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Pet Jellyfish? The latest innovation to the Pet Industry is now available to anyone!

Pet Jellyfish? The latest innovation to the Pet Industry is now available to anyone! Name of your company and URL?

Jellyfish Art

Date started?

Although our founders (Alex Andon & Cameron Urban) began working on developing what is now Jellyfish Art many years ago, we were able to really formalize and grow the company quickly after our successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2011.

What is your product or service?

We sell pet Jellyfish and everything needed to effortlessly enjoy your own jellyfish at home, work, or anywhere else. Jellyfish cannot go in a regular fish tank because they will get stuck in corners and sucked into filtration intakes. Jellyfish Art realized there was no affordable tanks in the market which allowed the general public to own their own jellyfish, so we created our own signature Desktop Jellyfish Tank which has the right water flow pattern designed to keep jellyfish healthy and properly displayed at all times. We also created our own frozen food high in fatty acids made specifically for jellyfish. Jellyfish Art keeps jellyfish and all necessary accessories/supplies in stock at all times so our customers can have a reliable supply year round.

Pet Jellyfish? The latest innovation to the Pet Industry is now available to anyone! Why did you start your company?

Our Founders, Alex Andon became fascinated with marine life way back in college where he studied biology and environmental science. Andon accumulated extensive experience in building aquariums for his own research projects at Duke and the University of Delaware and has always had a fascination for Jellyfish. He quickly realized there was no way for individuals to own pet jellyfish due to their unique nature and lack of specialized tanks needed for jellyfish to thrive. So he sought out to create his own solution to the problem.

How was it financed?

Jellyfish Art has been bootstrapped from the start. Our Founders used their own capital and resources to maintain cost, while developing one of the most innovative products into the pet industry. Additionally, we launched one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns in kickstarter history raising over 160k from over 500 supporters. We are now profitable and continue growing at a steady pace.

What free online or offline tools do you use?

Facebook, Social Media, Kickstarter, have been a great way for us to help get the word out. Our biggest thanks goes to all of our supporters and jellyfish owners who have helped spread the word on how great our product is.

Do you use Social Media tools like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or ? Provide exact URL of each

We do have a facebook fan account where we currently have almost 7000 likes and followers.

Although there are many videos and segments posted pertaining to jellyfish art, this short video above from our kickstarter campaign gives a good background and introduction to our founder and company.

How many people are currently working, including employees (freelancers or independent contractors for specific projects)?

There are currently approximately 10 individuals working at jellyfish art.

What is the best advice you never got?

As you could probably imagine, creating something that doesn’t exist in the market place took a lot of research, development, and countless hours of trial and error. The best advice would be to keep pursuing your goal and don’t give up when faced with challenges or other difficulties.

What almost killed your business in the start?

The large amount of Research / Development as well as sourcing required in order to create something that didn’t exist in the market place. Building a product with no proven market also posed a problem in the beginning.

Pet Jellyfish? The latest innovation to the Pet Industry is now available to anyone! What is the one thing that you did right?

Realizing there was a demand for individuals who wanted their own pet jellyfish, creating a tank and package which allows anyone to effortlessly own and enjoy their own pet jellyfish. Since our launch, we have received overwhelming demand for our pet jellyfish.

What was the biggest transition you had to make (i.e. new skill set, habits, abilities, focus)?

Developing a product from scratch, you run into a lot of unforeseen obstacles which take extension amounts of time and trial/error to finally arrive at the desired product. In addition to product development transitions, we also had to tailor our product to better fit the feedback, price point, and suggestions of our target audience (male/females 30 to 45). We had to be flexible and adapt to what was necessary to excel in the marketplace.

Are you currently in the black or red?

We are profitable and growing every month.

What type of marketing or advertising do you do?

Our most effective marketing thus far has been from our customers and word of mouth. Social media, articles, and other media have also helped greatly in spreading the word about Jellyfish Art and informing the public about our product.

What would make your business more “Successful”?

Although we currently sell pet jellyfish, tanks, and supplies, we hope to expand into other pet related areas to become the next amazon of all things pets.

Would you want to be acquired by a bigger company, run it yourself or sell in a couple of years?

We are passionate about our business and what we do. There are no thoughts for exits, and all of our time / efforts are reinvested back into the business. We truly believe in what we are doing and see great potential for major growth.

What do you think your projected annual revenue will be?

Although Jellyfish Art is still in its infancy, we are already projecting revenues of over 1 million dollars this year.


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