Categorized | Shoestring Startup Lets the Everyday Driver Save on Car Maintenance Lets the Everyday Driver Save on Car MaintenanceName of your company and URL?

WheelsNeedDeals, LLC-

What is your product or service? is the first local daily deal site for the automotive industry with the average driver in mind. It is a robust automotive resource where users can get huge savings at reputable automotive businesses in their communities. They can save up to 70% on things like car washes, oil changes, auto repair, tires, driving school, accessories, etc. Users can also take advantage of “Car Care Tips”, Q&A section, and “Make Me an Offer”. With make me an offer users can submit exactly what they are looking for and local businesses answer the inquiry by giving them the best deal possible on exactly what they need.

Why did you start your company?

Given the current state of the economy a lot of people are neglecting car maintenance due to the high cost. This only leads to problems that are dangerous and can lead to not having a car at all. With savings of up to 70% on everything from auto repair to driving school, owning and maintaining a car can be affordable for anybody; and the other resources can be beneficial by educating the driver with facts they should know.
Seeing these trends in the economy and looking at the direction of ecommerce with group buying and daily deals, it made sense that consumers would utilize and have a lot to gain from a site like WheelsNeedDeals. And given each of our backgrounds, this move was the logical for us.

What are your backgrounds and how does it differentiate you from everybody else?

As well as having experience with tech and other online startups, all three founders come from different areas of the automotive industry. These areas include: the tire industry, car sales, and the auto body industry.
We’re different because we took what we know and ran with it. We grew up around the automotive industry and we know it well; from the owners and employees to the consumers themselves. We can relate and understand the needs of each business. Automotive businesses who have featured deals on some of the bigger sites have told us that they had a negative experience because their deals were handled by reps who did not know the first thing about their industry. Automotive professionals have somewhat of an old school mentality and they can tell when somebody is BSing them. We are able to relate to them and work with them by figuring out the best possible deal and course of action to take as well as manage their expectations. Lets the Everyday Driver Save on Car MaintenanceWhat benefits do you have to offer the consumer?

A large number of drivers neglect their cars when it comes to routine maintenance. The current state of the economy is why you might see somebody driving around with a damaged bumper or broken headlamp. Those same people are also driving around with the check engine light on their dashboard flashing. They need oil changes, inspections, new tires, etc. and they are avoiding it, not only because of the associated costs which can be high, but also the “I’ll get around to it mentality”. With WheelsNeedDeals doing routine maintenance will be affordable and readily available in their communities at reputable businesses. Businesses that we select only if they conform to our standards and meet the criteria of our selection process,

The real beauty of WheelsNeedDeals is that it is a robust automotive resource for the average driver. Between the car care tips, deals, Q&A and other features they will not have to do hours of research to find a reputable service provider and they will be educated on what anybody who has ever driven a car should know.

How do you select whether or not a merchant is suitable to be featured on

Our merchant selection process adheres to a strict policy. All though we will run a multitude of automotive deals, we only feature deals from businesses that we personally approve. There are several criteria that have to be met in order to be featured on the site. This is to assure a greater liklihood that the customer will be satisfied and therefore more likely to return to the merchant and use again. Some of these criteria include: cleanliness, customer service/amenities, local reputation, and quality of work.

What does your marketing plan look like? Are you using social media?

Due to the nature of the website it is important that we are a trusted source for local communities and we operate on a hyper-local level. Actually getting involved in the community is how we plan to be a trusted source for the average drivers automotive needs. People shouldn’t just give their money to anyone. A cornerstone of our marketing strategy is actually getting involved with charities, community organizations, events, etc. And of course given that we live in the age of social media, we can not neglect emerging online trends as a means of leveraging our brand. We constantly monitor these trends and will be on the forefront of implementing them into our strategy. We are however currently active using facebook and twitter. You can like on facebook at and follow us on twitter at

Have you received financing for your business? If not, do you plan on pursuing it?

We are currently bootstrapping our business and are on a shoestring budget. Although we are not pursuing getting financed, we wouldn’t rule anything out. That being said we wouldn’t jump into anything without a plan.

What are your goals for the future and is there an exit strategy?

Our goal is to scale and expand across the country as well as become a robust resource for the everyday driver whether it be an executive or a soccer mom. In terms of an exit strategy,we are all very passionate about what we are doing and only want to concentrate on the task at hand which is educating drivers and offering them a way to enjoy and maintain their cars while saving money.

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