Docebo Cloud E-Learning platform: an accessible LMS for Small Business and Start-Ups

Docebo Cloud E-Learning platform: an accessible LMS for Small Business and Start-UpsDocebo ( is an IT company specialized in providing E-Learning solutions to organizations of any size. It is sometimes tough to explain in simple words what E-Learning is: basically you can imagine a student or a worker. They need training, but the traditional classroom training can be really expensive and time consuming (just think about travel expenses). By adopting E-Learning, people can deliver and receive training anytime and anywhere, as long as they have a PC connected to the Internet or a Smartphone/Tablet.

Docebo is committed to provide its E-Learning platform, also known as Learning Management System. You can consider the LMS as an “empty box”: in other words, it is the “software tool” that allows users and teachers to interact and bring E-Learning to life. Moreover, we can say that Docebo E-Learning platform is not so “empty”, as it comes with a library of courses already included: are you training your staff on Health & Safety, Soft Skills or maybe Project Management or IT Security? You got them all inside Docebo!

Docebo was founded in 2005, and since then its Learning Management System has been selected and used by more than 6.200 organizations worldwide. Even if there are lots of great competitors in the E-Learning market, Docebo has some unique features specifically designed on SMBs’ training needs.

First of all, the software is definitely “easy-to-use”, as many Small Business owners don’t have a dedicated IT department, but they need to deliver training as well as bigger and more “structured” Enterprises. The aim is to open the E-Learning world and advantages to everybody, regardless of their technical skills.

Thanks to the “SaaS” approach, everyone is able to set-up his own LMS without wasting time with servers, bandwidth, hosting and stuff like these. You don’t even have to download or install anything on your PC, as Docebo can be installed “on the Cloud” and accessed directly via browser (being Cross-platform and multi-browser compliant, no plug-ins are required).

Forget also about sales process: you don’t have to request a quote! Everything you have to do is to click & choose your subscription plan, with a user-friendly 3-steps activation.

Docebo Cloud E-Learning platform: an accessible LMS for Small Business and Start-UpsSmall business owners, entrepreneurs and freelance trainers can have an in-depth preview of Docebo E-Learning platform at no cost, as a free edition is provided on Docebo’s website: it never expires, and you can train up to 5 students/workers. More users can be purchased at any time, according to trainers’ needs (slots of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1.000 users are available). The subscription plan can be changed monthly, so you have to spend exactly for what you need, step by step.

After the log-in you can upload your training materials (like PDF, videos, HTML files or whatever) and “translate” them into online courses, thanks to the embedded E-Learning authoring tool. You can also create tests and polls for your users, and then track their activities with advanced reports. Finally, Docebo allows you to print certificates of attendance.

Don’t you have any course? You can use the free library already included! Inside the Docebo E-Learning platform you can find courses of any kind (business english, safety on the workplace, project management, etc..). They’re professionally made, and let SMBs deliver training without having to create their own courses: this is how, as a business owner, you can dramatically reduce your training time and costs. More courses are progressively available on Docebo’s Marketplace, for free or subscription-based.

The “customization” is another hot Docebo feature, as Small Business owners are able to customize their own E-Learning platform in a few clicks. They can change colours, template, log-in screens and also work on the features: the LMS is actually designed to connect with SalesForce and other third parties software.

Do you need to train your staff during travels? Docebo is a Mobile-ready E-Learning platform, so you can use it on smartphones or tablets, delivering training anytime, anywhere.

From the “social learning” point of view, Docebo offers a set of tools already integrated into the platform such as a Wiki, an internal Forum, Chat and Newsletter system. This is how administrators and trainers can stay in touch with students and workers, sending them updates and news about courses and training (also through SMS).

The Docebo E-Learning platform also supports the Single Sign-On with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. If you have a Google account you can use it as well, since there is a specific version of Docebo integrated with Google Apps for Business.

The Docebo E-Learning platform is already available in more than 25 languages, and a worldwide partner network is able to support customers with help desk services and pre/post-sales support.

Docebo currently has more than 6.200 active installations of its “SaaS” E-Learning platform, and more than 130 Large Companies as Enterprise customers in different markets like Bank, Insurance, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Retail, Industry and Government.

With an annual growth of 30%, the company is strongly focused on new technologies and trendsnot only related to Cloud and SaaS, but also aimed to integrate its LMS with a features-rich E-Learning Marketplace, where companies and freelance can buy (or sell) courses and plug-ins to improve their training experience.

Docebo recently raised about $3 Million in Venture Capital to expand and boost its business all over the world, improving its E-Learning platform and building a strong partner-network.

Docebo is a really “social” company: aside of its E-Learning Blog (where you can find whitepapers, tips about LMS usage, updates about platform improvements and new releases) Docebo can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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