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Make the SHIFT: The Proven Five-Step Plan to Success for Corporate Teams

 Make the SHIFT: The Proven Five-Step Plan to Success for Corporate Teams

Beverly D. Flaxington.

Beverly D. Flaxington, Bestselling & Gold-Award Winning Author, Corporate Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Hypnotherapist, Behavioral expert

As The Confidence Coach, Beverly is a highly sought after national public speaker. She is a frequent radio guest and contributor to periodicals sharing insights, education and specific life and change management tools.

She authored a bestselling and Gold-award winning book, Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior. Her book, based upon her trademarked change management and goal achievement model, is “Make the Shift: The Proven Five-Step Plan to Success for Corporate Teams”. She just released Make Your SHIFT: The Five Most Powerful Moves You Can Make to Get Where YOU Want to Go which became a bestseller on its first day of availability. She also authored “The 7 Steps to Effective Business Building for Financial Advisors” which was selected by the Financial Planning Association to make available to their members.

Bev is a successful corporate consultant. She is also an adjunct professor at Suffolk University teaching “Leadership and Social Responsibility”. She is an expert in sales, marketing, behavioral styles, stress management, hypnosis, time management, life and career change management, team building, communication and business building.

A book synopsis / Key Ideas:

a. Foreword by Janet Powers Founder and Chief Diva of The Diva Toolbox sums it up best:

“Make the SHIFT should be on the desk of every business owner and executive. There are so many business owners just doing for the sake of doing, and the result is never really achieving…. Beverly describes easy and clever strategies for identifying, addressing, and solving what is stopping a business from getting to the next level….. the day after I read the book I put these suggestions into action and saw it work in my business firsthand – you will, too!”

Why did you write this book?

After 25+ years of working in businesses small and large, as an employee, as a C-level leader and as a consultant and coach, I have seen firsthand what works – and what doesn’t – as people and businesses strive to get where they really want to go. Most goal setting and change processes leave out the most important piece – the human factor. My approach takes this into account and offers easy tools for people to use and really shift.

write a paragraph stating why readers should buy your book and what they will get out of it after reading it.

If you have ever been frustrated because you haven’t been able to make a shift, read this book. If you take the steps as they are laid out – you will see your situation in a new light, and find ways to make effective change that works for you!

Make the SHIFT to Where You Want to Go!

Early on in my career I had a desire to help people and make things “better” for others and in our work environment. In my early years I made more mistakes but kept learning from the process. As I climbed the corporate ladder and evolved and then began my own consulting firm, I began to see common themes with individuals and with businesses about what works on the road to goal achievement and what doesn’t.

Over coffee with one of my largest and best clients one day, we were discussing my ideas to make change in his business. He turned to me and said, “Why don’t you have a consulting model? You do things differently than other consultants and what you do works!” I left that meeting and went back and created the S.H.I.F.T. Model ™.

Writing books has been an interesting enhancement to my very successful consulting practice. We employ 9 people at our firm, 4 of which are independent contractors. Our work is focused on helping businesses – and the people who work for them – to be as effective as they can be. We provide business building, sales and marketing support in a variety of forms. And, most importantly, we work on the human factor (the “I” in S.H.I.F.T.) because people are the engine that run any given firm.

I write a blog about human behavior and relationships. I enjoy doing this because I find things each week that make me think, and then I turn around and write about them to help others have an “Ah-hah” experience, too! The next book I will release – in a few weeks – will be based upon my blogs in a 30 day format for learning about other people.

I speak all over the country and in Canada. I speak for the investment industry groups and firms I work for, I speak at colleges and for executive teams and I speak at general conferences. Speaking is my passion – I love it! I speak on time and personal management, turning change into opportunity, tips and tools for increasing communication, dealing with difficult people, marketing 101, selling for non-sales professionals, talent management and – of course – making a shift! My objective in every presentation is twofold – entertain and keep people engaged, but also as importantly teach them something they can use leaving the presentation. I value people’s time and I want it to be a useful and informative experience.

To market my books, the first one of which is still in the #4 position on Amazon in the category of Communication, I have done a number of things. I blog once a week, I tweet every day, I have a personal Facebook page and a fan page for my book, I hired a PR firm (pay-for-performance) who gets me numerous radio show interviews every week, I find timely news stories that I can relate to my books, I put out press releases, I read HARO and Reporter Connection every day and respond to as many inquiries as fit me and I update my LinkedIn profile every couple of days. I have also paid to show my books at trade shows and to find international markets. I have translated one into Korean, have an agreement in the U.K. and have three other countries looking at options for translation right now.

The best advice I never got is to do as much of the marketing as I can on my own. When you are an author, YOU are the best salesperson for your work. I depended too heavily on others expecting they would carry my books and have the passion that I have for what I do. Nothing takes the place of passion and when you are passionate about what you do, it is contagious!

One thing I did right – and have done every time – is to stay true to what I believe in. I never tried to imitate anyone else’s way of writing, I never tried to mimic other processes or approaches. I always focused on what I felt was best. My writing reflects this – I write as if I am talking to someone that I am working with. This seems to resonate with people because I think (and hope) it comes through that I really do care!

And lastly, while I love to write and I love to learn, I actually don’t read many business books anymore. Most of my reading time is devoted to non-fiction novels. However, the last few very good business books I’ve read over the years and continue to refer to from time-to-time include:

  • The Zen of Listening by Rebecca Shafer
  • 1001 Ways to Market Your Books by John Kremer
  • Leadership and Self-Deception by the Arbinger Institute
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Here are some links:

Tweet: @BevFlaxington!/understandingotherpeople

Here is a great testimonial from one of my launch partners about my shift process:




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