iScrap App: Mobile & Online Directory, Connecting Scrap Metal Recycling Yards & Scrappers

iScrap App: Mobile & Online Directory, Connecting Scrap Metal Recycling Yards & Scrappers Who are you and where do we find you?

iScrap App and our website is:

What is the iScrap App?

The iScrap App is a mobile and online directory that lists scrap metal recycling locations throughout the US and Canada. Once users find a location near them, they are able to view current scrap metal prices, see and send pictures of materials for inquiries, request containers onsite, view all of the contact information of facilities and more.

How did the iScrap App get started?

When the market crashed in 2008, Tom Buechel, owner of his own scrap yard, wanted to find a way to keep connected with his customers at all times. He began to develop the idea of creating a mobile application for his customers to use to view prices and other information. The idea developed into the iScrap App, which would be the same concept but for all scrap yards nationwide within a directory. Scrap yards across the US and Canada are able to sign up to be listed on the application with their information and updated prices.

iScrap App: Mobile & Online Directory, Connecting Scrap Metal Recycling Yards & Scrappers When did the iScrap App get started?

The iScrap App was started in January 2011, with the release of the mobile application for iPhone, Android in April 2011 and in October 2011, the online directory was launched. To date, we have over 53,000 application downloads and over 1 million page views online.

What does the iScrap App do?

The iScrap App is a mobile and online application, which allows users to find scrap yard locations around them.

-Locator tab- view the scrap yard locations within a 50-mile radius and select a location for more information, including prices, address, phone number and more.

-Price tab- view the most recent prices of materials that location takes, as well as view a picture of the material to get a better idea of what you have.

-Request Containers tab- the user can request various sizes of containers for larger jobs directly from the app to the scrap yard.

-What’s This? tab- this feature allows the user to send a photo of questionable material to the scrap yard they have selected.

We strive to connect scrappers with scrap yards and vice versa. The age of technology has rapidly approached and our goal is to make the transition smooth in the scrap metal recycling world as well.

We also have helpful tutorials, videos and descriptions of materials that people can learn from on our website and social media links.

Who is iScrap App’s competition, and what do they do better?

Currently there are no applications or online directories quite like the iScrap App. It is the first in the industry of scrap metal recycling of its kind and has been going strong with over 53,000 downloads and over 1 million page views since its launch in 2011.

The iScrap App has revolutionized the scrap metal industry and has been featured in many publications including: Recycling Today Magazine, USA Today, and Tom Buechel, creator has been named one of 12 Rising Stars in the Industry in Waste and Recycling News. The iScrap App was created for scrap yards and scrappers by a scrap yard owner, so the information and understanding of the industry is very in-depth and organic.

Scrap yard addresses and phone numbers can be found in phone books and online searches however, the iScrap App provides more information and ways for the users to connect to the scrap yards. The ease of use in the app gives users the straight-forward answers they are looking for while also having the proper content for any job.

iScrap App: Mobile & Online Directory, Connecting Scrap Metal Recycling Yards & Scrappers Why should people use the iScrap App and who would use it?

Everyone is constantly on the go with business and smartphones are a vital part of most businesses to check email, use as a GPS, make calls, etc.

Plumbers, electricians, contractors, and other blue collar workers, who collect scrap metal from jobs, can easily find a scrap yard near them with a Google search. But, with the iScrap App, the user can find the closest yard, and also view the best prices, send a photo of a material for a price check, request containers, and much more. It makes the scrap metal industry easier to access and useful to the user of the mobile app and online directory.

For users, like homeowners, that may not generate scrap metal through their jobs, they can use the iScrap App to identify items they may have laying around their house that could be worth money at a scrap yard. They can then locate those facilities and find out how much everything is worth.

How much does the iScrap App cost?

The iScrap App is free to download to the iPhone and Android powered phones and is also available free to use online at Because the app is powered by a GPS locator it is not available to use offline.

Does iScrap App have a blog?

The iScrap App blog is updated every week with the most current information and helpful tips for our users. The link is:

The iScrap App also has a daily updated new page for all the latest announcements. It can be found here:

Where else can the iScrap App be found?

Apple App Store – download for free for the iPhone and iPad

Android App Store – download for all Android powered phones

Facebook – like us to see daily posts and weekly contests

Twitter – follow us for most current updates

LinkedIn – connect with the most current happenings in the industry

You can watch iScrap App’s features video here:

To view other helping videos visit iScrap App’s YouTube Channel:

What is the future of the iScrap App?

We expect to see the number of scrap yards listed on the iScrap App increase greatly throughout the US and Canada regions and also double our daily visitors by the end of 2012.

With the iScrap App, the industry of scrap metal has entered the 21st century and it is only a matter of time before the industry will become more involved with technology. The iScrap App is the first stepping-stone for the industry and we expect more scrap yards to begin signing up to connect with their customers.

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