Entrepreneurship Breeds Well-Equipped Entrepreneurs: How 3dcart Made a Name in Ecommerce

Entrepreneurship Breeds Well-Equipped Entrepreneurs: How 3dcart Made a Name in EcommerceBased in Tamarac, FL, 3dcart is the company behind what we believe is one of the most comprehensive ecommerce software solutions available today.

In a lot of ways, the creation of 3dcart mirrors today’s small business environment. My colleague Gonzalo Gil started developing the software as a high school side-project in 1997. But it wasn’t until the stock market crash of 2000 when he realized the full potential of his product to help drive a whole new era for internet businesses.

Entrepreneurship Breeds Well-Equipped Entrepreneurs: How 3dcart Made a Name in Ecommerce Over the last few years, the country’s economic meltdown left many people with few places to turn. Even with the slow business environment, the opportunity in the ecommerce industry continued to grow exponentially. It felt like our software had come full-circle; years after the dot-com bubble, America was facing another crisis that the ingenuous would turn into entrepreneurial opportunity.

We didn’t predict the recession, but we did make our software easy for entrepreneurs and small businesses to use. The impact of relating to small businesses and leveraging ecommerce innovation to drive greater efficiency has been great, helping us succeed where others have failed.

Over the last 15 years, 3dcart’s community has grown to include 15,000+ merchants across 12 countries. We’ve been honored in the INC 5000 twice and have grown to include 40+ employees. In the last three years, the company has posted a 411 percent growth.

We’re actively looking to add technical support specialists, sales reps and web developers to our growing team. For the next few years, we’ve dedicated our company to staying true to our customers, keeping features fresh and driving innovation for online stores across the globe.

Part of that success can be attributed to five key areas where product development has focused on making 3dcart a more intuitive solution:

  • Simplicity: From the very beginning, we’ve tried to keep non-technical customers in mind. As a result, 3dcart’s backend is easy to use without knowledge of web development.
  • Customizability: Every online store should be unique; to bring their own flair to their storefronts, 3dcart clients take advantage of design, layout and feature customization options.
  • Scalability: Some of our customers have grown from one-person shops to international powerhouses. To supplement growth, 3dcart was developed with scalability in mind, meaning retailers of all shapes and sizes can use the software. We’ll grow with you.
  • Comprehensiveness: In addition to a rich set of features that offer capabilities previously unavailable to retailers, we’re continually making friends in the world of ecommerce. As a company, we just don’t have the resources to build everything that needs building—so we build integrations with third-party vendors who have had the resources to refine their products.
  • Support: As a relatively small company, we get a lot of positive feedback from clients who relate best to other small businesses. Our support lines have always been a source of relief for our clients because we offer granular support and timely service. Recently, we decided to start offering free phone support 24/7. That’s had a big payoff as a major competitive differentiator and helps boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Entrepreneurship Breeds Well-Equipped Entrepreneurs: How 3dcart Made a Name in EcommerceFrom our experience in software development, focusing on these crucial areas is the way to gain the trust of your customers and continue growing as a business. Even as we grow, we like to keep a small business mentality, remembering our humble roots and expressing empathy with our clients.

Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs, but success thrives in a collaborative environment where you put your customers first and keep a transparent face on your business. For aspiring startups, we have a couple of tips that we believe have helped us become the company we are today.

  • Keep An Open Ear: Fostering a community among your customers builds the kind of brand loyalty that sticks for decades. Put the needs of your customers first at all times, and you can’t go wrong.

The way we’ve implemented this with 3dcart is through a strong network of customer forums, where our clients get a voice in the development process. You may have an idea of what features you want to push next, but nine times out of ten, your customers have much clearer insights on what they want.

  • Work with Other Companies in Your Space: The web has transformed business into a much more collaborative environment, where small businesses are very adept at finding and working with complementary services.

We put this into practice by forming partnerships with other ecommerce leaders like Trueship, Buysafe, eLawaway, International Checkout, Godatafeed, Adroll, 4-Tell, Olark and Shipwire—complementary services that greatly enhance productivity for small retailers.

  • Let Growth Occur Organically: You might be tempted to build a bigger staff to increase productivity and give your brand a ‘big company’ feel—but if the customers aren’t there, where have you gotten? Ignore the urge to force growth and let it happen as it happens. Companies that attempt to grow their infrastructures before they’ve grown their customer base quickly fall apart.

We’re always open to a conversation. If you have questions, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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