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Free Electronic Signature from Anywhere

Free Electronic Signature from AnywhereSignNow ( is an electronic signature application that is completely free, and it’s available on iOS ( and Android ( With SignNow, you can sign documents from anywhere.

With one click, easily import documents from email, Dropbox, your phone, or just take a picture. Then, you add your signature with multiple pen color choices and text to the document. We save your signature to your profile so you can keep using the same signature, or sign, draw, type, or upload another. After signing the document, you can open it, send it out for multiple signatures, or email a copy. With our SignNow mobile signature application, we want to transform signing documents online into an enjoyable process. What is easier than taking a picture of any document through our app, signing it on the spot, and sending it to whomever?

We believe anybody can take advantage of SignNow. Whether you are signing documents for your new home or are inviting clients to execute the consultant agreement you have been working on for months, our product lends itself to seemingly every situation.Think about this: how about stumbling across the fortunate circumstance of meeting your favorite athlete or movie star, taking a picture with them, and having them digitally sign it on the spot? That would be pretty amazing!

For the nearly 200,000 businesses using our application, we continuously improve upon the user experience for more robust needssuch as having multiple signers for different documents and then tracking which documents still need to be signed by yourself or others. These features are very important to conduct business efficiently, and more and more companies are using SignNoweveryday.

Free Electronic Signature from AnywhereExecuting electronic signatures with our application is completely legal and secure. Just like document sharing in Dropbox, with SignNow, you can organize, track, save, and share your signed documents from any device. This comes in handing when you are in a meeting, on the subway, or even on vacation, and you only have access to your smart phone. We also back up all files on our secured database to protect your documents and make sure you can access them at any future date. Printing, faxing, and scanning documents can be such a hassle, plus it’s so easy to lose these very important documents. We believe we’ve solved these issues almost entirely with our application.

If you somehow couldn’t tell by the title, our entire signing application is completely free. On July 1, we launched our online notarization product called NotaryNow (, which works seamlessly with SignNow. This allows you to notarize documents from a computer anywhere via webcam for only $14.95 per notarization. Plus, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

No scheduling. No driving.Just upload a document, verify your identity, speak with a live notary to complete the process, and you’re done. Then, you can download, email, or print your document from your member home page. The entire online notarization process can be done from your home or office in just minutes.

Free Electronic Signature from AnywhereOur team has more than doubled in the past year as we now focus on our online notary product, along with our web, iPhone, iPad, and Android signature application. We are going to continue full steam ahead on the signing product, while spending a great deal of time on the notary product as well. We believe we have the opportunity to transform an industry for the better. Some people’s jobs require them to notarize several times a day and some people only need to notarize a documents once every several years, but nearly everybody has needed to notarize something at some point in their life, and it’s often not the easiest of tasks.

With NotaryNow, we have alleviated nearly all issues. It doesn’t matter if you are serving overseas or don’t have a car or live across the street from a notary office, you can log online and complete the process in minutes and have a digital copy instantaneously for you to share with whomever. Not only are you saving time by eliminating the headache of scheduling a live notary to meet you somewhere or for you to go to their office, but you are saving money by not driving anywhere. Also, as the saying goes, time is money!

To conclude, I’d like to mention a couple products that we are huge fans of as well. As you could probably guess, seeing as I mentioned them multiple times already, we use Dropbox a lot within our company. We really enjoy their simple, straightforward approach throughout their product and the ease of use. Making communication easier is extremely valuable and sharing documents and files is very important for business. We are also fans of Google Apps. Again, it’s very easy to use, simple at its core, but offers so much value. It allows us to live in the cloud, not have to print anything, manage most of our business needs, such as emails, calendars, and document creation.

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