How Anyone Can Harness The Power Of Video

How Anyone Can Harness The Power Of VideoJeff Fissel is the co-founder and Vice President of Solutions at KZO Innovations, a video software company that provides an on-demand video platform for small to large enterprises and government customers. Connect with Jeff and KZO Innovations on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and through their blog.

Imagine not being able to go on the Internet or having access to the latest technology. Imagine having little to no knowledge of online tools, like video. Imagine not having a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It almost seems completely unfathomable, especially in our mile-a-minute tech world. However, at KZO Innovations, we discovered at a very young age this was the case for some. When we were growing up, we started to realize kids in our own backyard didn’t have the same technological opportunities we did. And we decided to do something about it.

Wes Cruver, co-founder and CEO of KZO Innovations, established an organization called Kidz Online when he was 11 years old in Washington D.C. The mission of Kidz Online, an organization of which I was part of, was simple: train underprivileged youth on how to use technology. With the help of donations, we bussed the kids into our office space, and spent most of our time training and teaching them about computers, the Internet, and programming. As the operation grew, it became clear that if we wanted to expand our program outside the D.C. area, our peer-to-peer approach wasn’t going to cut it. We had to find a way to scale.

At Kidz Online, we were fortunate enough to have access to the very latest in online video technology. We decided that, in order to bring our curriculum to the entire world, we could record our trainings on video and distribute it online. In doing so, we discovered a void in the market.

Most on-demand video systems were very static and stale and did not provide any way for users to interact. If users needed to interact, live meetings were usually hosted (in-person or virtually). However, you couldn’t get everyone online at one time. These shortcomings helped us discover we wanted to create an on-demand video platform that was collaborative yet asynchronous.

Eventually, we learned a lot about video and how people use it, as well as the best ways to deliver it. For example, although video was used in the market, most video platforms at the time had been morphed from some other technology. From our perspective, they were missing key components and weren’t providing users with an all-encompassing tool. Essentially, there was a huge hole that we wanted to fill. With this knowledge behind us, we were able to build the KZO platform from the ground up with all the parts we felt were missing in other established sites.

How Anyone Can Harness The Power Of Video

JeffFissel, Co-founder & Vice President

KZO Innovations was born out of these ideas in 2007. We’re now a video software company that provides an on-demand video platform for small to large enterprises and government customers. After getting our feet off the ground with good old fashioned bootstrapping, we raised seed capital a year later that enabled us to operate more efficiently. Apart from that, though, the KZO mission has remained the same. We designed our software to enable everyday business professionals to record, manage, and deliver online video easily – without prior video expertise or help from technical resources.

In the back of our minds, we’ve always wanted to help people to train and communicate better, much like Kidz Online. However, with KZO, we developed a tool that helps people do this training. We created a resource that encouraged communication. We developed an interface that goes beyond traditional video and actually shows business professionals the real power of online video.

The KZO Video Suite allows businesses to securely create or upload video from any computer, share video within any enterprise application, web portal or as a stand-alone video portal, and socialize video by engaging viewers – letting them add comments, ask questions and get answers.

What differentiates KZO from our competitors is our custom embedding. This allows you to securely integrate videos with enterprise applications such as Sharepoint, Jive, Moodle, Igloo, Salesforce, Blackboard, SuccessFactors, and any website or blog. KZO customers can also use our video platform to communicate with their users, specifically through social collaboration tools integrated into the video player which enhance the user’s experience. Any business can utilize KZO for eLearning, enterprise communication, marketing, and sales enablement.

Currently, our team is devoted to reaching our main goal: enabling our customers to better leverage on-demand video across the enterprise. In the future, we hope to continue to innovate around video technologies and find strategic partners that can accelerate the growth of KZO Innovations. In addition, helping our customers to collaborate and communicate better — no matter how knowledgeable they are in video — will always be our main focus.

From Kidz Online to KZO Innovations, we’ve learned that anyone can harness the power of video and technology if they are just given an avenue to do so. We hope that with our innovative and easy to use interface, we will keep achieving this.

KZO Innovations offers trial programs for new users to experience its platform. To view a demo, please click here.

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