Nortel Legacy Customers are Frugal, Productive and Profitable Too.

Nortel Legacy Customers are Frugal, Productive and Profitable Too. 1.What is the name of your business and URL?

VoiceBridge Software Solutions Inc.

2. A brief synopsis of the website / application :

We provide a simple web application for the hundreds of thousands of companies out there who refuse to relinquish their tried-and-true, reliable Nortel Telephony systems (SMB companies mainly). The software polls the Nortel Phone system on a fast cycle and looks for new, unheard Voice Messages, then converts them to universally used .wav files, and delivers them immediately via Email to the respective Users. It solves the universal problem of staying current with recent communications, while using older, reliable and very cost-effective phone technology. It marries the world of Smartphones with the surprisingly prevalent world of desk phones and voicemail.

3. Why did you start this company?

VoiceBridge was incorporated in late 2009, by two former Nortel Software Engineers (it’s a women-owned business) who had identified a unique niche that could be profitable and free of new competitors for 5 to 10 years. Nortel filed for bankruptcy protection in January 2009, and its Enterprise Solutions business was bought by Avaya, formerly Nortel’s main competitor. Avaya’s “roadmap” included a transition plan for Nortel Customers (mainly small/medium businesses and branch/satellite locations), who, over the years, had purchased over a million Norstar and BCM phone systems . Recent history is showing that there is substantial reluctance by these existing Nortel Customers to upgrade to a totally new system or switch to relatively lower-quality IP technologies, that have yet to become a “standard”, as Nortel was for so many years.

4. Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

We started the company on a shoestring budget, with significant time investment in a quality product, and with innovative technology that is carefully shielded from the User, in order to keep things as simple as possible. Our philosophy was to build a “set-and-forget” software solution, completely compatible with Nortel’s long-time hardware strategy. We enjoy organic growth with a very high annual license renewal rate.

5. Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

VoiceBridge is the only company outside Avaya, with software that interacts seamlessly with Nortel Norstar and BCM systems to extract, convert and send new voicemail messages to the intended recipient via email, instantly. The only competition comes from within Avaya/Nortel, where equivalent, relatively more costly functionality, requires hardware and software upgrades, more complex configuration, and usually the need to bring down the entire phone system during the process. Because Nortel discontinued enhancement of their systems 3 years ago, more and more software compatibility problems with newer Operating Systems and Office software. can be big hurdles.

6 .Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

  1. The typical VoiceBridge Customer needs to solve the problem of getting incoming voicemail messages to the intended recipient, when not at their desk, or out of the office. Maximizing productivity is so important to all businesses, and most business people have smartphones which can easily receive emails and play .wav files with a single click. The VoiceBridge software bridges this productivity gap seamlessly and automatically. Even people with regular cell phones can be notified by Text Message that they have received a voicemail, with details of the Sender, and Callback number.
  2. At an annual cost per User of between $24 and $40, the system pays for itself within days, through immediate productivity and service delivery enhancements.
  3. The VoiceBridge software can be downloaded quickly, and used, free, for 30 days without having to jump through hardware and phone system upgrade hoops.
  4. The cost is directly related to the number of Users, which makes it simple and inexpensive to get started, and expand usage on an as needed basis.
  5. The annually renewable license gives the Customer complete flexibility if they decide to switch to a new system at any time, instead of having to commit to major hardware and software upgrades regardless of how many Users they wish to support.
  6. In-house IT resource requirements are minimal.
  7. VoiceBridge provides full Business Day direct telephone support.

7. A short bio of your company:

Founded by two former Nortel Software Engineers in 2009, VoiceBridge services the large, loyal SMB Nortel Customer legacy base. VoiceBridge software solutions use current web technologies to securely, reliably communicate with the Nortel phone systems to capture voicemails and deliver them instantly to their intended recipients via email. The software is sold through its marketing partner, All licensing is annual and includes full professional support.

8.Do you offer free online or offline tools?

VoiceBridge provides a free 30 day trial period for its software, with full functionality for up to 5 Users, and full support services.

9.Are there different pricing levels?

The annual software licensing ranges from $24 to $40 per User, based on volume.

10.Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or ? Provide exact URL of each



11.Number of current users? Estimated yearly growth?

VoiceBridge currently has over 800 Users, with a an annual growth rate of approximately 16%.

12.How do you see your company in the next 2-5 years (more products or services?)

  1. For the very near future, VoiceBridge is about to release a Beta version of its software for the larger Nortel CS1000 PBX systems, which still enjoy strong loyalty from its many thousands of Customers.
  2. In the third quarter, VoiceBridge will be re-releasing its OnlIne Voicemail software, designed for Nortel Users using a web application to manage all of their Voicemails and Fax Messages directly from any browser. No more having to call in to the Phone System to listen, mark-as-read/unread, forward, prioritize and delete Voicemails and Fax Messages. Online Voicemail also uses RSS technology for notification of voicemail arrivals, with direct links to the message(s) in the web browser. Both Voice Message Forwarding and Online Voicemail can be managed from a single web application by the User

13 .How many employees do you currently have working with you and/or freelance contractors?.

  1. 3 Employees
  2. 1 contract Accountant
  3. 1 website contractor
  4. 1 contract creative designer

14. What other web based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

At VoiceBridge we have successfully and happily Used the Wave Accounting (web based) system, finding it ideal for entrepreneurial organizations. See





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