fortunate enough to have an ability to invest my own money.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

There are few other small players that are involved, but Aptito simply stands out for one reason and one reason only: The Aptito All-in-One Digital Solution.

Whereas other companies simply offer one or two services, we offer the complete package.

Is this a free app or how much does it cost?

Our apps are free.

You can download them from the iTunes marketplace here:

Aptito iPad POS App:

Aptito Self Service Kiosk App:

Aptito iPad Menu App:

Aptito Communicator App (mobile POS):

Are there different pricing levels?

Yes, our packages start at $150 per month for unlimited licenses.

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?

Yes – You can visit Aptito’s official blog here:

What is your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profile URLS, can you provide the exact URL of each?

We have profiles on all of the aforementioned social media portals.




Do you have a video on YouTube that can help people better understand how your software works?

Yes, we have a video up that explains the entire solution and why it’s beneficial to both the business and the consumer.

All-in-One Digital Solution Pioneer, Gene Zell, Talks All About his Startup Company, Aptito, Inc., and its Software Solutions & Intuitive Smartphone AppsHow long have you been in business?

Since 1901 or so it seems… But legally, Aptito was born almost 2 years ago.

Can you tell us about the number of current users and your estimated yearly growth since the company was founded?

Aptito currently provides our services for more than 1,400 registered users worldwide. We gain around 10-15 new accounts each day. I guess owners and management companies slowly have begun to realize the future.

How do you see your company expanding in the next 2-5 years (any plans to add more products or services)?

We are somewhat in stealth mode in terms of future product and development. But rest assured that we will change the dining experience forever and for the better in the very near future.

How many employees do you currently have working with you and/or freelance contractors?

We currently have 14 full time employees, and we are hiring faster than in the dotcom era as we expand worldwide.

Are you looking to hire more people or contractors? If so, what positions and skills are you looking for?

Yes, we are always hiring. Anything from sales and business development executives to superstar developers. 401k, benefits, commission structure for sales and stock options as well as other lucrative benefits packages are being offered.

Does Aptito have Any Patents Pending?

Yes, we have a few pending patents (USA).

Is there anything that you can offer to us in closing?

In closing, we are thrilled to be at the forefront of the digital restaurant and hospitality revolution. We strongly feel that with our unique, intuitive, robust and feature-rich software solutions that entities will be able to connect with their consumers – and vice-versa – in ways that were previously unimaginable. The evolution of the hospitality industry has been long overdue. At Aptito, we’d like to be the protagonists in helping these industries earmark their Darwinism to the next generation; the digital generation.


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