moflo: Budgeting for Busy Entrepreneurs

moflo: Budgeting for Busy Entrepreneursmoflo ( focuses on making budgeting simple so you can focus on the bigger picture. With moflo, you can make a budget, track your spending and keep on top of your finances, with very little effort from you.

Founded by Rob Cooper, moflo was born out of Rob’s experiences of clawing himself out of debt. He soon realised that existing products and processes to help people manage their money were completely inadequate, involving too much time and effort to be sustainable over time, as well as being based on principles that didn’t seem to be optimised towards getting your money flowing smoothly. So, Rob began creating a money management app that worked for real people, with busy lives, designed meticulously to help get your finances in shape with minimum effort.

moflo launched on 13th December 2011, on a shoestring budget, and has been built from the ground up with our budgeting philosophy firmly in mind.

Why moflo?

moflo helps you budget by keeping the process super simple – no more spreadsheets, no more calculators, no more dense, financial information that confuses you. moflo has been designed to work with how you think and for your busy life, and you will find that over time, your budget will mostly make itself!

As an entrepreneur, you will have plenty of things to worry about and to keep you busy. moflo is a budgeting product that will massively simplify your personal budgeting, to keep your mind free to focus on running your business and working on the important things in your life. We really believe that budgeting doesn’t have to be difficult or a chore. It can slot in easily with your hectic lifestyle, as long as it is done right. We believe that at moflo, we’ve managed to do just that.

What does moflo offer me?

moflo comes with a free and a pro plan.

Using our free plan, you will be able to make your budget and take advantage of moflo’s super smart technology that makes things like copying a budget from one month to the next, and calculating recurring expenses based on the actual month, really easy.

moflo makes it incredibly easy to actually make your budget – with our innovative way of adding items to your budget, it will take you no time at all to set up that first budget – gone are the days of sitting down for an hour and laboriously entering information into your spreadsheet. moflo will also store all your budgets so that you can have all your financial information to hand in a second.

We also offer a Pro plan. Using moflo Pro, you will be able to benefit from not just making a budget, but being able to track your actual spending too. This will help you answer questions like; where am I overspending? What am I really spending money on? How I can improve?

Even better, with moflo Pro, your budgets become self-learning. So, say you budgeted £100 for eating out in March, but you actually spent £150, moflo will automatically use your actual spending as a baseline for your next month’s budget, so you don’t have to worry about overspending again. Easy.

moflo: Budgeting for Busy Entrepreneursmoflo is different:

moflo’s mission is to focus on making budgeting so simple, that it becomes an embedded part of everybody’s life. Why do most people not budget? Because most people know budgeting to be laborious, time-intensive and not sustainable over a long period of time.

We believe that in general, most other financial products on the market have not solved this problem. They often don’t just focus on helping you to budget, but will also add in other features that make your budgeting experience confusing, dense and overwhelming. moflo focuses on pure simplicity and ease of use for you, so that you can enjoy a life free of financial stress and worry.

Start living stress-free :

Take a look at moflo and see how simple it really is to get started.

You can also follow moflo on twitter and facebook to get tips and advice about how to budget. We also have a blog where we talk more in-depth about helping you to budget. Some useful articles that we have written are: The 3 Types of Budgeters: Which Are You?; Why Tracking Your Spending is Important; 5 Tips for Successful Budgeting; and How to Make Money Instantly.

moflo was founded by Rob Cooper (and later joined by Yael Levey) in 2011. Focused on making budgeting super easy, moflo is perfect for busy entrepreneurs who want to keep their lives running smoothly whilst working on making their products and services the best they can be. Making a budget takes seconds to set up – get started now! You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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