ScheduleAnywhere Online Employee Scheduling Software Helps Small Business Owners and Managers Create Shift Schedules, Avoid Unnecessary Overtime Costs, and Increase Communication.

Small business owners and managers know what an important and time-consuming task staff scheduling can be. Scheduling the right number and mix of employees at the right time and place is important because understaffing can result in poor customer service, high employee turnover, and unnecessary overtime; and overstaffing will result in higher payroll costs. Most small business owners and managers spend hours creating a new work schedule every week, trying to balance the needs of the business with needs and availability of their employees. . If they‘re using a manual method of creating shift schedules, such as paper and pencil or spreadsheets, this process takes even longer.

ScheduleAnywhere is the easy-to-use and affordable web-based employee scheduling software from Atlas Business Solutions. It takes the place of paper and pencil or spreadsheets. ScheduleAnywhere doesn’t require a lot of time to implement or effort to make a schedule. All a user has to do is define their different shifts and enter their employees. They don’t even have to install software since it is web-based. Staffing requirements can be set by department, position, or shift to allow managers to easily see if they have too many or too few employees scheduled each shift. This helps control payroll costs and avoid unnecessary overtime. Filters can be used to display a list of employees that can be scheduled based on employee attributes, such as special skills, training, or certifications. With ScheduleAnywhere, schedulers can copy schedule rotations or patterns into the future, so they don’t have to start from scratch like you would with manual scheduling methods.

Communication of work schedules is streamlined using ScheduleAnywhere because employees can log in to request time off and view their work schedules. It’s easy to view a schedule using different scheduling periods like a 7-day view, 14-day view, 28-day view, or 42-day view. Schedules can also be viewed by location, department, or position. For businesses that have more than one manager creating schedules, ScheduleAnywhere will post messages for other managers that will show up the next time they log in.

ScheduleAnywhere was released in 2004. Atlas Business Solutions has a 20-year history of developing employee scheduling software. ScheduleAnywhere has over 300 clients, including many small businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, and non-profit agencies. They find that ScheduleAnywhere helps them to manage and see staff schedules in real-time. Businesses that use ScheduleAnywhere often say they benefit from this web-based shift scheduler by being able to quickly toggle between schedule details or big-picture views, ensuring they have the right number of staff scheduled each shift, controlling overtime costs, tracking employee skills, training, or certifications, and creating flexible views of their schedules. ScheduleAnywhere starts at $25.00 per month and is priced per employee. A free 30-day trial of ScheduleAnywhere is available to allow businesses to try it before buying it. More information about ScheduleAnywhere and the 30-day trial can be found at

Future plans for ScheduleAnywhere include new self-service options, in addition to the current ability for employees to log in to request time-off and see personal schedules. Other planned new features include the option to release a shift an employee doesn’t want or can’t work, so other employees can view open shifts online and request to work shifts. To stay informed of the latest developments from Atlas Business Solutions, including ScheduleAnywhere, follow them on Twitter (AtlasBusSol) or on their blog at

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