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In the Loop with Ion Bracelets

In the Loop with Ion BraceletsWhat’s IonLoop?

IonLoop is a magnet and negative ion bracelet manufacturer and retailer founded by Melissa and Bob Gotfredson in the summer of 2009. Each IonLoop magnet + negative ion bracelet differentiates itself from the competition due to the quality of the parts used to build the bracelet. The result is optimized delivery of negative ion and magnetic benefits to users.

How was IonLoop Created?

Ionloop was first conceptualized by the Gotfredson’s in the beginning of 2009 when Bob was unexpectedly separated from a competing company with Japanese ownership he had co-founded. The entrepreneurial duo knew they had what it takes to make a new venture take-off. Bob had over 20 years of experience in the golf industry, and had been involved in a number of successful startups. Melissa owns two other successful businesses, a women’s hat company and a thriving theater design business.

In addition to their combined experiences and their undying entrepreneurial spirit, they knew that they could make a better product at a better price. The venture was funded with a small inheritance Melissa had received a few months earlier which allowed them to get started.

High Technology Comes in the Picture

The first step was to hire an engineer to help create the high-technology magnet + negative ion bracelet envisioned by the Gotfredson’s. High-quality materials were the prime concern. While other magnetic bracelets in the market use ferrite magnets, which are also used as average refrigerator magnets, IonLoop ion bracelets are made with Neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are rare earth magnets that produce higher levels of magnetic power. That’s a good thing!

IonLoop ion bracelets offer more than just the natural benefits of magnets to users; it also offers the benefits of negative ions. Negative ions counteract the harmful effects of positive ions that are all around us. IonLoop uses a proprietary process called Ion Regeneration Technology™ (IRT) through which a powerful negative ion producing mineral called tourmaline is infused into each Ionloop silicone band.

Everyone may be affected by positive ions as activities ranging from competing under the energy-draining UV rays of the sun, to sitting in front of computer monitors daily expose us all to fatigue producing positive ions.

The ion bracelets were first made available to the public at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in January of 2010, when Bob and Melissa started gauging people’s interest in this fantastic product. Shortly after, business started pouring in and custom bracelet orders from established companies such as…adidas, Polo, and Pinehurst Resorts all helped to brand the Ionloop name early.

How the Business is Evolving

Today, IonLoop’s custom bracelet business continues to thrive and the company’s website has provided exponential growth in sales of Ionloop branded bracelets. This is a huge victory for Bob, Melissa, and the IonLoop Team as they have invested a lot of time into creating a website that was modern, visually appealing and that communicated to viewers all the reasons why IonLoop magnet + negative ion bracelets are the best choice.

IonLoop magnet + negative ion bracelets are now offered in 12 fashionable colors and there are no plans to stop there as ideas keep pouring into our R&D Department, also known as Bob’s office. This is where the team meets regularly to talk about new ideas and find ways to continue to offer their loyal customers the unique products that they have become known for.

As a result of the team’s efforts, IonLoop has recently launched a new collection called “Flags of the World” which features 24 country flag bracelets with all the benefits of negative ions and magnets. With upcoming international sporting events like the Olympics and Euro Cup 2012, these bracelets are becoming a huge hit!

In the Loop with Ion BraceletsTools for Success

As many startups across the country, IonLoop uses every resource possible to better serve its customers. Google Analytics helps them understand customers that visit and to help people that don’t yet know about IonLoop ion bracelets to find them through search engine optimization.

Of course, social media is a huge asset when it comes to communicating with potential and current customers. Our Facebook Page has information about negative ion technology, the benefits of magnetic therapy, videos, product images, and more! IonLoop found that lots of its customers simply post questions on their Wall and they, of course, ensure they get prompt responses. The “Likes” count continues to rise as more and more people have access to the news and updates posted on a regular basis.

In addition to using Twitter as a way to spread the word about new products and special promotions, Ionloop has created a YouTube Channel as video production has just started in house. It can be a challenge but the richness of information contained in video format is invaluable to today’s consumers. For this reason, the IonLoop team has created a couple of videos with information about IonLoop magnets + negative ion bracelets and also an endorsement video with the testimonial of Tim Cusick, a renowned golf expert:


And there’s more to come!

The IonLoop Team

IonLoop was lucky to find professionals that appreciate the excitement of working for a booming business with such great potential. IonLoop currently has a staff of 12 people that take care of production, sales, operations, marketing, and PR.

Q&A with Melissa Gotfredson, CEO

The best advice you never got:

“The harder you work the luckier you get and never think you cannot do something.”

What is the one thing that you did right?

“Stay organized and keep a keen eye on expenses, shy away from expensive marketing deals and build a company with a strong and loyal customer base.”

What was the biggest transition you had to face?

“It’s definitely wearing many hats, being the designer, bookkeeper, creative, sales, CEO and banker.”

Are you currently in the black or red?


What type of marketing or advertising do you do?

“Radio, Facebook, Google, Constant Contact, web advertising, and trade shows.”

What would make your business moreSuccessful“?

“As we grow the business we constantly are looking for better ways to market our product with the allocated resources we have to work with. Additional marketing dollars, spent wisely would certainly increase sales.”

Would you want to be acquired by a bigger company, run it yourself or sell in a couple of years?

“It is our goal to build a successful Global company with a quality product.”

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