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Shop for vendors and services a new way

Shop for vendors and services a new wayName of your company and URL?

My Vendor Pro-

Date started?

January 2012

What is your product or service?

My Vendor Pro is a free resource for people to compare vendors and services like; marketing, payroll, credit card merchant account, IT, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, and Legal.

Why would I use this service?

We are a free online resource for those shopping for a vendor or looking to solve a problem. Either by phone or email we compare approved vendors by price, services, and prior customer reviews.

Additionally we contact the vendors and negotiate with them bringing our users transparency and bottom line facts to make their search efficient and worry free. This also helps the small or new vendors that are hungry to work, and cannot compete with larger corporations that have unlimited marketing budgets. There are multiple cases where smaller vendors will drop their price far below industry standards in order to “prove” their service.

This concept helps the shopper find the best vendor while stimulating the growth of both big and small business vendors.

Why did you start your company?

We came up with the concept when we began doing contract CFO work for small businesses and noticed how much impact the selection of vendors has on the revenue growth and net income of a small business. While performing our regular CFO services for our clients we would shop though a number of vendors in major categories such as Credit Card Merchant Accounts, Human Resources, PEOs and Payroll Processors, Legal Solutions, Information Technology Providers, Website Developers, Text Message Marketing, Print Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Virtual Assistants, Investments Advisors and the list goes on. We did the shopping to make sure that our clients were getting the best of the best deals and services out on the market that we could find & negotiate for them.

Shop for vendors and services a new wayOur clients routinely saved on expenses by changing vendors that they had been paying for similar services. Some even experienced huge savings amounts in excess well over 25%! They loved it. As the CFOs of the business, we loved it too because we discovered yet another way to potentially help our clients improve their revenue, lower some expenses and improve their net incomes.

We learned how valuable the knowledge, research and relationships we gained about the small business vendor market had become, and that it should be a new revenue source for the business. We found that some of the top vendors we liked to refer our clients to offered affiliate commissions for referrals. The other top vendors we really liked to make referrals to that didn’t already have an affiliate program were almost always were willing to create a commission plan to be included in our new adventure, My Vendor Pro.

With a lot of the hard work behind us, we basically started to get paid to help our clients reach their goals. The addition of the My Vendor Pro service is a free of charge service. We’re creating new calculator tools and vendor reports to help small businesses shop for vendors more efficiently. We hope that the small businesses will contact us by phone or e-mail and ask for a referral to vendors we feel are the best out there. We further hope that by offering all these services we’ll be able to earn the trust of the small business owner and some day want to hire us for our core CFO services.

That is how we developed the My Vendor Pro idea. It’s for people to use us to shop for vendors capable of dramatically helping their business. We compare and negotiate with vendors for free, insuring they know exactly what they are paying for and what to expect from the service.

If it is free, how do you make money?

People wonder what the catch is, and there isn’t one. We often make a small commission from the lead we pass to the referred vendor if there is ever a sale. Our growth is based on building strong relationships. Small commissions are nice, but we ultimately want to build trust with our clients with the hope that they will use us multiple times and hire us for our core CFO services. As a rule we are honest with our users because if we refer them to a vendor that they do not like, we make no money and that user will most likely never use us again.

What free online or offline tools do you use?

#1 – We have developed a series of vendor calculators that enable you to calculate how much you should expect to pay, your return on investment, and many other variables depending on the vendor category you select.

#2 – We also offer vendor reports for different vendor types. These are cool Q&A PDF reports we wrote with a little assistance from hand picked professionals in the respected fields that are about 4 pages in length that give the reader a “cliffs notes” or a “……. for dummies” type of tutorial about what to look for when shopping for a certain vendor type.

Do you have a video?

Meet Bob:

Bob gives you the facts. You make the decision. from My Vendor Pro on Vimeo.


What is the best advice you never got?

Nowadays people only trust credible services, and there is a shift in how people select them. If you can show your good faith by helping people for free, the rest will take care of itself. “If you build it, people will come.”

Would you want to be acquired by a bigger company, run it yourself or sell in a couple of years?

We have no plans to sell any parts of My Headquarters Pro including the My Vendor Pro service.

What do you think your projected annual revenue will be?

It all depends on the word getting out. Relationship building and business building is a process, not a race. The market will dictate to us if we are giving them what they need to succeed. If we do a great job, the revenue will follow.

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