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A Mobile App for Anesthesia

A Mobile App for Anesthesia A high-quality anesthesia department is essential to every hospital. Now, a new app for use on a smart phone or tablet provides hospital executives with an easy way to evaluate the effectiveness of their facility’s anesthesia department. Somnia Anesthesia (, a national anesthesia practice management company located in New Rochelle, New York, released the new app in May 2012. The free app is believed to be the first of its kind for the anesthesiology specialty and the hospital industry.

The app was produced in partnership with the Z Group (, a branding, advertising and design firm in New York, NY. Somnia’s intention is that users of the app, mostly comprising of hospital executives, will discreetly learn how their anesthesia group is doing in several key performance areas – leadership, financial management, quality improvement and clinical services – without the expense of bringing in an outside consultant. The information gathered from the assessment will either confirm that their hospital’s anesthesia group is meeting expectations, or serve as a launching point for improvement or may even serve as a basis for soliciting proposals for a new anesthesia group.

The evaluation app, accessed by visiting on a smart phone (Android, iPhone or BlackBerry) or tablet, provides the user with a series of twenty questions in the four areas. In each area, the user answers questions that rate the current provider’s effectiveness on a 1 to 5 scale.

The app provides a final score and general recommendations based on the user’s answers. For scores between 85% and 100%, the app suggests that while the current anesthesia provider is meeting the hospital’s objectives, it is good business practice to regularly evaluate their performance. The 65% to 85% range dictates that there are opportunities for improvement and that an exploration of alternative options should not be out of the question. Any score below 65% indicates that the time is appropriate to consider other anesthesia providers, and that all aspects of delivering anesthesia care need to be examined.

In a YouTube video,

Somnia Chief Executive Officer and President Marc Koch, MD, MBA explains the benefits of the app. “Unfortunately, when a hospital wants to determine how their anesthesia group is measuring up…they have to bring in an outside management company that can provide a general sense. That sometimes causes discord or discomfort with their incumbent anesthesia group,” says Dr. Koch. “What this application allows a hospital executive to do is confidentially…answer 20 really quick questions and get a general sense of how their anesthesia group is measuring up.”

The operating room is a major source of revenue for most hospitals. Therefore, Dr. Koch adds, “Without an efficient, high-quality anesthesia services provider, a hospital’s clinical and financial standing will suffer.”

The evaluation app for anesthesia is another tool in a long line of thought leadership collateral that Somnia has published for hospital and health system executives and healthcare practitioners. With frequent publications of white papers, resource documents, case studies, and webinars, Somnia has been able to tackle challenges specific to hospital anesthesia services and provide a roadmap on how best to succeed in the ever-changing and increasingly outcome-focused healthcare environment. The thought leadership portfolio is very well-received by the hospital C-suite and is often a catalyst to an in-depth discussion about a facility’s anesthesia needs. The same can be said for the evaluation app as many hospital executives have already downloaded it. With hospital tradeshow season in full swing, the app’s popularity and usage is expected to increase significantly.

In addition to its availability on, the app will also become available in the Apple Store later in 2012. The anesthesia evaluation tool is just the first of a series of apps Somnia plans on releasing in the future, all designed to guide healthcare leaders in ensuring their facilities have the most efficient and high-quality anesthesia services. A future app, also to be released before the end of 2012, will provide quick access to all of the company’s current and future thought leadership publications– the white papers, resource documents, case studies, and webinars described earlier.

A Mobile App for Anesthesia Established in 1996 by Dr. Koch and Robert C. Goldstein, MD, both Yale-trained anesthesiologists, Somnia Anesthesia optimizes anesthesia services for healthcare facilities throughout the country by combining clinical excellence with unparalleled management acumen. The company grew from a small regional provider of anesthesia services in the New York metropolitan area to a company that manages 300 anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) working in the operating rooms of hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and office-based surgical practices from coast-to-coast. The company and the number of affiliated anesthesiologists and CRNAs continue to grow.

By providing a turnkey, solutions-based approach to anesthesia management, and an extensive in-house administrative infrastructure, Somnia helps healthcare facilities deliver the highest quality patient care, enhance operating room performance, increase revenues, and achieve full surgeon and patient satisfaction.

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