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Date Started: 12/1/08

What is your product or service? is a virtual social networking media site that bridges the gap between employer and job Seeker. When an employer joins they will have the ability to communicate directly to a job seeker. Every member has an identity tag (employer, job seeker, networker, or slacker) associated with their profile picture which allow employers to identify which members are job seekers. This is also helpful for job seekers to know which member are employers. Jobslackersonline has an area where job seekers can post video resumes that allows employers to visually see a potential employee. This is a paperless feature that will give the employer the ability to send that job seeker a message and to also save that video in their video section of the website. During these tough economic times most employers don’t have the budget to advertise job openings as before and rely on employee referrals. To help provide a solution to this problem, Jobslackersonline allow employed members to post job openings they know of to give job seekers more employment options. Job seekers also have the ability to respond back to the member who posted the opening for more details about the position and the best way to apply. Lastly the job bulletin board offers a section called “Tip a Job seeker” that shows all the members that has their identity tag set to job seeker. In this section all members can help job seekers. If a member has a job lead they can send that information to all job seekers at one time to give them additional jobbing opportunities.

Shawn Sledge

Why did you start your company? I started this company to provide another alternative for aspiring entrepreneurs and especially for job seekers. I always found my next job through friends I knew. I thought this would be an excellent way for people to network socially online. I became frustrated with job boards because there was no one to communicate with if I had questions. And existing social media sites was never designed for job seekers so I was reluctant to advertise my need for a job to the world. So I said to myself, why not combine the two? This took a lot of risk and patience because no one has ever done anything like this before. I had no reference to go by so I constantly had to think outside the box. With my artistic background Jobslackersonline is turning out to be everything I expected and more.

How was it financed? After I was laid off during the Holiday season of ’08 I was fortunate enough to find employment through a friend I knew. I then landed a better paying job that offered unlimited overtime. The offering of unlimited overtime was unusual during the recession so I knew this was my only opportunity to at get my startup off the ground. My 40 hours per week quickly turned to 60 hours per week.

Date officially launched? I launched on my birthday of 4/24/10. I gave this gift to myself to celebrate the hard work and sacrifice I put into this startup.

What was the best advice you never got? The best advice I never got was that you will get tested on how much you believe in your startup. My test was that I thought I would have the support of friends and family during the building process and after launch but I found myself alone. Most startups die at this very moment but I made my startup part of my life. By doing this I was able to take my time and not rush anything. This was also helpful because by me being on a shoestring budget and funding this myself, I can’t afford to make too many mistakes. I was able to open up doors I never thought was there because I believe in my startup 1000%.

What would make your business more “Successful”? Funding from an Angel Investors or Venture Capitalist and more exposure from media such as “Shoestring Startups” will make more successful. I do understand that funding may not come until I can build steady traffic. Due to a small budget I’m looking for every free outlet I can find. Advertising on other social media sites is a start but it’s also work in itself. From my experience it hasn’t worked a great deal because it comes off as spam and plus I ran into a high volume of fake accounts. So I use other social media sites to connect with individuals that may be interested in helping take my startup to another level.

Would you want to be acquired by a bigger company, run it yourself or sell in a couple of years? I would consider being acquired by a bigger company only if we have the same vision and overall goal. I created a virtual platform from scratch that I feel won’t be a fad. If acquired by a bigger company they will have to not only be about making money, but also making a difference in people lives. Building up the company and selling it has always been the original plan. I try to maintain this type of thinking because I don’t want to grow too attached to this startup. I feel if I allow this to happen it may hinder me from making critical decisions.

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