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Step Aside Boring Dinnerware : Introducing Glitzee Glee

Name of your company and URL?

My company name is Glitzee Glee. You can visit my website at

What is your product or service?

My store specializes in unique dinnerware, holiday dinnerware, tableware, barware, glassware, table linens, coasters, candles, candle holders, napkin rings, wine bottle charms, wine bottle stoppers, salt and pepper shakers, flower vases, and serving trays. We refuse to sell plain, boring, unexciting dinnerware products .The name Glitzee Glee is what we strive to represent. Glitzee means flashy, dazzling and glamorous. Glee stands for joy, delight and fun. We believe in selling trendy tableware that allows you to express your individuality. We want to satisfy your appetite for food and fashion.

Step Aside Boring Dinnerware : Introducing Glitzee Glee

Jamie Yahne

Why did you start your company?

Several reasons motivated me to become a business owner. My passion for celebration, holidays and parties is the inspiration behind my dinnerware store. I found that the market was saturated with plain, simple, classic tableware. I wanted modern holiday patterns, creative prints and sparkle. It was difficult to find this specific type of re-useable dinnerware or table linens. I found that these products were only sold as seasonal merchandise and if you wanted a complete set of coordinating dishes and table linens you would have to shop around. I wanted to sell a variety of extraordinary dinnerware products and holiday merchandise year round. This vision became Glitzee Glee. I don’t want to be limited by my job. Owning my own business doesn’t limit the amount of money I can make and allows me to keep growing and learning. I decided running a business that was strictly online was best for me because I have a chronic pain syndrome called Fibromyalgia that is very restricting.

How was it financed?

My business was completely financed with money from my own savings account. You hear so many horror stories about people getting huge bank loans to start up businesses, only to go bankrupted within a few years. I didn’t want my dream of opening my own business to become a financial nightmare.

Do you use social media?

Yes I love social media.

Twitter account –!/GlitzeeGlee

Facebook page –

Pinterest boards –

What is the best advice you never got?

If you want to run a low cost business and save money you’ve got to do more work. Don’t think for a minute you’re going to sit back, do nothing and become a millionaire. We’ve all heard women complain about how being a mother requires them to multi-task and play the role of a cab driver, chef, and housekeeper. I have found that I can really compare being a mother with owning a business. Your limited funds will require you to become a jack of all trades: computer programmer, customer service representative, writer, and a marketing director. You can’t be afraid to take risks and learn new things if you want to be successful.

What almost killed your business in the start?

My store has a phone number and a fax number. The customer service representative for the phone company mixed up the two numbers and told me that the fax number was my phone number. When the phone was connected the phone company tested the line for me so it never occurred to me that I should call the phone number myself. I printed hundreds of business cards, had the graphic header for my website designed, and posted the wrong phone number all over the internet. The first three months I was in business every customer who tried to contact me by phone was greeted by an annoying beeping sound.

What was the biggest transition you had to make?

I had to learn how to build a website without any formal training. In fact, I actually only had basic computer skills. It was a very slow process but now I’m able to update things without the help of a professional. I’m constantly making improvements to my website so it’s still an ongoing learning process.

What is the one thing you did right?

I get more compliments on my business name then you can imagine. I wanted the name of my store to represent glamour and fun. Glitzee Glee was definitely the right choice because it has generated lots of positive feedback.

What would make your business more “successful”?

I would have to say better marketing. I just need to continue establishing my brand through aggressive internet marketing. It takes time to effectively promote a business and build a solid reputation. Marketing is very challenging because you have so many different options you can try and each one requires new skills. You also have to juggle all your different techniques. It doesn’t matter how great your website or product is if people don’t know you exist.

Would you want to be acquired by a bigger company, run it yourself or sell in a few years?

I would never want to sell my business to someone else or be acquired by a bigger company because I believe business owners are driven by their own ideas and dreams. It’s impossible to live someone else’s dream. If you sell your business you lose the ability to control what happens next. Ultimately the owner establishes the company’s mission, beliefs and goals. A new owner will make changes that appeal to them and might take the business in a completely different direction. I wouldn’t want to witness the transformation of something I worked so hard to build.


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