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Finally, an app to help busy people to keep up with the must-know technology news

Finally, an app to help busy people to keep up with the must-know technology newsNowadays in business, technology is something we all need to keep up with. Even if our business does not relate directly to technology, the marketing means we use, and a considerable part of our ability to achieve and maintain a competitive edge – all rely on technology. This certainly applies to big business which can invest in R&D, and equally – yet differently – to small businesses, which depend on smart use of technology to be able to create more efficient work processes and simulate, to an extent, the kind of economies of scale a big business would traditionally get in “the old days”.

Indeed, most business owners know they need to keep an eye on what’s happening in the technology world. The problem is that for people as busy as the average business owner, the extremely fast-paced stream of news in this world can be quite overwhelming. This is where Riversip comes in: It aims to give busy people an efficient way to keep up with technology news. In essence, this is a reader app devoted to technology news, where you always get the topmost – e.g. the most significant – stories for your preferred time frame. This allows you to keep up and be informed of the important technology news even if you have time to check what’s up only once a week! Anyone who’s ever tried other ways of keeping up (RSS readers, other reader apps, visiting tech websites) and values his time can appreciate this.

The developers of the app, Briox, explain that the app is built on an engine which performs “crowd-powered editing”: It looks at what people online care about and prioritizes the news accordingly. This gives you an edited view which reflects the public opinion, and not merely the agenda of a single site. They intend to release more apps in the future, using the same crowd-powered editing engine as the backend – both their own apps, and 3rd-party apps that would make use of the engine to deliver relevant content in specific topics.

Using the app is quite simple: You open it and immediately you get the top news at the selected time frame (you have Week, Day and Latest perspectives to choose from). You can also choose favorite topics and get a summary of the news in them specifically. For instance, if you’re an Android fan, you could choose it as a favorite topic and follow Android-related news specifically.

Finally, an app to help busy people to keep up with the must-know technology newsOne of the nicest thing in the app is that thanks to the smart engine behind it, it understands when many different articles actually discuss the same real-world story – and shows you all this coverage as a single item in the summary (you can see the entire coverage of that story by long-tapping the article). This is a real time-saver and a great way to see wide coverage of a story, from many various media outlets. Another ability – and quite a unique one at that – is Riversip’s ability to display chatter from your Twitter network and use it to prioritize the stories for you. If you follow people who sometimes tweet about technology news, this is a very useful thing as it lets you see what is basically a socially-edited newspaper, made just for you.

Riversip’s explicit mission statements is to save you time as a reader yet keep you more informed than any other “old school” way of keeping up – and the app certainly achieves this. Because of this, you get a very different experience from the other readers out there, an experience with efficiency at its center.

“We started this company to give people more power and control over the information they consume”, says Itamar Rogel, one of the founders of Briox. “We’re just a couple years into this, developed the technology, and intend to bring much more rich, powerful & cool offerings based on it in the future.”

Finally, an app to help busy people to keep up with the must-know technology newsRiversip seems to be a part of a major trend in the digital media ecosystem. As people access and use media from various devices with varying modes of usage – e.g. mobile phones, tablets, social-network applications, TV applications and more – there are many opportunities for new content consumption offerings which bring additional value to content itself. As people access content less and less directly (aka, less via the publishers’ “destination sites”) and more via such “news aggregation” apps, we are sure apps which deliver exceptional value will stand out. Riversip’s mission statement of saving time is unique, as most other apps focus on goals such as “being real time” or delivering more content you might like (as if we are short of content to read…).

The app is totally free and is available both for iOS-powered (aka iPhone) and for Android-powered devices. It can be found in the relevant app stores:

For iOS devices:

For Android devices:

To get started, just download the app and access it once in a while – at whatever pace works for you. You’ll see that with very minimal effort, you know exactly what’s going on in the technology world. Enjoy!







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