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Mastering Self-Motivation: Preparing Yourself for Personal Excellence

Shoestring Venture Interviews an Author with a New Twist on Motivation

Michael Provitera

1. A short authors bio:

Dr. Provitera teaches management at both the undergraduate and graduate level. In addition to Dr. Provitera’s academic credentials, he has fifteen years of Wall Street corporate experience at various investment banks. In his last position at Mizuho Financial Group, he was an Assistant Vice President of Fixed Income Operations where he managed fourteen people.

2. A book synopsis / Key Ideas:

The Mastering Self-Motivation book nicely markets itself to a targeted audience of aspiring, predominantly young, professionals who aspire to a personally fulfilling career. This concise book is contemporary and relevant as a popular self-help/motivational book. Dr. Provitera brings a wealth of research and experience to bear on the subject of motivation. The field of “positive thinking” à la Dale Carnegie is rife with clichés and Dr. Provitera avoids them. The Mastering Self-Motivation Complimentary Workbook provides a roadmap for success that further engages the reader to reach personal excellence. Readers will feel energized, motivated, and inspired!

3. Why did you write this book?

To reach college students who need to be more motivated, more successful, and more prosperous. The book can help a student that is about to graduate and begin a life-long career. It can also help college students remain in college and give them the persistence to succeed. Most importantly, I wrote my book to give students and edge over the competition.

4. write a paragraph stating why readers should buy your book and what they will get out of it after reading it.

Readers should buy my book because motivation is a overlooked and underrated subject matter. People take motivation for granted. In this book,
the reader can find their career of choice, select the people that will help them become more motivated. After reading “Mastering Self-Motivation,” readers
will be able to motivate themselves and others by using Positive Organizational Behavior and capitalizing on their Psychological Capital. They will become what I call a Motrapreneur (New Term that I created).

5.Do you have a blog, what is the link, what do you talk about in your blog?

Blogging is the way to build a following. The best way to blog is “Blog it Your Way.” I have not had much success blogging so far but that does not mean that I do not do it. I blog movie reviews and topics that relate to motivation that I feel make a difference in the world and that I can have fun doing. I am a guest blogger for Joy Bing and I created an article for her and will continue to do this type of blogging ( I have had my greatest success creating discussion items on LinkedIn. I also have a discussion going now on LinkedIn that has over 500 responses—but many of the response are from me reviewing each book trailer/video as they get posted. My latest discussion calls on fiction and non-fiction authors to present their book trailers. Once they do present, I comment on it in a constructive and positive way ( Blogging is important and I feel as my following gets larger that blogging will be more important to me.

6.Do you do speaking events? What are some common ones that you do on a regular basis? What do you talk about?

Currently, I am doing a book tour presentation on motivation. I start off asking what people would want to learn from motivation and then I address those concerns as I do my seminar. I walk people through each chapter of my book by introducing two topics that I found to be interesting to talk about. I offer free ½ hour motivation presentation which tend to go on longer in duration.

At Motivational Leadership Training, I run seminars and courses on motivation and leadership. For the past three years, I have been running a two-day seminar in Manhattan, New York in May. The participants come from Mexico and are business executives with various backgrounds—some have MBA degrees and Ph.D. degrees while others are business owners and leaders. During the two hour seminars, I talk about Strategic Management. In the two-day courses, I talk about management and leadership. When I make my strategic management seminar, which lasts about two-hours, I covered the reasons that companies are competitive, the key success factors, and for those companies that are extremely competitive, I talk about their distinctive competencies. On the other hand, when I run my full-day courses, I introduce film clips, videos, and practical hands-on exercises such as the Marshmallow Challenge. It is important to have a participant guide that participants can write in as the course develops during the day. For my book “Mastering Self-Motivation,” I offer a forty-page Complimentary Workbook that is used to further engage the reader after reading my book. I offer a free copy to anyone that would like one.

7. Do you do your own marketing or PR? What is a good marketing / PR strategy for a budding author?

Great question! Publicity is so important when publishing a book. I use several publicists and, Most importantly, the Help A Reporter Report (i.e., the HARO report). The HARO report gives me the opportunity to be my own publicist.When I go into a contract with a publicist I place their name on my website along with their contact information.

Marketing is also something that is important. I just placed an advertisement with the Jenkins Group who send out book reviews to approximately 3,600 librarians. A good marketing strategy uses what is known as the four Ps, which stand for Price, Place, Promotion, and Product. First your price has to be right, then you have to have a place such as for sales, then you have to promote your book, and finally, you have to have a great product. You must stand behind your product and really believe in the value-added content for the readers. Also, budding authors need to have a website, social presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Redroom to name a few. In addition to your website, you must offer a press-kit. Your press-kit can consist of press releases, recent articles, questions that a radio or television host may want to ask. Visit and use my press kit as a model or contact me and I will be happy to help your readers of

8.Do you have a YouTube video URL that you can share with us, and allow us to publish with your story.

You Tube is so profound that it may be the sole marketing strategy for both seasoned and budding authors alike. I have two and I am working on more every day. The one that I feel can actually have you at “Hello” because I really use psychology to motivate the inner core of your being in the form of a book trailer

The second one is a talking-head book video that covers the introduction and the beginning of my first chapter

I worked really hard to get my message across and continue to do so as I run my book tour across the State of Florida and beyond.

9.What is the one thing that you did right?

I took my dream of writing the best motivational book that I could write based on real-world experience and my academic and corporate training and I made it a reality. I recently received a proposal to write a second book with a traditional publisher this week. By taking charge and writing my first book, I opened up a vast array of opportunities.

10.What are doing to promote your book each day since your book became available. And, last question: When it comes to promotion, how about next week, next month, or one-hundred days from now.

Great question! I work each day to do some marketing and publicity for today and at the same time set up more marketing and publicity for the future. Next week, I will get my next press release ready for the college graduates of 2012. A month from now, I will be on the radio doing another interview and conducting my two courses in Manhattan, New York for the Mexican executives. One hundred days from now I will be well on my way with my 2012 Book Tour. I offer free book-presentations on motivation to colleges and corporations. I just had a book proposal approved with a traditional publisher to take my current book “Mastering Self-Motivation” to a larger more academic version. So next time we talk, I will be able to discuss my new book. I want to thank you and your staff at Shoestring Ventures for this opportunity. It was a pleasure meeting you, it was a pleasure sharing my ideas with you, and it will be a pleasure sharing more ideas with you in the future.

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One Response to “Mastering Self-Motivation: Preparing Yourself for Personal Excellence”

  1. My name is Gigi Sedlmayer and i am the author of the Talon series.
    That must be a great book. Motivation. Yes, we all need that, even that people think they do not need it. But we all need it.
    As my books in the Talon series. It’s not about motivation, but it’s about accepting people, they might be different, with disability, or with what ever they have. Been rejected. Now they have to face it and become the person they meant to be.
    Reviewers say, it’s for all ages because we all need that, not only children.
    Facing rejection, so my books are to get hope, courage, inspiration, love but it’s still an adventure series.
    check them out if you have time



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