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First Cleats On A Shoestring

First Cleats On A Shoestring WOW, talk about a shoe string! My daughter and I started “First Cleats” one year ago. Neither of us had any extra money so we went to a friend of hers (actually her son’s father). We asked for 200,000 but with no collateral he would only give us $120,000 which was the amount of my portion of inheritance from my 99 year old mother’s estate. With that we were able to get our product designed, our design paten and name trademarked and 15,000 pairs of “First Cleats” delivered to us in April 2011. We are currently in over sixty infant and soccer stores and also Nordstrom. We should be on Amazon by December.

My mother passed away in August and her estate settled in October. The amount to me from it was $111,380.43 which I received on November 1st and immediately endorsed over to my grandson’s father. We still owe the remainder but are currently working with the Seattle Community Commerce Development organization in order to get funding to continue to build our “First Cleats” into a globally recognized entity.

Our “First Cleats” are taking our sport loving nation by storm! Simply “THE” best gift a sport loving fan can give to newborn or sport fans of any age. Many are buying them to hang from their rear view mirrors!

“First Cleats” product launched mid-March 2011. We are currently in over 60 infant/soccer stores and Nordstrom Stores. We have Trade Marked our name and have a patent on the shoe design.

Our Social Media tools are Facebook, twitter,!/firstcleats and you tube,


Another cute video is on our web under “Press” or .

We are an LLC with two partners, my daughter and me. We have no employees but we do have two independent contractors.

First Cleats On A ShoestringThe best advice we received was to be sure and inspect our merchandise before final shipping from China. It was crucial that we made the trip over to the factory and word by word both in Chinese and English did a contract that stipulated every single part of our “First Cleat” design. Our product arrived in flawless condition because of that.

What almost killed our business at the start was that we were not able to raise the projected amount of money we needed at the very beginning so we have been slower in sales development due to lack of money to promote our “First Cleats” on a national level.

We are currently in the final stages of new financing that will allow us to aggressively build “First Cleat” on both a national and worldwide level.

We also have designed a smaller “First Cleats” that will be a promotional item for both professional teams and corporate entities. Currently are finalizing the “samples” for this new division of “First Cleats”.

And the rest of the story:

“First Cleats” are the world’s first and only soft and safe, sporty newborn baby cleats. They are designed after big kids Soccer, Baseball, Football, Golf, and Lacrosse cleats. Our “First Cleats” make every baby a MVB, Most Valuable Baby. Our web is .

“First Cleats” is headquartered at 5400 Carillon Point in Kirkland, Washington. We are a daughter/ mother team, my daughter, Karrie is the President and I am the Vice President which is a reversal from prior years when I was the CEO/President of Satellite Travel Systems and she was the Manager of my Leisure/Group Travel Division and Director and Star of our “Just Go Travel Show”.

My grandchildren, her children are Cody, age 14 who plays for the Bellevue High School Football Team , (Kicker on the Varsity Squad) and plays Soccer for Crossfire U15 A Team. Gracie is 10 and plays for Eastside FC Girls U10 A Soccer Team. Dallas is 6 and is a budding soccer, baseball and flag football player.

The idea for First Cleats was born in early 2010 as my daughter and I spent way too many hours driving to/ from and watching sometimes in the bitter cold and pouring rain all of the above sporting activities. With the help and inspiration of a close friend the concept came to life. Our first shipment of “First Cleats” arrived in late March 2011 and are selling all over the nation

First Cleats On A Shoestring Our “First Cleats” are just that. Meant for pre-walking little kickers and golfers, 0 to 6 months is the only size they come in. They make a fun sporty gift for all to give a MVB, Most Valuable Baby. “First Cleats are soft safe infant crib shoes designed after big kids’ Soccer, Football, Baseball, Golf and Lacrosse cleats.

We are finding that not only do infant boutiques like to sell them but also Soccer shops, Sports Shops, and Nordstrom. They bring a whole new dimension to the otherwise pretty bland newborn merchandise marketplace. “First Cleat” put a smile on everybody’s face that sees them!

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