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Make $100,000 a Year in Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business

Make $100,000 a Year in Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business

Kristin Morrison

Author Bio: Kristin Morrison is the founder of the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™ and the owner of a large pet sitting and dog walking company. She is also a business coach for pet sitters and dog walkers. Kristin has created a six-figure pet sitting business while working three to four days a week. She enjoys coaching other pet business owners on the fine art of creating a successful pet sitting business while maintaining a fun and meaningful personal life.

Book synopsis / key points in book: Create the foundation to build a six-figure pet sitting business, remove the blocks to let financial abundance in, advertise and sell to generate results, create the one-hour business plan, set goals to achieve pet sitting business success.

Why did you write this book? To give pet sitting and dog walking business owners the road map to pet sitting and dog walking business success!

Why should readers buy your book? Because it is a culmination of my business mistakes and successes and the information gleaned from my hundreds of coaching client’s sessions—all rolled in to one book! Readers will gain powerful knowledge to create success in their own pet sitting and dog walking businesses. You won’t be disappointed!

Do you have a blog and what is the link if so?

Yes, I do have a blog.

The link is:

In my blog I discuss the keys to pet sitting and dog walking success, provide tips and tools for powerful business ownership and highlight the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™ upcoming classes and workshops for pet sitters and dog walkers.

Do you do speaking events? What do you talk about?

I do speaking events and my next upcoming event will be for the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) in Las Vegas. I will be speaking on goal setting and how to set goals that achieve results. I’m excited about attending the NAPPS conference as I have provided business coaching for many of the their members but have never met any of them in person! It will be fun to connect face-to-face with some of my dear coaching clients that I’ve worked with for years on the phone.

I also provide webinars and teleclasses for pet sitters and dog walkers via the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™ as well as for various pet sitter networking groups across the country. I love working with groups of pet sitters on one call. It’s fun for them and for me.

Are you on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin? Yes, here are my links:




How many people do you currently have working for you?

I have 35 staff members (pet sitters, dog walkers, overnight pet sitters) and 2 main managers who help me manage my pet sitting business.
Video to highlight your company?

Here is a recent video review I received for my book Six-Figure Pet Sitting on You Tube:


What was the biggest transition you had to make:Moving from pet sitter to business owner. I had to learn how to work on my company instead of always in my company. This was a turning point for me and though initially challenging, it results in more profit and more freedom, both things that have really increased my quality of life!

Make $100,000 a Year in Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking BusinessWhat is the one thing you did right: deep listening to my clients (both business coaching and pet sitting clients) about what kinds of products and services they needed from me in order to help us help them. And then implementing those needs into actual services and/or products.

The second thing I did right was I’ve always been willing to run my pet sitting and dog walking business in an out-of-the-box way, in a way that people say often, “I can’t believe you’ve created a business that gives you both time and money.”

As a result I travel many months each year and when I am in America I work 3-4 days a week and have plenty of time for the things I enjoy that aren’t work related: hiking, biking, spending time with friends, watching movies, reading, etc. I deeply love my work and I also really value my non-work time and I’ve been able to create plenty of time for both of my loves.

What books have you read that you would recommend to others? Many, many books have helped me become an effective business owner. Here are just a few: Secrets of Six-Figure Women (I recommend this to both my female and male clients), Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest, Attracting Perfect Customers, Think and Grow Rich.

Where is your book, Six-Figure Pet Sitting, available for purchase?

Six-Figure Pet Sitting is available in eBook format on the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™ website:

And Six-Figure Pet Sitting is available in printed format (for old-fashioned people like me who still love to hold books!) on Amazon:

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