WorkXpress Breaks Barriers to Make Customized Software Solutions Affordable

About WorkXpress (the platform):

WorkXpress ( makes custom software solutions easy, fast and affordable for small or midsized organizations, as well as departments in larger organizations. It does this by taking three traditionally difficult aspects of software and making them easy and flexible;

First, WorkXpress provides a development tool set that is entirely visual and point-and-click. This allows both trained and untrained individuals to rapidly produce quality, sophisticated custom software solutions to run their business. The tool set makes it easy to create databases, web forms and sophisticated business logic.



Second, WorkXpress provides a systems administration tool that makes cloud server management entirely visual and point-and-click. Both trained and untrained individuals can quickly create public and private cloud servers, install software, setup data backup routines and much more.

Finally, WorkXpress makes it easy to sell software applications, customization and support services, hosting and to refer to customers to WorkXpress, all in a highly profitable manner. WorkXpress allows anyone the ability to create what it calls “business models” and associate customers with those models. WorkXpress allows you to set your own pricing, to private label your offering, and it handles all of your automated customer billing needs.

WorkXpress has developed a following of fanatical customers, all of whom express an appreciation for the deep, sophisticated and flexible software they have to run their operations, and the affordable costs. In the words of one customer; “we never thought we could afford this level of software”.

WorkXpress allows organizations to start with a pre-built application such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and many others. Many of the applications are customizable.

WorkXpress has over 20,000 users worldwide.

About WorkXpress (The Company):

WorkXpress was started as an idea in early 2001 with the vision to make business software applications easy, fast and affordable. It formed as a company in early 2003 and focused its research and development on removing the need for highly technical and rigid programming code from the software development process.

WorkXpress was started on a shoestring budget, quickly using founder’s funds and any other early sources of capital while attempting to demonstrate the ability to execute the vision. They landed their first customers in 2004 and 2005, and also secured some economic development funding. This allowed them to hire their first employees, and continue to build towards their ambitious vision.

In 2006 with many customer experiences under their belt, WorkXpress began research and development on a second generation of their product that leveraged a range of new tools and capabilities which, a few years later, came to be known as “Cloud Computing”.

Today, WorkXpress enjoys a leadership position in the cloud computing space. It is the only Platform-as-a-Service which supports a completely code-free development and systems administration environment. WorkXpress is dedicated to making business software easy.

To this end, WorkXpress is currently in development on “project click”, which they tout as a user-interface overhaul that will radically simplify the software development process further, and make software tools more broadly accessible.

WorkXpress has enjoyed the attention of major industry analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC, was listed as a top 150 player in cloud computing and a top 50 SaaS company worldwide. It’s CEO, Treff LaPlante, was listed as one of the world’s 30 most influential virtualization bloggers.

WorkXpress in 5 Years:

WorkXpress is attempting to address what it sees as a broken $1.3 Trillion dollar annual global market for business software and services, particularly in the small and mid-sized business segment which accounts for approximately 40% of the market.

Currently, studies show that only one in three software projects are considered successful, with most projects either failing or taking twice the budget and twice the time frame to comlete.

Within five years, WorkXpress will have broken down this paradigm of software frustration and failure, and will make it common for even small businesses to automate their processes and to maximize their efficiency.

WorkXpress envisions a radical change ahead where all business are able to utilize software to generate significant increases in productivity and efficiency, and the resulting improvements will benefit world economies, salaries, and standards of living. WorkXpress is prepared to lead this change.

Using WorkXpress:

Getting started with WorkXpress is easy and in fact they offer $100 in cloud and application credit to give it a try.

If you are looking to build or deploy software applications to use in your business simply create your free WorkXpress account and then follow the on-screen options.

If you are looking to sell software or customization services, simply create your free WorkXpress account and in the “business” section create the business model that suits your needs. You can resell any application or cloud that is owned by your WorkXpress account. WorkXpress makes it easy to get in business and to offer real value to your customers.

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