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FROGBOX entrepreneurs reducing stress on customers and planet alike

FROGBOX entrepreneurs reducing stress on customers and planet alikeIn our modern world where the daunting effects of our carbon-emitting actions are becoming increasingly apparent, consumers and businesses are adjusting behaviours to accommodate a greener future. There are many eco-detriments in our daily lives of which we are aware. Green alternatives to these products are not only becoming available, but demanded. For example, the majority of us know the polluting effects of a motor vehicle; we can physically see and smell it! Thus, consumers requisition electric and hybrid vehicles and manufacturers oblige.

However, what about some of the lesser known products that can be harmful? If it doesn’t smack us upside the head, does it therefore not dignify a response? Thankfully there are social-minded entrepreneurs like Doug Burgoyne and Trevor McCaw of FROGBOX, who take initiativeby injecting the common marketplace with sustainable alternatives.

Doug Burgoyne has always had a big heart and a progressive outlook. He started out in Physiotherapy, a career path that he found enjoyable and fulfillingthrough helping others. However, Doug always had an itch for business. He returned to school to complete his MBA and quickly found a job in high-tech sales. Although lucrative, this profession lacked the social conscienceand personal fulfillment that is ingrained in his being.

FROGBOX entrepreneurs reducing stress on customers and planet alikeDoug yearned to start a company of his own that would make a splash in the business world. In 2008, he and Trevor partnered up to pioneer a business in which profitability and social responsibility went hand-in-hand. The entrepreneurs modelled their strategy from firms with an impervious social agenda such as Patagonia, Whole Foods and lululemon. These companies had achieved great success while making a positive impact on the planet. Thus, FROGBOX was born!A business that would help combat some of the hair-pulling anxiety that goes along with moving homes(rated the third most stressful event, behind death and divorce…)

Rather than dumpster diving, begging liquor stores or assembling finicky cardboard boxes, FROGBOXES are dropped off at your doorstep. You pack up your boxes with environmentally friendly labels, bubble wrap and mattress covers that are all available with your order. You then move using one of the many trusted moving companies referred by FROGBOX (trust these guys…they have worked with all of them!) Once you are in your new pad and unpacked, the FROGBOXES are picked up by one of their friendly customer service representatives. That way you’re able to kick back and chill, instead of breaking down cardboard and figuring out what to do with it.

Moreover, the entrepreneurs set out with the mission of having these boxes be the primary choice for moving boxes and ultimately eliminating cardboard from the equation.

What’s wrong with cardboard?

To put it simply, cardboard sucks (sucks of course being the acronym for Soft Unreliable Collapsing Killjoy Shameful). From an operational standpoint, cardboard is flimsy, takes time to assemble, does not protect your valuables, can harbour insects and can collapse under pressure. It was however, the inconvenient truth about the long term effects of cardboard that motivated these social entrepreneurs to develop a green alternative.

In North America there are over 55 million people that move each year. Atan average of 60 boxes per move, that is 3.3 billion moving boxes used in a singleyear.

FROGBOX entrepreneurs reducing stress on customers and planet alikePart of FROGBOX’S mission is to emphasise the importance of reusing, when it comes to the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). The average corrugated cardboard box gets useda maximum oftwotimes. Many people think that using cardboard is not harmful to theenvironment because it can be recycled. The truth is, only about 30% of theoriginal materials are recycled and become part of the new product. Additionally, the process of breaking downand recycling actually takes a lot of energyand generates some carbonrun-off. This is not even mentioning the glue, tape and other wasteful materials that are included in the assembly of a corrugated cardboard box.

So what makes FROGBOXES better than cardboard?

FROGBOXES do not need to be assembled; they are dropped off at your home ready to be packed up. They are incredibly sturdy and water resistant. The design allows them to stack neatly upon one another, reducing clutter and making it easy for movers to load up their trucks – thus reducing the time it takes to move. What’s more, of course, is the on-going life cycle of these boxes. Rather than the two-time use of a corrugated cardboard box, FROGBOXES are washed and reused hundreds of times.

In addition to the sustainable values of the company, FROGOX also gives 1% of revenues to frog habitats through the organization 1% for the planet ( Frogs being the most threatened vertebrate group on Earth, with nearly one-third of the world’s 6,468 amphibian species in danger. At their current rate, frogs are disappearing faster than dinosaurs did.

In the last two years, FROGBOX has expanded from three to twenty two locations, around North America. When asked what the most powerful tool has been to facilitate this enormous growth, Doug’s response was undoubtedly “our amazing customers”. FRGBOX has become an exemplary model for a business that has such a loyal following, that the marketing does itself. After using the service, customers almost instantaneously become ambassadors of the brand. Social media and discussion forums are flooded with enthusiastic reviews of the service, prompting others to try it. Doug adds, “It’s been amazing to be received so well, but even more so, it is inspiring to see customers take such a prominent step towards green alternatives”.

Despite being a model for sustainable business, Doug emphasises that his business,along with others, cannot solely rely on green strategies. “As we move forward, sustainability will no longer be a competitive advantage, but rather a commodity. It is the duty of every business to incorporate eco-friendly efforts into their agenda”.

FROGBOX is proud of their eco-accomplishments, but maintain that their success is a derivative of a convenient product that is provided with outstanding customer service. Find out for yourself next time you are hopping pads:

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