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Sign, send, done – Adobe EchoSignAdobe EchoSign is a web contracting and electronic signature solution that allows customers to speed up sales, track contracts and securely store and manage signed agreements in the cloud.

Adobe EchoSign makes signing contracts simple and secure whether the customer is in the office, running a business from home or working from a mobile device. To learn more about the growing web contracting and eSignature industry and what this means for all of us, this week I interviewed Kevin M. Lynch, SVP and GM of Acrobat and Document Services at Adobe.”

As the need for conducting business online has grown substantially over the years, Adobe wanted to add an eSignature product to its online document exchange services platform, and acquired EchoSign in July 2011. Adobe EchoSign was added to Adobe’s portfolio of products that are already making businesses run more efficiently.

Currently, Adobe EchoSign is integrated with Adobe Reader; the most widely used free PDF reader. The integration of Adobe Reader and EchoSign creates a seamless platform for eSignatures for more than 1 billion Adobe Reader users around the world.

Number and type of current users?

Adobe EchoSign currently has over 6,000,000 users from large enterprises to small businesses in markets like technology, communications, healthcare, consumer, human resources, financial services, real estate, hospitality and non-profits. With clients ranging from Facebook, Groupon, Delta Airlines and Time Warner Cable, users have the ability to send documents for signature and sign right from their desktop or mobile device.

Why would businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc. use your product?

Thousands of leading corporations use web contracting and electronic signatures to get contracts signed faster and to close more business. Shortly after the ESIGN Act was signed in 2000, eSignatures became predominant in a number of industries. Electronic signatures are everywhere now, and as Gartner noted in 2007, “the legal precedent for eSignatures is a non-issue.” But until recently, adopting eSignatures in your own business was simply too complicated.Today, over 50% of tax filers now sign with an electronic signature and almost 50% of the insurance industry uses e-signatures.

Adobe EchoSign, a pioneer of electronic signature solutions, has become the leader in web contracting, for its “on demand” or 100% web-based solutions offering. Adobe EchoSign’s solutions do not require scanning software, electronic signature pads or a digital certificate.

Adobe EchoSign has the ability to make any business, large or small, run more efficiently by cutting down the time it takes to sign and manage documents. The quote-to-close time for contracts and agreements can be reduced from days to minutes. Customers such as Delta Air Lines use EchoSign to manage thousands of agreements each year. Gary Burton, Program Manager for Deltanotes, “It’s very easy to use and ensures a seamless end-to-end process that delivers fast contract execution, and a convenient, online audit trail for all contract processes.”

Adobe EchoSign stores every document signed in the cloud, providing 24/7 access to all documents, replacing the need to physically sign, store and file contracts. To help manage stored documents, users can see exactly what’s been signed and when.

One of the most convenient features of the EchoSign product is its mobile application. With EchoSign’s iPad and iPhone application, available in the App store, allows users to send documents for signature from a mobile device or sign in person. The Adobe EchoSign app offers the same protection as the Adobe EchoSign web service for both the sender and the signer during the signing process.

Adobe EchoSign is also integrated with web leaders like, Netsuite, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint so userscan send, sign and manage your contracts 100% in the cloud, on the web, in one click. EchoSign is even integrated with Google apps so users can access their Google Docs from the EchoSign Send page and look up Google contacts all from within the app.

Rather than focusing on printing, signing, faxing or mailing paper-based contracts, businesses can now focus their time on customers and not documentation.Time Warner Cable, for example, has been able to integrate EchoSign internally, allowing the company to function in real-time on a daily basis.We have seen agreements signed by the customer in real time.”— Howard Stall, Director, TSG Commercial Applications.

Not only is the document contracting process simpler with EchoSign, it’s also secure. Electronic signatures are also protected by the federal ESIGN Act, which ensures that electronic signatures have the same legal weight as written signatures.

“When our customers are ready to sign, they want to get started immediately. That’s why we’re so happy with Adobe EchoSign. It lets us close deals faster and start generating immediate value for our customers.”— Kevin Thornton, Information Systems manager, Bronto Software

What other Web-based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

Another one of Adobe’s products on the online document exchange platform is Adobe FormsCentral, which allows businesses to easily create, customize, distribute and measure the responses of web forms. SendNow is another product from Adobe that allows customers to send large files and confirm delivery.

Kevin M. Lynch is the senior vice president and general manager of Acrobat and Document Services at Adobe Systems Incorporated, which acquired EchoSign in 2011. He oversees product development and marketing for Adobe EchoSign and Adobe Acrobat solutions, including Reader, Acrobat and

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